May 13, 2021

Achieving Anonymity - SMS Online as Best Option |

Almost all marketing is about online public platforms these days. Using a mobile phone, many people can order a taxi, buy a product or find an investor for their small project. All this can be done in 1-2 clicks. But very often the use of such platforms is associated with the opening of an account. This process involves coming up with a login, password and verification. In such conditions, any access SMS online service is very useful. We are talking about the fact that people do not have to buy a new SIM card every time to verify their account. This also applies to authorization for public pages with SMS. Often without this, people cannot access all the functions of online platforms.

Why Should People Be Vigilant When Gaining Access to a Variety of Web Resources?

Not everyone understands this, but some companies exist solely to track your online activities on phone or PC. This is due not only to account access hacking, but also to legal and illegal advertising. Plus, search engines and site owners constantly monitor which websites are most frequently visited by users in a particular region. The same goes for access to any mobile app on your phone.

When people use their phone to visit a site, the owner of that resource keeps track of what products they buy, what search terms people enter, and much more. Some companies even try to get as much of your personal data as possible in order to sell databases to interested parties. Want to know how to avoid the most common anonymity and privacy issues? If so, you will certainly find the advice of our experts helpful. They decided to figure out if there is a difference in using a PC and getting access via mobile app in terms of security.

What is Web Surfing Anonymity?

Information is becoming more and more global. Developers are convinced of this every time they create another mobile app for your phone, business website or online store. But in order for people to be able to access resources 24/7, programmers need to monitor the activity of each user. Without this, it will hardly be possible to fix errors in real time. Many developers use generated codes and text to receive information about visitors to online stores and other sites. In addition to collecting user data, the growing legion of identity thieves and cybercriminals poses a threat. We’re talking about ill-wishers who are waiting for the moment in order to take advantage of the first vulnerability. You don't want to lose access to applications that you downloaded to your phone and online platforms, do you? Such problems are not terrible for you if you strictly adhere to the following principles:

  1. Use strong passwords for any mobile app on your phone and in case of PC access. The best option is to use standard phrases and combinations of numbers and signs, which must be unique for each website and the application that you access on your phone. Many people use the same password for different web resources and bank accounts. This is one of the main reasons why their payment details can be compromised. Plus, the experts do not recommend specifying the real date of birth in the questionnaire. Often this information is hidden and this is reasonable.
  2. Choose two-factor SMS authentication for your phone and mobile app. Typically, in this case, the user is required to enter a phone number in order to send an SMS. With this principle, detractors will not be able to enter the accounts. Even if they get hold of the passwords, it won't be easy to get the one-time code that is on your phone.

For years, cybercriminals have been using phishing to deceive users on the network. Nowadays, they try to get as much personal information as possible, including through a mobile app which you install on your phone. This increases the risk of your accounts being compromised and you will lose access instantly. Sometimes attackers simply receive a payment from persons concerned for the information. This type of crime was committed hundreds of thousands of times a year all over the world. Both PC owners and people who prefer to use the phone suffer from this.

Anonymity of the Mobile Apps & Virtual Phone Numbers for Instant Access

When it comes to user’s personal data, which is processed by the site owners and mobile app developers, experts distinguish between privacy and security. These terms have different meanings. Security usually means protecting against attempts to access your data by ill-wishers. It’s about credit card numbers, phone numbers, or hacking app accounts to send spam. Although it’s considered fraudulent in some ways, this activity is primarily associated with the promotion of goods and services. This should be understood by people who want to prevent unauthorized access to the phone or PC.

The term privacy is more commonly used when experts talk about how to prevent tracking of your browsing. System administrators are confident that the steps to protect mobile phone security are clearer to the user than the steps to ensure confidentiality. Let's see how in this case people can use the services of virtual numbers. This is one of the best options for those who need multiple accounts. This applies to both access via a PC and the installation of applications for the phone.

When People Use Virtual Numbers and Won't it Cause Additional Problems?

These days, it is difficult to register a bank account, email, or even buy an item from an online store without a mobile phone. We're talking about the fact that most site owners require 2x SMS authentication for any user. The same goes for mobile apps through which people access corporate databases. But any system administrator will urge you that in this case, company owners probably shouldn't use a public phone number. This is due to the risk of being hacked and losing access to pages. Experts advise to use temporary phone numbers for temporary accounts access. This applies to the following:

  • Opening accounts for dating sites. Young people today hardly want to have limitations in terms of access to a variety of mobile platforms with SMS. They find, with such web resources, friends from different cities. But you should understand that in this case, the likelihood of downloading and installing the fake app for any phone is high. The same applies to access through phishing sites.
  • Creation of multiple accounts for sales through different online platforms. Very often, in such cases, you will need 5-10 virtual phone numbers. Even when accessed via a mobile device, this is indispensable. This is because one phone number is unlikely to be able to verify several accounts.
  • Maintain public pages on social networks. People create 2-3 pages for any type. This is in order to increase the reach of the target audience and more accurately target sales. The same goes for sending SMS with promotions. For each brand page, you may need 5-7 phone numbers. Especially if promo messages are sent through groups and accounts in Viber or Telegram.

We are all used to saving the most important data or SMS on the SIM card and in the phone memory. When people had to swap old and new SIM cards between phones, it often resulted in data loss. Nowadays, we don't have to worry about this today. This is because anyone can use a fake phone number to open additional accounts on social media, dating sites, and marketplaces. This is especially true for public figures who have several phone numbers, marketers, SEO specialists.

Get Protected Your Contact Information and Prevent Spam From Being Sent to Your Phone!

In the 21st century, marketing is becoming more and more global. This cannot but affect the everyday life of each of us. We're talking about making payments, communicating with friends, relatives, and more. In such conditions, security issues should be given special attention. If you do not care about the confidentiality of information, you will receive a lot of advertising. The same goes for public figures. Such people receive a lot of flood SMS.

If we are talking about surfing the Internet, it’s not so easy to ensure complete confidentiality. But tools that prevent identity theft and will help in the fight against companies that tracking your online activities do exist. Using fake mobile numbers is one of the most relevant options. These are the methods that experts recommend to many public figures.

As useful as a VPN, using filters and proxy servers are, it’s not effective in all cases. People still need the most secure browser possible, protected from any potential threats and pitfalls you may encounter. This is especially true of opening new accounts on sites. Your public phone number information should not be the same as your payment number and the one you prefer to use to communicate with friends and family.