Jul 21, 2021

Alibaba Service Verification With Virtual Number |

The Alibaba service helps people to sell products all over the world. This platform brings together wholesalers from different countries and offers them the best marketing tools. We are talking about analytics and sales automation. Therefore, the number of people who would like to activate virtual numbers to receive SMS for verification on this platform is in the hundreds of thousands. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

International Supplier of Goods Alibaba — Main Futures

Alibaba is a brand associated with e-commerce best practices. This platform helps thousands of people from anywhere in the world buy and ship goods to their door. This means that there are a lot of people who want to complete verification with a one-time SMS code and get access to all sales tools. We are talking about small businesses, online stores, and other companies that operate in global markets. This service is irreplaceable for millions of consumers and wholesalers. If you check the statistics of visits to this site, you will certainly be convinced of this.

Wholesalers who open an account and complete SMS verification on this site are free to make any design or functionality changes. However, this does not mean that website hosting and security will have to be manually configured. With this project, everyone can make a profit and freely expand their business. After verification, they do it without much effort. Alibaba is a very clear platform with a long list of features. You should also pay attention to the fact that this company accepts different payment methods, but only after Alipay verification with SMS code. You should understand this procedure as thoroughly as possible, and we will certainly tell you about it. But for now, let's figure out how and why to use the service.

Which Suppliers Use Alipay Service?

Typical partners of Alibaba are companies selling raw materials. In this case, verification of several pages is often required. The service is also essential for manufacturers of goods. This project is also interesting for retailers, wholesalers, and purchasing agents. For each of such partners, using Alipay is the best way to enter the international market. In addition, offers a partnership program called Trade Assurance. This platform ensures customers who completed verification that their shipments are on time. After verification with SMS code and creation of pages for specific goods, each new transaction will be assigned a number, which can be used to track delivery and order status. owners always offer inspection services. It’s another step towards providing the highest quality service.

Registration and Verification on the Site With SMS Code on Virtual Number

The verification procedure on Alibaba is in interest for consumers and sellers from all over the world. Each of such partners must complete verification in order to use Alipay. It is a secure and reliable platform used by millions of companies. This service is equally interesting for both private entrepreneurs and legal entities. But in order to create pages for specific products, you must complete verification by providing contact information and phone number to receive SMS. This is a prerequisite for this marketplace, as is the assignment of a number for each transaction. The registration and verification procedure in the following simple steps:

  1. To open an account, click on the button "Join for free", which is on the top right. After that, the following is required in the registration form:
  • Country/Region
  • Full name
  • Password
  • The telephone number to get SMS code for verification
  • Company name
  1. After filling in all the required fields, you must agree to the terms and conditions of using the platform. To do this, move the slider to the right, click the "Agree and register" button.
  2. To make payments via the Alipay service, you must specify and verify the payment details. The platform also asks to add an E-mall that can be changed in your personal profile.
  3. Verification of the phone number via SMS with a one-time code. Security has always been a major concern for Alibaba owners. Account theft has become a common problem that plagues many other platforms. Gaining unauthorized access to your pages not only harms sales, but also Alipay’s reputation. So any user should complete SMS verification

If you need to create several accounts on Alibaba or do not want to use your phone for registration and SMS verification, then the best option would be to use a virtual number. If you prefer OnlineSim, there are as many one-time codes as you want. This means that people can shop and buy goods without restrictions.

Virtual Number from the OnlineSim Service Base

If your customers prefer to do local business, virtual phone numbers are ideal for and complete SMS verification. This is because, in this case, wholesalers can verify a page in whatever country they want. Of course, it’s about really great possibilities when people decide to get a fake number. Even if you are located in another country, your partners will have the impression that they are dealing with a commercial enterprise in their region. The service from OnlineSim, which allows you to receive dozens of verification SMS, makes it possible.

OnlineSim as the Best Tool to Get SMS Verification Codes and Keep Your Anonymity

Do you want to understand the procedure for buying a virtual phone number to receive SMS with a one-time verification code? If so, use our guide to make it easier to verify your Alibaba account. If you have already registered on this platform and want to activate all functions, follow the algorithm:

  1. Register on the OnlineSim website
  2. Enter the country
  3. Select city or operator code for verification
  4. Activate the number and indicate it when verifying the wholesaler's page on Alibaba

Alibaba is truly the best B2B marketplace with a clear verification procedure. Thousands of suppliers are using this platform in order to get their business globally. For many of them, a free SMS verification service will be indispensable. With OnlineSim, people can create as many pages as they want without worrying about blocking accounts. Of course, it is a service that makes the verification easy.


What makes Alibaba a trustworthy project? First, it’s a secure payment portal with SMS verification. Transactions are covered by a number of guarantees on Alibaba, which benefits both consumers and sellers. But most wholesalers who prefer this service can get data protection at a higher level. With OnlineSim's verification platform, shoppers don't have to worry about their bank card numbers and other data being declassified. Using this service is the best way to verify an Alipay account, and we were convinced of this by reading the comments of partners on the forums.