Sep 13, 2020

Are virtual phone numbers safe? |

Each of us at least once in our life has used a phone number to register on a website or application. As a rule, people use phone numbers to register profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or other messengers. This is very convenient because you can communicate with those people who are only interesting to you.

The only problem is that not all people want to use their own phone number in order to verify their account. Also many want to stay anonymous and receive SMS confirmation message using the alternative option.

In this regard, you should consider virtual phone numbers. it is a kind of alternative to regular telephone numbers. The only caveat is that it is more convenient and will allow you to get additional benefits. Let's see what a virtual number is and why it can be potentially beneficial for you.

What are virtual numbers?

Similar phone numbers are no different from those that are used by every subscriber of mobile operators around the world. The main difference is that you usually use a sim card that is inserted into a special tray in your smartphone or tablet. Virtual mobile numbers works with special server hardware. This allows a large number of physical sim cards to be plugged in and combined into one space.

Due to this, each user can use such mobile numbers to register for various services. The fact is that there are many websites where verification using a mobile phone is required. That is why it is more convenient for ordinary users to use a telephone number in a virtual format. Here is the main advantage:

  • Affordable price
  • Possibility of mass registration of accounts
  • A large number of numbers
  • Anonymity and security

This is what makes it possible to use such phone numbers for quick registration and get text. There are paid and free virtual phone. Free options are usually provided exclusively in a test version. This allows users to check how interesting and stable such a service is.

Paid virtual mobile phone numbers are a more logical and safer step. к в Modern technology allows you to quickly get text and register for free on various sites. similar phone numbers are regularly changed on our service, so you can count on full safety and reliability.

Is it safe to use virtual numbers?

There is a myth that such virtual phone numbers are dangerous because you get a verification message on any website. In fact it is as safe as getting a text message on your smartphone. The fact is that such phone numbers are maximally protected from any fraud. Since all the physical equipment is located on dedicated servers, you risk nothing. Also similar phone numbers allows you to get a text message within the service.

None of the strangers will be able to see your phone number or text with a code. This is very good as many free services are less secure. Our company guarantees that virtual phone numbers will provide you with maximum protection and anonymity when registering for certain services.

The main advantage is that no one can hack a virtual phone number. it is physically inaccessible to other users. As soon as you take a free virtual number or a paid option to immediately book this number for registration on a specific site.

For example, if you use any number on our website to register with google, Facebook or Instagram, then no one else can use the same phone number. It is very safe and as easy as possible to use. These phone numbers are one of the safest in the industry as users receive secure messages within the system.

Is it safe to receive SMS to virtual numbers?

If you need to get text SMS then you've come to the right place. Such virtual phone numbers will allow you to get a code with text to complete the registration on any service. It is very simple and convenient since you do not need to use any smartphone. Our service is the most reliable one, since no one else but you can access your account. We provide you with the ability to use phone numbers and also protect your account with a password.

How to securely register on Facebook with a virtual phone number?

Let's take a look at a real example of registering on our website. Facebook is very popular in the modern world, so let's start registering on this particular service. First of all, you need to register on our website. It will not take much time. Besides, you can choose the phone number of any country and any service.

Fund your account on the site

This is as important as getting a reliable virtual number. You can of course use toll free numbers, but we recommend that you choose the paid option. It is very cheap and will allow you to get guaranteed number of any country. Choose any of the payment methods and deposit the minimum required amount to complete a specific action.

Select phone number

Select any country that is available in your personal account point For example, you can register your Facebook account for an American or British phone number point After you select a country you should go to the list of sites and select Click on it and buy a number. Now you have a virtual phone number at your disposal that can be linked to your Facebook account.

Copy and paste the code

Go to the page create a Facebook account. Fill in all the data and go to the parameters with the phone number. Now you need to copy the phone number from our site and paste it into the field on Wait until the system sends a text code to our site. As soon as you see the text, you need to copy and paste it on Facebook. Registration is complete. Now you can use your Facebook account at any time.

Is it good for personal use?

Such anonymous numbers are great for free signup services. We guarantee that paid and free numbers on our website are as secure as possible. You can get anonymous text in order to verify any account in a few seconds. We also guarantee that similar numbers can be used anonymously for bulk registrations.

We understand that free options for such a service would be difficult, but our anonymous numbers are the most convenient and accessible for every person, therefore, text verification will practically not cost you any serious money.

If you need such an anonymous phone to receive a free test code, then we are ready to provide you with it as quickly as possible. You can also take any anonymous phone in order to register several accounts at once and receive verification data in a few seconds. We guarantee you that the free text to complete the registration will come on time and only you can read it.

All our paid and free services are maximally protected and reliable for each person. We also provide a free consultation for our users. You can feel free to use any option in order to create an account on the service that you need most.