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Jul 25 09:32:08, 2022

Asana. Registration & verification process | Onlinesim

The Asana app allows you to manage all the tasks aimed at helping business users organize their work. Asana allows users to do projects, assign tasks, share updates, and make archives of each process.

Asana app can be considered a great option to keep track of all the tasks and assign them to the rest of the people, after which they check their completion. Creating workflows in Asana is very easy, like projects, adding tasks with sections, just like setting due dates. In other words, Asana helps you organize your Asana workflow so that each user knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

Asana Task Manager. System features & functions

The user can easily manage projects from start to finish. When each task is organized in Asana, the manager will know precisely when who is doing what.

Let's take a look at Asana's main features:

  • Projects. The app Asana allows you to organize the work into initiatives, meetings, and programs as shared projects.
  • Tasks. Here you can divide the work into manageable parts for all participants.
  • Sub-tasks. Divide tasks into parts where urgent tasks and not-so-urgent tasks will be collected.
  • Milestones. Important project milestones can be tracked visually, allowing you to see the actual progress of the work and receive data on it.
  • Task Performers. Assign tasks to performers.
  • Sections. Group any projects by tasks into areas that you can easily organize.
  • Field customization. Asana allows you to change field names, types, and values to make fields for any workflow data.
  • Due dates and times. You can specify a date with a due date for specific tasks.
  • Start dates. The user can set start dates for assigned tasks.
  • Attachments. In Asana software, you can add files from your PC, as well as from Dropbox, Box, or Google Disk, and attach them to any tasks and conversations.
  • Forms. You can set up a standard process for submitting task management Asana requests through easy-to-fill forms.
  • Rules. You can automate necessary actions on the workflow due to the set rules.
  • "Likes." Gratitude can be expressed through "Like" marks.
  • Reconciliations. The approval process can be straightforward to get away with approvals.
  • Project Overview. Employees can get all the work and context they need in one sector.
  • Project Assignment. Asana allows you to create project tasks at the expense of a text editor.
  • Synchronize tasks across projects. Place single tasks on multiple projects to monitor different aspects of the work.
  • Customizable templates. You can create your own project templates that make it easy for employees to get started.

Asana registration process

As soon as you install the Asana app management on your mobile device or open the app in a web browser, you Asana com login with your email address and a secure password, which will be linked to your account. The situation is different for those users who have not yet registered with Asana project management software.

The process of registering a profile in Asana is similar to other apps. Download the app and click the "Join" button. Next, fill out the form to register your profile. You will be asked to specify:

  • Asana create account;
  • create username;
  • create email;
  • create password;
  • create telephone number;
  • later you can add or change some other created data.

Asana requires verification. You will be asked to enter your phone number during the registration process. An SMS with a unique code will be sent to this number, which you must enter on Asana.

Using the OnlineSim service for verification

Virtual directories are great for Asana. If you use such a number, it will not mean that the number is fake, and your account will be blocked. The platform will perceive you as a real person from a real place, and you will quickly get a membership.

So, how does this work?

  1. First, choose and create a reputable virtual number provider that fits the above criteria (such as OnlineSIM).
  2. Secondly, register and buy the virtual directory you need to create (make sure your balance is topped up).
  3. Third, start registering on Asana (you already know how to do this).
  4. Fourthly, when you are asked for a phone number, enter the virtual number you just bought (an authentication message will be sent to it).
  5. Fifth, get a verification code in your cabinet and create it (copy it into the appropriate field on Asana).

When you need to register another page on any social networking site, register on OnlineSim first. This does not take long because you do not have to confirm the registration via a confirmation e-mail. All you have to do to register is to enter any e-mail address. OnlineSim boasts more than 10,000 virtual directories from over 30 locations worldwide. It also works with more than 500 cell phone operators from different countries. You will be able to choose a phone number according to your area. There are directories for short-term and long-term use.

Verification in Asana is possible through a virtual phone number without risk to your personal information. You can also register and Asana sign up in on any other online site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a mobile app, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. After copying your virtual phone number to the social network, you will receive a text message in your OnlineSim account to confirm. Copy the confirmation text to the social network, and that's it. Your registration is complete!