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Jul 08 12:54:20, 2022

Azar Live — Signing up with virtual number | Onlinesim

Azar is a free video chat app with a high rate. This digital product allows users to make new friends and like-minds worldwide — in France, Canada, the USA, China, and North Korea. This exchange platform was released by the Korean company Hyperconnect.

Key Benefits of Chats and Video Calls

The Azar is distributed free of charge. People who record videos of different quality and encoding rates will not be disappointed. Thousands of designers, developers, and other enthusiasts prefer Azar Live chat app. Through this platform, they can make video calls and send messages. Let's find out why this product is so popular. Here are the specs of the Azar Live PC and Azar live app:



App compatibility

Android 7.0-9.0

Release date

March 3rd, 2020

In-App Purchases


Chat & Video tool rate


Azar App — Features & Functions

The Azar app is available in 150+ countries. Given that this chat and video calls platform are multi-account, there are many users who want to run this live tool. It already has over 200 million downloads. People prefer Azar live chat because of the following:

  • This chat and video calling platform has a built-in bar for a quick search for interlocutors and many opportunities to make new acquaintances
  • With Azar live, users can make video calls in real-time
  • This chat tool contain a large number of filters to search for people by region or other preferences

For those who decide to find like-minds, make a date or just chat about art, there are several ways to find partners — people can swipe until they find the right person, or they can add friends from the Facebook list. The Azar app functions go far beyond displaying users. With geolocation, you will see clues about who is online in your area. Users will also be asked to contact strangers from all over the world. Simply put, you can apply various filters before making a video call or starting a chat.

Opening an Account & Verification Using a Personal Number

Speed dating lovers can join the Azar live app using their Google or FB accounts. After logging in, beginners should verify their personal data to facilitate communication with like-minds. The founders of this project put safety first — only verified users can join the chat and make video calls.

This platform does not work like Tinder and other dating apps. Users only can find new friends, without any additional features. Even so, your first journey will be interesting and fun. When opening the Azar account, you must specify your partner's preferred gender. In order to make live calls, you will have to provide a valid phone number.

Communication with partners at some point can be broken by the language barrier. So, the developers used the translation function for their chat and video call tools. But this is not the only advantage of the Azar Live video call app. Most enthusiasts prefer this product precisely because of the user-friendly interface and simple 2-click registration.

Virtual Number for Verification — Detailed Guide for Beginners

Azar Live app is the perfect dating tool for Android devices. Most users can chat with like-minds from different regions including India and Australia. To do this, they must link a phone number to their Azar account. Don't use data specified in the bank or when verifying pages on social networks. To prevent misunderstandings, thousands of enthusiasts prefer platforms such as Online Sim. In this case, the algorithm for opening the Azar account is as follows:

  1. Save the Azar APK on your mobile device. To get the safe version, use only Google Play.
  2. Sign in to the app with your FB or Google account. After logging in, you will create a profile. Newbies must verify their identity to chat live and make video calls. By swiping their finger across the screen, users can meet interesting partners.
  3. Go to the OnlineSim website and create an account. Select the country for which you can activate the virtual number. Complete the payment and activate the service.
  4. Copy a one-time code in the OnlineSim account to complete phone number verification

With this live chat tool, users can meet people from different countries and find friends. After the Azar Live chat download, you have more personal experience. If users subscribe to Azar VIP, they can pay from their iTunes account. Since you will meet a lot of strangers through this application, you need to be careful. Do not share any personal information that could harm you.