Jul 30, 2020

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What are bulk mobile numbers? These are a virtual mobile alternative that can be used without buying SIM cards. They are suitable for mass registration or sending messages. Bulk telephones allow organizing mass registration and receiving SMS messages. Virtual bulk SMS simplifies many online processes. Let's look at who might benefit from this type of service.

This technology is based on cloud equipment. You get bulk SMS, which is processed by remote equipment. This saves time, money, and helps to achieve your desired goals. Such SMS technology allows you to comfortably receive messages for verification in your account or general chat.

The anonymity of each message is extremely important because this is confidential information. A completely remote solution allows anyone to organize mass registration and to send SMS messages. Now you do not need to use classic mobile telephones to change SIM cards every second.

How can bulk SMS be useful?

Many online marketing campaigns include mass registration on social networks. Buying bulk SMS may be of interest to those working in B2B, B2C, and IT. Using SMS helps automate most tasks. You no longer need to buy tens or hundreds of SIM cards to receive SMS online. Bulk format allows you to choose the region for sending messages and not spend money on a huge set of telephones.

Another advantage of such services is the lack of regional restrictions. Does the website require a German, Brazilian, or Chinese SIM card for SMS? Now, this is not a problem. It is enough to choose the appropriate service and activate the SMS options for a specific country. You can be anywhere in the world and receive SMS now for further activities.

Similar SMS options can be tested for ordinary users who want maximum confidentiality and need SMS services. This option allows you to quickly register on sites, organize online newsletters, and not worry about any problems.

There is no difference between classic messages from physical SIM cards and bulk SMS. You can register on any service and verify your account using bulk SMS. Here are some more advantages that bulk SMS offers:

  • No spending on physical equipment;
  • Absolutely legal service;
  • Complete anonymity and security;
  • Automated SMS reception.

We believe that the online component of such technology is especially beneficial in modern conditions. People constantly need to verify accounts on various web servers. If a real SIM card is not an option for you, then bulk SMS can be a good alternative. A large set of rooms provides unprecedented opportunities for creating online accounts and SMS mailing. For many marketers, PR managers, and other people, this helps to save time.

Since all telephones are used once for each service, users do not risk that their accounts will not be verified. This is one of the main advantages of bulk SMS. We tested this option using the Proovl website and are ready to share our impressions.

Proovl features & benefits – a good choice for bulk SMS

Proovl is a company from Estonia that provides virtual telephones for bulk SMS. The company has many phones from different countries around the world. This assortment will allow you to choose an acceptable option for bulk SMS. The company's assortment has telephones for the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, and other countries. There are also less popular options like phones in Mexico or Lithuania.

First of all, we want to note the stylish website design. White and dark blue tones and a stylish font are complemented by a harmonious arrangement of all functional sections. We have tested all the options and believe that the website greatly simplifies the receipt of SMS services.

This virtual SMS provider allows you to buy the ability to receive messages. The tariff grid is quite flexible. On average, bulk SMS will cost from 5 to 30 euros per month. The website also contains an API for automating SMS messages. Five telephones are available for free, and users can test SMS features.

To use the service, you must register. You can use email or social media widgets. After registering, you can test some SMS functions for free, but most telephones are available for real money. The website has a special currency called Loans.

You can buy a certain amount of these credits using the following methods:

  • Bank cards;
  • Bitcoin
  • WebMoney;
  • Perfect Money;
  • BankTransfer.

We tested all the options, and they work well. Money is credited quickly. After the account is replenished, it's time to choose a telephone for bulk SMS. The service has a large set of options to choose from. You can choose not only a country but also a state or a specific region. It is very convenient. Users may not worry that payments may not arrive on time. Web service is a verified partner of most popular payment systems. This guarantees a high degree of security for users to get SMS text.

After the purchase, you can go to the My Numbers tab to select a specific phone. SMS service allows you to send messages and receive them for registration on various platforms. The plus is that all SMS are private. Only the tenant can view this information. The website contains a technical support service and an email address for communication. This will allow you to get advice in case of problems with SMS service.

In addition to round-the-clock technical support, the website provides a knowledge base, use cases, and a manual for a quick start. The information will be useful for both beginners and experienced users of similar SMS services. The company also warns all users about the impossibility of withdrawal of funds. That is why you should prudently approach the set of credits.

We were pleasantly surprised by the assortment of the company. More than 500 options for sending SMS are available to users. The service works without failures around the clock. This allows you to use all options at any time. We recommend testing this service to anyone who wants to organize convenient receipt of messages and is not enthusiastic about buying SIM cards.

You will be surprised how easy it is to organize this remote process. The company guarantees the restoration of loans in the account if technical difficulties arise during the receipt of the message.

First of all, we want to note the stylish website design of this SMS service. White and dark blue tones and a stylish font are complemented by a harmonious arrangement of all functional sections. We have tested all the options and believe that the website greatly simplifies the receipt of SMS services.