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Aug 10 13:59:01, 2021

Burner Apps for Your Privacy. Common Beliefs and Solutions | Onlinesim.io

Privacy is a luxury nowadays. Everyone wants to keep his personal data private, but unbeknownst to them, share it at every turn. Each website, app and social media platform ask you to provide your real directory during registration. Your phone number is precious information. Lots of other data about you can be found with its help.

Sharing your real phone number everywhere can lead to harassment, data breaches, tracking by data brokers and spam. In order to protect your personal identity you should use burner phone numbers. A second phone number is not necessarily a second SIM-card. Nowadays there is a large quantity of burner app services.

Burner Phone App and Privacy

A second phone number app or a burner phone app (can be also called a private phone number app) is similar to having a second SIM-card in your smartphone. It is possible to recieve sms for free and make calls and messages just like with a regular phone line. It is not necessary to buy a physical SIM-card for this.

Second phone number apps dispose of a block of phone directories that they can give to their clients. Usually the numbers are from the United States; however, certain second phone number apps provide directories from other states too.

After you sign up the app will assign you one of the directories. It can be used as any regular phone numb for calling and messaging. This second phone directory will appear on the phone of the person you call or message.

However, this person will not be aware that you are using a special app. Your number will be seen as a usual one. It will be necessary either to use a data plan or have a connection to the Internet.

Every application asks for your phone numb in order to verify your account. Sharing our phone directory with a stranger might end in an attack on your data. If someone has your personal phone numb, it takes several minutes to find your name and address as well as other data.

Nevertheless, phones and phone numbers were invented for communication. If you do not share your directory nobody will call you. You can meet your love on Tinder, run a business, sell something on the Internet, and travel to another state. Using a second numb is very helpful in each of these cases.

You will not share the data about your credit card or social security number. Though, you will easily give your phone numb if asked for. With a second phone numb app your real directory will not be disclosed and your data will be protected.

Every second phone numb application has its own price policy. Some apps have access to a larger quantity of phone directories abroad and the other services make it simpler for you to use a third, a fourth, a fifth phone directory for your smartphone.

While choosing between the second phone numb apps pay attention what kind of data the app collects. Carefully read Privacy Policy and Term and Conditions sections in order not to jump at the bait of a doubtful service.

Second Phone Numb App Myth

The main myth about burner phone numb app is that it does not gather data about you. Despite how safe an app is, it still gathers certain data. For example, you provide certain information while registering on the app. Also, you allow access to certain functions on your smartphone while installing an app. This does not mean that the burner phone numb app will share this data with someone, however.

Another myth is that applications, websites, social media platforms and people you are calling or messaging will understand that this is not a real directory from a real SIM-card. This is not true, because if you are using a reputable app, its numbers will not fail and no one will understand that you are using a burner phone numb service.

One more myth is that there is a lot of faff with the burner phone directory apps. Vice versa, having installed such an app you will get rid of unnecessary friction and faff like a second SIM-card or smartphone call.

If you are unsure, there is an alternative for you. You can use such a virtual phone directory service as OnlineSIM.

OnlineSIM as an Alternative

OnlineSIM is a virtual phone number call service. Its virtual directories work as regular numbers. You need only to be connected to the Internet, signed up and with some money on your balance. Phone numbers from OnlineSIM are perfect for:

  • account registering;
  • confirming registration in various apps;
  • usage while traveling to other states;
  • security of your privacy;
  • business needs;
  • protection from spam etc.

OnlineSIM offers more than 10,000 virtual phone numbs from more than 30 states over the globe, such as:

  • Russia;
  • the United States of America;
  • Philippines;
  • Australia;
  • the UK;
  • Ukraine;
  • Finland;
  • Latvia;
  • Netherlands;
  • Portugal;
  • Romania;
  • Norway;
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Germany;
  • Ireland;
  • Israel and others.

Not every service can boast such a large variety of countries. This is very convenient if you are, for example, leading business in various lands. People will rather contact with the phone numbs from their area than from foreign places.

The app is perfect if you are in need of the second phone call directory. It is possible to buy short-term numbs (they are active up to 40 minutes) and long-term numbs for rent (they are active unlimited time starting from 1 day).

OnlineSIM’s directories work without failures on the contrary to similar free services. Using a free app you are risking, for example, not receiving the authentication message during registration because the express temp service phone number has failed. Such situations are very frustrating, especially if you are in need of creating multiple accounts for business needs. You will forget about the possibility of such cases if you use OnlineSIM phone numbs.

Even though OnlineSIM might not be as major as Luminati or Oxylabs, it has proven its reliability. There are tons of positive customer reviews. Moreover, prices at OnlineSIM are more pleasant and attractive than at the mastodons of virtual phone numb services. It is a reliable company that delivers quality and comfort to its clients.

OnlineSIM cares about your privacy and does not share your data with the third parties. When you use OnlineSIM’s sms virtual number, nobody will understand that it is a virtual directory. If you are unsure you can try OnlineSIM’s numb for free and check the quality of this service on your own before buying it. It is possible to keep low-profile with this service and be sure that your personal data phone is protected.

The website is user-friendly and intuitive. You can check out the FAQ section that should have all the answers to the most popular inquiries. In case some questions have left or any issue has been raised, you can bravely contact the customer support service. Unlike other similar companies whose client support services work in the business hours only, OnlineSIM’s client support is available around the clock. It is attentive and client-oriented.

Choose OnlineSIM for your second phone numb call number online and you will fully realize all the benefits in comparison to the burner phone number apps. Check it out right now!