Aug 12, 2020

Cooperation with us using GoIP equipment |

Our company provides virtual phone numbers for clients. The growth of the user base requires more numbers from us. That is why we are ready to cooperate with those who provide their GoIP equipment, namely GSM gateways. This interaction model is beneficial to you for several reasons:

  • Large user base;
  • Favorable terms of cooperation;
  • Quick withdrawal of money.

With us, you can become part of a common network that provides phone numbers to subscribers and use your equipment with benefit.

What do you need to set up GoIP equipment?

To cooperate with us, you need GoIP equipment (GSM gateway). All actions will take place online, so make sure that the data transmission channel is stable. Initial hardware setup will require you to have a computer, phone or tablet.

You will also need a wireless router, a main network cable, and an additional Lan cable. The main parameters will be configured in the Advanced IP Scanner software. We also strongly recommend that you read this article to understand the specifics of the work.

Step by step guide to tune up GoIP equipment

To simplify the connection of your equipment for virtual numbers, we have compiled a detailed guide. This will help you not to get confused in all the gateway nuances and connect to our service.

Step 1: Sign up or register

You need to register on the online site and write to our technical support in Telegram.

Step 2: Receive data

After technical support receives your request, we will confirm your account. You will receive Server IP data and will be able to connect to the server.

Step 3: Prepare the equipment

You will need a factory reset to connect. Connect your equipment (GSM gateway) to the mains and hold the Reset button for about ten seconds. This will reset the settings to factory defaults. When connecting, you will find out the IP of your GoIP equipment. Here is the sequence of actions:

  1. The main Internet cable should be connected to the router, and the additional cable is designed to connect to your equipment.
  2. Connect your PC or mobile device to the same network for setup.
  3. Use Advanced IP Scanner for PC or mobile app. This will help you scan for the presence of IP addresses on the network.
  4. Find the parameter with GoIP (GSM gateway) equipment. Copy this data.
  5. Next, you need to enter your personal account using this IP address.

Step 4: Tune up your GoIP equipment

Once the preliminary settings are complete, you have to move on to the next step. Here is the sequence required:

  • Open Configurations and select SMS.
  • Find the line SMS IP and enter the data provided by technical support.
  • Enter 44444 in the SMS Port line.
  • Also you need to write ApiKey data in the password field.

You will also need to enter the port number in the SMS Client ID. For example, CH-1 is 1 a CH2 is 2. If there are 4 or more ports in your equipment, the marking will continue (6, 7, 8 and so on). Sign ports in mobile numbers only. Up to 4 characters are allowed. It is worth remembering that any change in port names is undesirable.

If you have made changes to your GSM gateway equipment, please let us know as soon as possible. After the initial tuning is complete, you can turn off your computer or any other device. The main thing is to keep your equipment on.

Step 5: SIM cards and PSA numbers

Insert all the required SIM cards to work with PSA. It is best to copy the link into a separate file or bookmark it in your browser. The first time you log in, you will be able to save the list of rights. They will be stored in the cache. When you change the device or clear the cache, you will have to go back to the direct hyperlink.

All mobile numbers must be determined in an automatic format. Among other things, our technical support will help you deal with USSD requests and reset IMSI data.

GoIP recommendations

You need to activate the automatic IMEI change every day. This will help to minimize unsuccessful registrations and operator locks. The option is available in the Configurations section under the IMEI item.

We also recommend registering IDs for the ports used. This will reduce the load on our web resource. You can always add more if you add SIM cards to the ports.

We recommend connecting new SIM cards one by one. Insert one piece and wait for the mobile number to be determined. After that, you can repeat the procedure with a new card. You can also leave your GoIP running around the clock. Our clients use the service day and night, so you can make more money.

The PSA office interface on our website

Once you understand the GoIP tuning configurations, you should go to the PSA account ( Here you will see the working ports. The process of determining the mobile numbers is automatic. All SIM cards are connected within 15 minutes and you can receive your first money.

As you can see, button 1 is responsible for updating information. Thanks to it, you can see the actual data. The second button Actions allows you to select the amount of ports on a specific page.

You can remove all ports using the "Clean all mobile numbers" option or reset the statistics of all banned services. Now, let's break down the rest of the functionality in order:

  • 3 - Search string
  • 4 - Resetting statistics of non-arrivals (More details below)
  • 5 - Amount feald, can be edited
  • 6 - Rent column
  • 7 - USED - the list of sold and disabled services
  • 8 - BANNED - a list of services that were ordered 3 times and never received SMS

Caution! The service may appear in both USED and BANNED at the same time. It happens if it is ordered a third time, and during this order an SMS was received. After a while, it will disappear from BANNED.

  • 9 - Column with buttons for saving and deleting a port
  • 10 - Field for mass entry

Blocking mobile numbers, services, and resetting statistics

There are two types of blocking: ban of the mobile number - all services on the phone are not put up for sale and the ban of a certain service or several services.

  1. Blocking numbers

A banned SIM’s has a red outline on the port. It gets blocked if it was ordered 4 times by different phone users and never received an SMS. It is not necessary that such a SIM has blocked services. The blocking is removed automatically after twelve hours or through the button to reset the statistics. Before resetting the statistics, we recommend checking the banned SIM for operability - insert the SIM into the mobile phone and send SMS to it from several popular services.

  1. Blocking the service

It comes when a certain service was ordered by 3 different users and none of them received an SMS. In this case, the system assumes that the service is used, blocked, or for some other reason cannot be used by users and stops selling it. The service cannot be unlocked on its own. It can be returned for sale only by resetting the statistics.

  1. Resetting the mobile number statistics

To reset the phone statistics, use the red arrow button. After clicking on this button, the amount disappears from the list and after a couple of seconds it comes back without blocking and without blocked services.

This button appears for the first time 3 hours after the sale of the first issue and once a day further.

Withdrawal of funds

Click the Withdrawal button to fill the wallet or bank card. Then, choose the transaction method.

Money is credited to your account pretty quickly. The maximum waiting time does not exceed 24 hours.

Limiting the sale of services

To stop selling the service in all countries and ports, on the PSA tab, go down to the very bottom of the disabled service, click the “Show” button.

Open the list of services and select the services that you want to restrict. In this case, the service will be added to all USED mobile numbers, as in the picture below.