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Jul 08 12:17:31, 2022

Crypto Exchange Okex — Signup With Virtual Number | Onlinesim

OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange established in China. Recently, the owners of this platform changed its name and rebranded the corporation which was done to attract new enthusiasts from different countries — India, the USA, Indonesia, and the EU. The Okex fees were also revised. Considering the website traffic, such measures were not taken in vain. Here are the main benefits of creating an account on the Okex website:

Deposit limit for exchange


Minimum for Bitcoin account


Minimum for Ethereum


Okex Fee


Market types

options, swaps, spot, and futures

Referral Program for account owners


The owners of this platform are focused on clients who are professionals and have been participating in auctions on the BTC market for several years. The Okex exchange processes over $900 million in transactions daily. With such a turnover, this company holds leadership in the Asian region. Because of the low fee, Okex's website is in the top 10 web resources in the world. When the authorities tightened the rules for the circulation of BTC in 2018, this company moved its headquarters to the island nation of Malta. Now, Okex assets are dispersed around the world.

The Okex Cryptocurrency Account — Features, Login Parameters, Functions & Services

This platform has been available since 2017. Through the website or app, people can activate over 485 tools and use 30+ fiat currencies. Such conditions are not always offered by other competitors. A well-known company offers dozens of efficient solutions. Traders wrote hundreds of rave reviews about margin and leverage. It’s not suitable for a novice investor. Users who visited the site of the exchanger and clicked on the button to open the OKEx account should complete the training which will help to find answers to the most common questions. The key benefits of this platform:

  • After verification, people can use fiat for processing cryptocurrencies on exchange
  • Leverage and low fee
  • The functionality of the Okex exchange has already gone beyond the trading statistics monitoring platform and account

Users Rank

This exchange offers 100+ tokens with new options being added on a regular basis. Most often this withdrawal platform is visited by people who are interested in margin trading. Not all other competitors charge the same fee for exchange. The leverage of 20:1 is the highest of any CFD broker. People who have created an account on this exchange platform will have additional funds for any transaction. OKex offers weekly, biweekly, and monthly contracts. Each user who trades and pays a margin is assigned the following rank:

Market makers account (verification1)

People who bring new prices to the Okex market. Other exchange users can only accept existing trades. Market makers help to increase the platform's flexibility. This project has evolved from a trading platform to a global ecosystem. Hundreds of people visit the OKex website every day to open an account.

Regular traders account(verification2)

Experienced financiers who made a transfer of less than $5 million (for 30 days). This range is based on the volume of coins people have. The owners of the site try to offer the most favorable withdrawal fee — the more you spend in the digital ecosystem, the less margin is charged.

For thousands of enthusiasts, the OKex offers swaps, Defi, NFT, staking, and mining. Your profile is available as client software or in the browser. This flexibility allows you to follow trends 24/7 and always make profitable deals. The Yuan is the only adopted fiat. Although for traders who want to exchange Bitcoins and withdraw funds in the EU and the US, this does not look like a problem.

Platform Margin

The favorable trading fee and flexibility in parameter selection are the main advantages of the OKex account. If you order a withdrawal, be sure that you will not have to overpay. Some users activate multiple profiles in order to get the full benefit. The owners of this exchange can boast of the best prices. Such conditions became possible due to the increase in the company's turnover.

The fee is tiered. Deduction for the services of an intermediary and owners of the exchange site based on the average spending of each user. The calculation is carried out for 30 days of each month. If you prefer to trade futures and withdrawal BTC, consider the following:

  1. OKEx currently offers different contracts — from bi-weekly to bi-quarterly. In 2021, people become to use one account for all transactions. Depending on the BTC rate fluctuations, the user can open a contract.
  2. To complete withdrawal, users need to pass mandatory verification and decide on a fee. The margin percentage deductions are divided considering the multiplier of leverage.

Users who want to create wallets on this website will have to provide their personal data to the exchange owner — their first and last name, citizenship, and the number of an identity document. The developers of the OKEX platform are especially scrupulous about the security of bidders and account verification. People are unlikely to find feedback that traders' wallets have been compromised. All beginners must have a valid phone number.

Withdrawal through App

The OKEx team never disappoints newbies. This team offers to download the app. If you are a beginner and installing a product firstly, look for a referral link. Some users will receive 15 USDT as a fee rebate. You can also earn money by inviting friends and acquaintances. It is better for you not to get the file on third-party resources in order to avoid being deceived. Almost 100,000 reviews have already been written for this product, giving an overall rating of 4.5+. Here are the main advantages of the mobile version of the OKEx platform:

  • Simplified sign-in and verification via SMS
  • Monitor market dynamics and fee fluctuations anytime, anywhere
  • Withdrawals in 2 clicks for any account

By downloading and installing the application, people get access to a universal trading platform. No doubt, such advantages will be confirmed by most users. On April 29, 2018, OKEx launched its own token. At first, this tool only complied with the ERC-20 standard. But the OKEx team decided not to stop there. Such Blockchain was transferred to its own network (OKChain).

Support Service

OKX is the best exchange website that serves customers at the highest level. Experienced traders who prefer digital currency often find it difficult to scare up a platform that offers 100+ trading options and formats. Low commissions, 2 steps of account verification, and a user-friendly interface are key advantages that make this website popular among traders. Furthermore, people can contact OKEx support in several ways — by phone number, chat, or email. But, beginners should understand that they can get feedback from an English-speaking employee after they create an account.

Decide on a Registration Method — First Step For OKEx Exchange Users

There are 2 different options for each user — entering a phone number or an email address. As a way — use Google or Telegram option. If people have an invitation code that reduces the fee several times, they can enter it into the online form. After clicking on the "Create", provide the following data:

  • Email and login, depending on the registration option. The data provided at this stage will be used for the account verification procedure on Okex.
  • Password. Try to come up with a strong combination, containing different types of letters. If you are meticulous, you can prevent losing access to the wallet on the exchanger.
  • Phone number. The owners of the Okex crypto exchanger are concerned about the security of payments and never require an additional withdrawal fee. To confirm the validity of the data in the account, enter the combination received by SMS or e-mail. It is valid for 30 minutes.

Applying — Rank 1

In the OKEx exchange app, find the profile icon. This is an ellipse that immediately catches the eye — an object is next to the login button. The developers of the exchanger did a lot to ensure that every user could join the platform without misunderstanding. Tap the logo, and then select Verify from, click Confirm. The owners of the exchanger ask you to enter some personal data:

  • Nationality
  • Identifier type
  • Identification number
  • Full name
  • Prefered fee (rang) in the Okex account

If people have entered the correct login and personal information, activation of functionality or verification should be immediate. Users who have created a profile on the exchanger will see a notification. This applies to news regarding market trends, fee changes, and other details. People see "approved" for exchange and withdrawal funds from Okex.

Rang 2

This company requests a scan of documents for Okex withdrawal verification — the platform owners do not want users to become victims of scammers. Once the procedure is completed, the limit raises. Traders can send up to 500 BTC per day. To activate the status on this exchange, follow the algorithm:

  1. Create a new profile or enter your login. Just use the video tutorials or go through the top bar. Click the icon and select Verify. After that, you will activate a procedure consisting of 2 simple steps. Users who decide on a fee will be asked for additional details and a phone number. But you can only move on if your account is Rank 1.
  2. Provide the information for Okex exchange owners — photographs of the front and back of an identity document Image of your face.

Choose an Amount and a Currency for Withdrawal

The next step is to decide the most suitable fee and deposit. The website owners allow traders to add credit cards as different transaction methods. Those who prefer Apple Pay won't have a problem either. Alternatively, people can use regular bank transfers or SEPA. Neither Bitcoin nor Iota can be purchased through this platform using PayPal.

Buy Cryptocurrency — Account Features, Rules, Fee

OKEx involves third-party withdrawal partners to purchase cryptocurrencies. A user fee can be adjusted very flexibly, depending on the region of residence. Perhaps this is one of the advantages of the tool, which puts the platform ahead of many similar websites in the Asian region.

The owners of the exchange service offer the most favorable fee and 2 steps verification. So, the number of people wishing to join the project and create a profile is increasing every day. We are talking about those who want to launch an NFT project, miners, designers, and other enthusiasts.

This site is not a counterparty for the transaction. This approach is justified, given the large share of the market. The Okex coverage increases every quarter. Users will be redirected — to exchange they must visit the site or page of the counterparty.

Create an Account

The founders of OKEx have done everything possible so that users who decide to order a withdrawal do not have any misunderstandings. Just choose the login option and find the best fee, the most acceptable method, and other parameters. Your journey from the first purchase of cryptocurrency to the withdrawal of thousands of dollars in dividends is unlikely to be routine.

Buying Currency Through an Exchanger

Experienced users who joined the project prefer a partnership that provides instant withdrawal from OKEx. We are talking about miners and digital art lovers from China, India, the USA, and other regions. The best exchange offer for a specific profile is based on counterparty rating. The interface of this application is not overloaded with unnecessary objects. It is easy to buy cryptocurrencies with OKEx. Just follow a few steps:

  1. Sign in by filling out the form. The questionnaire will take 4 minutes, although you will have to provide real contact details to avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Click "Buy". This feature is available to anyone who has joined the project. The fee for each rank is different.
  3. You will see a Quick Trade. Any account owner can accept the offer of other Okex users. By going to this block you will see a tab with a widget. Check it out meticulously to understand that the fee variety is very large.
  4. Pick the option to exchange. For BTC, LTC, and other coins, the margin is not the same. Moreover, you cannot create an additional account to withdraw to different crypto ecosystems.
  5. Choose a payment option. Carefully check the table with the fee. There may be several purchase options.

Experienced users can issue loans in cryptocurrency or become an officially verified lenders. Recent changes include OKEx Bridge(gateway). Overall, the OKEx experience offers more than 100 features. Not all cryptocurrency exchanges can afford such a wide fee. A virtual academy has been created on this site to learn various technical terms and strategies. To facilitate transactions, an internal OKEx Coin is provided.

Using a Virtual Phone Number — Why is This Method Safe for Beginners

You must be fluent in English and have a current phone number to activate all tools in your profile. Just use video tutorials or guides to prevent dead ends. To complete the registration, follow the algorithm:

  1. Go to the company's website. The developers have placed the most important blocks on the main page — current fee and exchange rates. Just click Okex account login. Immediately after that, beginners will be redirected to a special online form.
  2. The page creation algorithm will be similar, you just need to go to the Online Sim website. Ordering a service involves the use of a login.
  3. Pay the tariff. Use Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, or another acceptable method.
  4. When registering and choosing Okex options, specify alternative data.
  5. Select your country in the list, enter the phone number in the field below (without the “+” and country code), then click on “Send SMS” and wait until we receive an SMS.
  6. Receive the combination on the Online SIM website.
  7. Complete procedure on exchange site.

If you read any Okex review, make sure that when opening an account, you should not use the data that is linked to your bank. So, platforms such as Online Sim are indispensable. This site is visited by thousands of traders and other enthusiasts who want to create 3-5 accounts on the same platform.