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Nov 17 17:28:55, 2022

Delivery Mrsool. Registration via Onlinesim service | Onlinesim

Mrsool is a leading delivery platform established in 2015 in the Saudi Arabia region. The on-demand delivery platform received the highest user ratings among other platforms, including the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In 2018, the on-demand delivery platform reported that GMV exceeded 1 billion SR, serving over 4 million users in almost every city in the Saudi Kingdom and about 6 million registered users. The platform provides a valid order from any location and any experience.

The term MRSOOL comes from the Arabic root Rasl, which indicates "send" variants of the word, from the root can be "messenger," "messenger," or "delegate." As this term implies, a person can delegate to someone on his behalf to do something for him, deliver or buy lunch, buy medicine at the nearest pharmacy, etc.

According to the report, Mrsool has received around 1,000,000 installs, while it currently has over 205,375 ratings. An average rating of around 4.5. Mrsool's current rating percentage is 2.8%, which the company has achieved in the last 30 days and about 6.02% in the previous 60 days.

How Does Mrsool Work?

Mrsool is a one-stop delivery platform that connects drivers with nearby stores to deliver goods directly to customers. The platform provides quick access to various products and services, providing business access to a vast customer base. The platform handles over 100K requests per period and has a decent operating system and legitimate UX.

The Mrsool platform has created an on-demand service that implements a region-based execution model. The delivery platform provides a customer-to-customer network as part of an overall chat-based ordering process, allowing customers to create unlimited descriptions of the desired service. This gives couriers multiple rate options.

The platform provides an automated and scalable model that makes user tasks more convenient and efficient than ever.

The system works like this:

  • Request: The client is looking for the best place to order the required product.
  • Approval: The delivery app administrator accepts or rejects the request depending on the product's store availability.
  • Payment: Once an order has been approved, customers can pay using multiple Mrsool payment options or choose the cash-on-delivery payment option.
  • Pickup: After the order is packaged, the store owner hands it to the delivery service provider.
  • Delivery: Product or service safely delivered to the customer's doorstep
  • Feedback: After the product or service is delivered, customers can discuss their purchase experience.

Client segment of the company:

  • Shoppers who don't have enough time to visit physical stores;
  • Customers who like home delivery;
  • People with disabilities can receive their goods at home without any hassle;
  • Restaurants and retail stores are the main stakeholders of your delivery business.

They can benefit in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Retailers can meet the growing needs of local customers
  • Food chains can earn a significant amount on delivery

It helps to offer a convenient courier delivery service through a mobile application.

Delivery Providers

Mrsool's business model is mainly beneficial to delivery service providers. This is one of the most vital points of any of the brands. Service providers can take advantage of various benefits by accepting a delivery request ending number directly from the platform.

The company enables freelance drivers to profit by providing fast delivery services to end users, optimizing the route to reach customers on time without hassle.

The driver receives information about the store's location and delivery place, the total order amount, and the weight in kilograms, and he can set the price. If the buyer refuses, he can reduce the cost to a minimum of 15 rials for delivery.

The driver is estimated to receive more than one request per hour. Some customers place requests to be completed after 3 hours or 4 hours. People usually place food delivery orders, delivery from pharmacies, restaurants, etc. Commission at Mrsool is 20% cheaper than Kareem and Uber, so delivery rates are compatible.

Drivers in Mrsool have the following advantages:

  • can choose orders depending on the location of places and shops in the area;
  • receive a direct transfer to your Apple Pay STC PAY account without waiting for the transfer of the amount from the intermediary;
  • Issue invoices to the client.

It gives the driver flexibility regarding time planning, service locations, and workload.

How to Register in Mrsool?

When registering for the service as a driver, you must provide the following:

  • identity documents;
  • driver license;
  • the mobile phone number for account verification in the application;
  • Photos of the car front and back.

Couriers can be both citizens of Saudi Arabia and non-citizens not younger than 18 years old and not older than 65 years old.

Customers should also provide personal information, including:

  • mobile phone number;
  • name;
  • address;
  • e-mail.

The account will be activated within 24 hours after applying.

Virtual Numbers to Rent

Virtual numbers for rent from the Onlinesim company are of different countries that can receive unlimited SMS messages from any authorized senders during the entire period of purchasing the number. Access to the purchased number opens 20 minutes after the purchase. Prices for renting numbers start from $0.02 per SMS.

Numbers are available for different periods, from 1 to 30 days. Auto and manual extension of the number usage period is open.

You can change the number purchased before the first SMS reception

and return the funds to your balance. However, after receiving the first SMS, the total cost of the number is debited.


  • receiving SMS from all authorized services without restrictions on the number and names of senders;
  • SMS reception around the clock;
  • extension of the number for any period.

To purchase a virtual number on the Onlinesim website, you must:

  • Click on the number acquisition tab;
  • Select a country from the list;
  • if you need to extend the number - indicate at this stage;
  • Choose the desired rental period: 1, 7, 15, or 30 days (the price depends on the period of use of the number - the longer the period, the lower the price);
  • Click "Buy" and get a virtual number for SMS messages.

Accept the first SMS message within 20 minutes of the issue. Otherwise, the number will be closed. After that, the number will be available for the entire ordered period.

Rental number auto-renewal is possible if the customer selects the option "Number extension: during the order.

Onlinesim customer support service is available around the clock. If the client receives an invalid phone number, it can be replaced free of charge.

The company's database contains numbers of 93 countries for rent.