Mar 19, 2021

Discord - secrecy among open discussion |

Discord chat platform is at the forefront of messaging app innovations. Discord was initially created for gamers who wanted to chat to each other and not only about games now moves beyond its target audience.

Before Discord, the gaming community had the only option of Skype, MSN, and some other messengers. However, these apps didn't suffice them. Now, Jason Citron, along with other Discord co-founders, has had it stood out thanks in no small part to the advanced voice chat capabilities, among other things. Most of the users say that Discord bot just feels different from any other messaging platform or app. It's not like setting up a call. There's no dialing or sharing a link, as in the case of Zoom. There's a dedicated space for voice chat, and it seems like an immediate connection. As if users were plopping down on the sofa and merely saying, I'm here, what's up?

The Discord creators call it a sort of a "neighborhood" or a convenient house with multiple bot rooms. Users open up the app and see that some of their friends are in the voice chat, and they can just join them.

According to the stats, tens of users join the platform every second. Discord is the messaging platform of choice for many gamers, streamers on Twitch, and other people who share similar interests. The app's active audience is nearly 140 million monthly Discord users.

Discords' largest communities, defined under the name of "servers," attract millions of people. Now its founders are trying to go beyond the gaming community and get people with other interests to its platform. Nearly one-third of the Discord audience have used the platform for things other than gaming from day one.

During the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, the overall number of Discord users almost doubled. All the new users have found out what the gaming community had already known about: a convenient place to hang out with friends. Users spend more time increasingly searching on the internet, and Discord taps into these audiences.

The Discord basics and distinguishing features

Discord is a group-chatting app that contains in itself text, voice, and video messaging capabilities. The platform is broken down into "servers," the theme-related communities with their Discord rules and channels.

The app bot was created to allow people to send each other messages. In a way, it is a more casual version of Slack. The servers have channels for texting with others and voice channels. There're videos, images, and other sharing features in place. As a rule, each Discord server contains several tracks dedicated to a specific topic. One channel may be created for game discussions bot and the other for random chatting, alongside a channel for cats' pics (it seems like no place can do without them). Since its first years of being an app primarily developed for video game enthusiasts, Discord has shifted to a platform that contains groups of high-schoolers doing their homework, avid movie watchers, and trading enthusiasts who made Wall Street wolfs lose their money earlier this year by bulk investing into an underestimated game developer.

If you'd like to find some topic of interest on Discord, just google it. Discord search feature doesn't show all the servers, but only the most popular. There's a DM feature to chat bot to anyone directly via video, audio, or text messages.

You can install the Discord app on any device available since there are multiple app versions for each ecosystem, mobile or desktop ones.

Discord's approach towards privacy

It's a sort of hybrid form of Reddit and Slack functioning. Discord is more like a useful addition to Twitch as far as the gaming streaming goes. People watch streams and talk to each other on Discord verification.

Unlike Discord's other counterparts including Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, and the like the chat platform doesn't sell targeted ads based on the users' personal details. Jason Citron doesn't favor the advertising model of other online companies. He says he can build a product for which people would like to pay. Discord already has the paid options such as a Nitro subscription, and many more are to come with verification.

With the introduction of the subscription access to some features last year, Discord almost tripled its annual revenue to $130, which is considerably up from $45 million as of 2019.

But analytics suggest it isn't an easy path to monetize a messaging Discord platform without ads altogether since this non-aggressive model would have to compete with other online behemoths such as Google, Facebook, and other social websites apps for advertising dollars.

There are both private and public servers available on the platform. The former bot is made to communicate with people you know, avoiding strangers. These Discord chat rooms also fit the bill when it comes to any talk about sensitive topics.

Most Discord servers are privately based, while other social messaging services are public. The platform was initially created for consumers, though, and businesses-owned servers post news articles and communicate to their customers for verification.

Public servers are moderated with employees or regular users who help to ban rude people. About 50 employees are always seeking users who violate the Discord platform rules. Though Discord bot hasn't got strict parental control features, under Privacy & Safety section, you can find some options for content. The "Keep me safe" feature proactively deletes any explicit content that users might receive. But messages from friends in Discord are not checked for any inappropriate media content of bot.

Discord users can choose who can add them as a friend, DM, join them in a group. By default, settings make it possible to contact the broadest range of people. You probably would like to make some restrictions as to whether other users can write to you or add in a group in Discord. For example, to receive messages from your friend list only. When it comes to joining larger public servers, this feature is crucially important. Like every other social media platform, you can block people who become inconvenient, trolls, or others. You can see a blocking feature in the list of options that pop up after clicking a profile name.

There's an option to repost users and issues for parents of teenagers. There are specific markings for adult content that is not accessible for users under 18. But there's no user age verification, and 'Not Safe for Work' (NSFW) channels can be easily bypassed. Most of the media content on Discord is user-generated; that's why there's a massive amount of graphic language and images. But you can join Discord groups that block such things by bot.

It's recommended to use the app in the safest way possible, meaning accept friend requests and participate in communities with people you know by verification.

There are no strict parental control features on Discord. So, users can reset all the privacy parameters in a matter of seconds and enter a public server if needed. That's why when your kid uses the app, the best advice is to talk to him or her to avoid such things as bullying.

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Virtual phone number as a privacy tool

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