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Jul 08 15:41:46, 2022

Discover items on Mercari — Registration process | Onlinesim

This selling and shipping service has been the parent of all used marketplaces since 2018. Millions of people from all over the world know about this platform — in Japan, China, India, and the USA. Thanks to the "sell easy" concept, Mercari selling app has quickly become a global e-commerce platform. With this online tool, people can create their own online stores and sell a variety of products directly to consumers via smartphone. Here are the main categories:

  • Selling vintage and handmade items
  • Garden and outdoor products with shipping worldwide
  • Selling clothing and Beauty items (reputable brands from the USA, Italy, and France)
  • Accessories & Footwear with a small shipping fee
  • Selling home and office items

Simply put, people can buy shoes, guitars, and bags. Users can grab jewelry, furniture, and drills. But in order to get access and for selling through the Mercari selling app, you will need to complete verification with a phone number. This company cares about the safety of consumers. Moreover, selling drugs and weapons is not allowed. The company's credibility always comes first for this selling service developers.

Selling with Mercari — Key Features of this Service

The number of users who have joined this selling platform and visit a resource with more than 19 million users per month. You can check the download statistics to see for yourself. Mercari is an online platform for selling and shipping used items. This project is equally interesting for global distributors and small companies. Like eBay, the service focuses more on "cleaning up your space" by selling a lot of items you no longer need. Here are the main benefits of Mercari customer service:

  1. In this app catalog, people can find 50+ product categories — from clothing to household equipment. The variety of items and lower margin set it apart from any other selling and shipping service. The number of transactions executed every month is in the thousands.
  2. The service is available as a mobile app that has been installed 50,000,000 times
  3. On this website, people can directly buy products they want or browse through various selling tools and order free shipping. All products can be sorted by brand name and other parameters.

Mercari shipping rates are the main advantage of this selling platform. People set the most favorable price for their goods. But the buyer can correct the offer and shipping fee. This service also offers promotions, discounts, and selling coupons. This company has adopted various payment methods — debit cards number, PayPal, credit cards number, and Apple Pay. By partnering with Zip, people can split their total payment amount into 4 installments which must be paid within 6 weeks.

Registration Procedure — Nuances When Using a Personal Number

Even though Mercari is a perfectly legitimate service, this project is not free from scams. A global selling and shipping platform has several protection measures. Be sure you do not fall victim to a scam. Since this is similar to eBay, you may also be dealing with regular scams, so be careful.

Verification on the Selling Platform Using a Phone Number

Many ill-wishers try to get benefits from projects by stealing Mercari app login data or sending low-quality goods. So, this platform’s owners ask people to meticulously review the information about the seller and the reviews of other buyers. Opening an account on this site involves the following steps:

  1. Come with an email address or log in with your Facebook account
  2. Navigate to the “My Page”
  3. Enter your phone number for verification
  4. Complete the profile activation procedure

The service developers are now giving newbies up to $30 in bonus for signing up for a new account. Such conditions are not always offered by other competing firms. Using the referral code to buy goods on more favorable terms and order Mercari shipping service is a good idea.

Verification With a Virtual Number — Online Sim Service

Once you've figured out what are Mercari fees and realize it's a worthwhile service, figure out how to keep your personal data safe. This is not a problem for those who prefer the Online Sim platform. If you want to receive temporary phone number SMS, follow the algorithm:

  1. Activate virtual phone number
  2. Log in to the Mercari website or app
  3. Specify data(phone number) for verification
  4. Get a one-time code in your Online Sim account
  5. Copy the combination of letters and symbols and paste it into the appropriate field to complete the verification process

By paying a small Online Sim fee to activate a viable phone number, you have a clear benefit. This is not only an opportunity to sell different products with separate accounts but free shipping and cash prizes for newcomers.