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Sep 10 16:55:08, 2021

Douban app registration process with virtual number | Onlinesim.io

Douban is a Chinese social networking website with audiobooks, exciting information about books, movies, music, descriptions, or user comments. Douban has more than 200 million registered China users.

Additionally, the website introduces various service features, such as audio and video book recommendations, offline city activities, group sharing, and more.

The China website likes to provide a personal "Douban guess you will like" list with recommendations of music, books, or movies. China users share and recommend different content, becoming friends.

Douban Features & Functions

A lot of information on Douban China is provided without mandatory registration. The main difference between a registered user and a non-registered user is the latter's ability to comment and create events with different campaigns.

Movies, books, music

This section allows registered users to post reviews. The area is very authoritative because it has a vast China user base.

However, Douban is expanding its functionality. For example, Douban Music provides music streaming, and in Douban Movies, you can buy tickets online.


Douban users have the ability to create their playlists. You can listen to the Personal FM China channel for free, and all popular playlists can be found on the home page.


This platform allows users to recommend/share opinions on a specific product (clothes, shoes, furniture, and more). Douban Stuff is linked to popular commerce platforms in China.

Users are allowed to insert links to products from electric commerce platforms with the browsing of products. China users follow an external link directly to the website where they can purchase items.


Douban Market is an e-commerce platform; that is, China companies create online stores here.

City Events

Each registered user has the ability to view all upcoming city events, as well as make new events. There are few restrictions on events: festivals, exhibitions, film screenings, or theatrical performances.

Douban City Events is a valuable opportunity for China people who are looking for similar interests and want to meet in real life.

Online Campaigns

Online Campaigns allow users to participate in online advertisements. Often people share photos or written text messages about different topics. Participation and interactions in China campaigns are rewarded with prizes.


Groups in Douban (online forums) are divided into:

  • Culture
  • Travel and photos
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology

Each category has a large cluster of users. Precise segmentation helps marketers find preferred interest groups.


Douban stations are considered a completely different website that is dependent on the central China Douban section. It features blog posts, online polls, and city events.

China Douban stations are divided into six types:

  1. The regular station. It is designed for individual users and groups who want to show/share themed content.
  2. Brand stations. This section is for brands with commercial/advertising needs.
  3. Music Station. This is where musicians or bands that release music and interact with their fans are located. DJs and DJ bands. Music labels.
  4. City Station. Intended for China organizations and gangs that regularly do events. Stand-alone outlets.
  5. Publisher's Station. This is where the publishing companies that produce about 20 books are located. People post announcements that state the start of sales.
  6. Movie Station. It is intended for movie producers and production China companies to promote movies. Movie theaters. Updates on films and tickets.

Registration and virtual number

Need a free phone number for sms verification? Use the services of OnlineSim, where there is a choice of phone numbers for verification.

For example, you need to verify your China DouBan account. OnlineSim adds temporary phone numbers every day, which guarantees each user to verify his DouBan profile with verified and reliable virtual phone numbers.

OnlineSim will help you verify your phone number to register with DouBan simply and quickly. Receive any text messages online thanks to OnlineSim.

It is better to register a China DouBan account with a virtual phone number because it is more accessible and more practical. The procedure takes much less time than bypass Facebook phone verification.

  • First of all, click the Login button and choose the Registration option.
  • Skip registering by email. Choose a China region from the list, and in the field where you want to specify the mobile phone number, enter the online phone mobile directory, which we copy from the virtual phone number.
  • Wait until the verification of the account is finished. Don't choose the free SMS site for this task because the verification messages will take forever. Using OnlineSim, the procedure is much faster. Once the code comes, copy it and paste it into the field at DouBan.

This completes the account fake phone number for registration process thanks to the virtual mobile number.

OnlineSim service: hundreds of virtual mobile phone numbers

OnlineSim is a virtual sim service that deals with sending and receive SMS China online to perform registration on websites via SMS.

There are problems associated with DouBan China. The site collects data on the location of the user to identify people in the vicinity. It turns out and the user needs to find the right solution to the problem.

Don't share personal information with others, and don't use your phone number if you want to register with DouBan. The surest solution is to use OnlineSim. The service will help to send fake sms without registration on any online service, be it email or social network.

The OnlineSim database has more than ten thousand phone numbers available for 30 countries. You can choose between long-term or short-term rentals.

How exactly to carry out operations? It's simple! The first register, go to your account on OnlineSim, where you choose the necessary online service. Then copy the phone number you will see in DouBan China, and in your mobile account, you will get the code in SMS phone number online. Copy the code to the registration page. The checking account is officially registered!

Many users already know that a virtual phone number is the best solution that allows them to get a confirmation code quickly and without problems and register for the chosen online service without a physical SIM card.

The OnlineSim service was developed to help users register without using a physical SIM card. Each number is located in the user's personal account on OnlineSim. We add that each verification code is stored in your cabinet.