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Jul 23 00:32:36, 2022

Drinkit app. Registration & verification process | Onlinesim

Drinkit is a top-rated app in the United States. Drinkit: Water Reminder is chosen by users because of its ability to track water intake performance once an hour, on any day, and in different countries on their devices.

The Drinkit app's mission is to encourage healthy water drinking app. Efficient use of water and in the right amounts can be achieved precisely with Drinkit. The app also stands out for its simple, fast, and user-friendly interface.

Drinkit app. What is it for, and what are its features?

The main advantages of Drinkit are pretty extensive. Let's look at them in more detail.

Individual Drinkit

Everyone has their own version of their favorite drinks that they drink daily. In the Drinkit app, you can create your own drinks by applying dozens of different icons.


Every person has an inherent personality. That's why you don't have to drink the same water daily. The Drinkit app examines the amount of water per personal daily goal for different bodies.


The user can earn different rewards and compete with friends. Keep a daily record of the water you drink and collect bonuses.


Beautiful lines and pie charts show a person's water consumption. How much water did the user drink this month? What drinks do you consume? Drink less water than you did the week before? Reached a goal this year? The answers to these questions are stored in the Drinkit statistics section.

Hydration Index

Every drink is created equally in terms of hydration. Absorption consists of the amount of fluid consumed, the number of electrolytes and carbohydrates, plus the presence of diuretics.

Apple Health Sync

The Apple Health app allows you to sync your free drink water app intake information with the rest of your apps through reading and writing capabilities. The data in each health and fitness app turns out to be the same. Also, you can find water volume measurements here.


Reminder to drink water bottle. The app allows you to define the interval when you want to be notified. Decide whether or not to receive notifications after all daily amount of water needed.

Sounds for notifications

Notification sounds are available for you to choose 1 from 9 sounds. These sounds include water drops and more.

27 categories

Drinks in the app are divided into 27 categories so that each user can find their own drink.


The widget will help to register the drinks created to have an idea regarding your goal and the amount of water you drank.


Created drinks can be logged by pressing a single button.

Dark Theme

Drinkit supports a dark theme. Choose the light or dark mode of the app.

User registration and further verification in Drinkit

User registration and verification in the Drinkit app are straightforward. First, you must download Drinkit from the Apple Store to your iOS device. After that, you need to go through the registration process.

  1. Enter your first and last name.
  2. Enter your date of birth, location, and email address.
  3. Also, come up with a password. Other people at Drinkit will identify you by your name.
  4. Choose a profile picture.
  5. Enter basic "About Me" information.

You can also link social media, such as Facebook, to your account. Select Connect and confirm with Facebook, enter your information, and click Next.

It should be added that Drinkit registration must specify a cell phone number. By revealing your actual mobile number, the user risks his privacy. To avoid this, you should use a virtual phone number, which works like a standard number.

Get a verification code for your new virtual number, available for purchase and lease on the OnlineSim service.

OnlineSim provider: base of virtual numbers

You can register and activate Drinkit through a virtual number. OnlineSim has 10,000+ online SIM cards and 30+ countries to choose from (like US phone number). You don't have to wait forever for verification, which is the case with many providers. SMS are often not delivered, but that is not the case with OnlineSim.

  1. Open OnlineSim and do a simple registration in Drinkit;
  2. Refill your fake account generator in OnlineSim;
  3. Go to the home page, wherein the search engine search for the "Drinkit" app;
  4. Next to one of the virtual numbers, click "Get" (your new number will appear in the cabinet);
  5. Then enter the unique Drinkit phone number when registering on OkCupid. OnlineSim will then receive a Drinkit SMS verification to the virtual number in your personal cabinet.

That's all. Now you can use the Drinkit app thanks to the virtual number without revealing your personalization.