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Aug 10 12:10:25, 2021

FetLife Social Network Registration with Virtual Number | Onlinesim.io

Your identity online is a crucial thing that should be thoroughly secured. With the development of technologies it is possible to find lots of information about any person who has shared her real phone directory or an email address somewhere online.

However, there are multiple situations when people do not want to share their real directories or addresses and want to show minimal identity online. The reasons differ, often they are private. Usually this is the situation with services like FetLife, an adult social networking website.

Keeping a low profile is possible if a person uses a separate phone directory while registering on a website or application. Obviously, it is not comfortable to buy another smartphone and a separate SIM-card. This is why some smart people out there have invented virtual SIMs.

Virtual SIMs work as regular phone directories, the difference is that they work via the World Wide Web. You:

  • choose a reliable virtual directory accommodation;
  • register on its site;
  • replenish your balance;
  • buy the desired directory from the country you need;
  • and use it wherever you like to.

The main thing here is to choose a reputable provider. There are so many of them on the Internet!

First of all, your virtual numb company has to guarantee your security. Also, it should have a large quantity of available directories in its pool. Besides, it is important that it has an impressive list of countries for its directories. Certain services are not available in certain regions (in other words, they are blocked or geo-restricted), but it is possible to bypass those restrictions if you can choose the needed country for your virtual directory.

Another crucial thing is that your accommodation should offer you free trials. In such a way you can try the service before paying for it and decide if what it offers meets your needs.

It can’t go without saying that apart from the paid virtual numb accommodations there also are free virtual SIM providers. However, you should better weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such companies. The main issue is that they are free. This is an obvious advantage, but also this is a concealed disadvantage.

To cut the long story short, free phone number accommodations cannot invest enough money in the hardware and software they are using. That is why the directories usually fail. For example, you are passing a registration on FetLife where (as on any other site like Facebook, Instagram etc.) you need to verify your real phone number with the help of a special code delivered via a text message. Though, you have already waited forever and the authentication message has not been delivered. This is because the free provider’s software and hardware do not work properly.

Needless to say that such a situation is quite frustrating. It can be even more frustrating: imagine that the authentication message is not delivered to your free virtual SIM at all. Moreover, you will not be able to hear anything rational and intelligible from their customer support (if there is any at all).

It is more safe and convenient to turn to a paid virtual directory provider if there is a need. You will receive guarantees in such a way. If you need a burner Facebook account or FetLife account make sure you choose a trustworthy virtual numb provider.

FetLife and Its Peculiarities

FetLife is an adult website. You should be at least 18 to use it. It was founded by BitLove 13 years ago and has been successfully operating on the dating services market since then. Fetlife counts more than seven million people verified phone number and their number increases day by day. The gender proportion counts 63% of men and 37% of women users. As you can see, men prevail in the gender proportion. FetLife account is a safe and reputable platform.

Most of the people who use FetLife come from North America, Europe and South America. Users from the United States of America form the biggest part of the total user number.

The resource in question was developed for people who are fond of kinky things, BDSM and fetishism. FetLife account is a combination of a social network and a dating platform. It connects people with similar interests. The resource positions itself as Facebook, but “created by liberties as you and me”.

If you are fond of a specific fetish or only want to satisfy your curiosity, FetLife is the right platform for exploring your kinks. On this platform you will not be criticized or judged by anyone. This is a community for like-minded people. You do not have to worry that someone will perceive your tastes in a wrong or bad way. If society taboos certain topics, FetLife does not.

The platform defines itself as an adult social networking website, not a dating site… but who knows! Maybe you will find the like-minded love of your life specifically there! FetLife utilizes a social network to knit people with certain sexual kinks and fetishes. Presumably half of FetLife account groups are discussing BDSM.

Another outstanding feature of FetLife is that it does not permit search engines to index its pages. All the content that is posted on this website cannot be accessed by the public. Only members of the community can view the content on FetLife account.

Some people consider FetLife’s interface to be outdated. Nevertheless, the resource is user-friendly and intuitive even for non tech-savvy people. Even if you are there for the first time, you can see that everything is well-thought and well-sectioned. Everything is understandable. Dark gamut of this website hints at its specificity.

FetLife offers its users a desktop and a mobile versions. You can use it from your computer or open it in a browser on your smartphone. Also there is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The application can be downloaded and installed free of charge. All the desktop functions work within the mobile app. Most people (nearly 70% of all users) use the mobile application.

FetLife members receive access to various website’s features, such as:

Upcoming Events

Users get informed about various meetings and events that can be interesting to them.

Public Blogs

Everyone can share their videos on FetLife via public blogs. It is also possible to exchange thoughts on how to make the dating experience on the website more diverse.

Discussion Group

Users can join various discussion groups according to their interests.

Stuff Your Love

This feature allows storing your favourite videos and images. In such a way you can access them promptly.


With this feature you can explore the fetishes you are interested in.

FetLife allows searching people on the website you would like to communicate with. There is a special search bar. There is also an explorer tab. It helps you to contact other platform users. Everybody can use the message system. Moreover, there is a Perv Kinkster Nearby feature. It helps contacting people who are located nearby.

Applying kinky preferences option you can find a person whose interests coincide with yours. Most of FetLife account profiles are quite detailed. Thus, you can search people by viewing their profiles too.

Most FetLife account options are free of charge, but there also are paid features. The users can choose from several payment options:

  • credit card;
  • Bitcoin;
  • GiroPay;
  • direct debit;
  • Paysafecard;
  • bank wire.

Everyone can choose the option that is most suitable and comfortable.

Let’s discuss free and paid membership options.

Free Features

  • Registration and account creation.
  • Viewing images and videos of other members.
  • Exchanging messages.
  • Joining groups.

Paid Features

  • A special badge called “I Support FetLife” will be displayed on your account.
  • You will be first who receives new features on the website.
  • It will be possible to design your feed in any way you would like to see it.
  • Perv today’s most preferred images and videos will be available to you.

It is possible to get a subscription for six, twelve and twenty-four months.

All the users’ information is encrypted via SSL. Thus, it is not possible to intercept the users’ messages. The website is against fake accounts and tries to reduce their quantity.

While going with paid features, make sure that your banking data is not disclosed while making payments. Pay attention that you will get not a FetLife billing while paying with the help of a credit card, but a BitLove Inc. billing.

In case any issues arise, you can always contact FetLife’s customer support service. This is possible to do via e-mail. The service responds promptly and intelligibly. Besides, there is a well-written FAQ section on the website account.

Identification on FetLife. Step by Step Registration

The website’s content consists of explicit videos and images. Lots of members show their nude videos and images. It is possible to block an annoying user with the Block Member option.

It is necessary to pass registration and create an account to start using the resource in discussion. Having registered, search for a user you would like to talk to and send a message to him or her. It is possible to follow other users, add friends and make posts on the other users’ walls. Actually, FetLife’s functions closely resemble Facebook functions. Most of the website’s features are offered absolutely free. However, there also are paid options. Users can acquire a paid subscription in order to use the resource’s services in full.

Since during registration everybody has to pass phone verification, there are few fake accounts on FetLife. Frauders still can create fake accounts in order to fish out your financial and personal data. If you suspect that any of the users is a scammer, you can contact the website’s administration and they will conduct an investigation.

Each FetLife member should follow certain safety rules in order not to become a victim of the scammers. Never share your financial or personal data with strangers on FetLife, Facebook or on any other website. If you are going to communicate with anyone, carefully study their profile data first. Your safety highly depends on you too!

Like every self-respecting platform, FetLife requires verification by phone during registration. It may not be safe to use your real phone directory as lots of other private data about you can be found if your phone number is disclosed. That is where virtual numbers are helpful.

Visiting FetLife for the first time you will see a minimalist welcome page. It has a black background and several lines of text. You will also see the Login and Join buttons.

Having pressed the “Signup to Fetlife” button you will see another screen. You will have to fill in some data about yourself, such as: nickname, gender, birth date, your location, password etc. By the way, FetLife is inclusive of all orientations and gender types (male, female, femme, trans female to male, trans male to female, genderqueer, butch, cross dresser, transgender, intersex, gender fluid and non-applicable.

Also you need to choose the role you associate yourself with. This means you need to specify your kink or fetish. The drop-down menu offers 67 roles to have fun with! There are common roles (such as voyeur and mistress and dominant) to more exotic roles (such as primal prey, rope bunny and furry). In case you have not determined the role for yourself yet, you can also choose the “undecided” of “non-applicable”. The best thing is that the role you choose does not limit usage of FelLife in any way.

Besides, you need to provide a valid phone directory and confirm it via an SMS. The message is delivered quickly. The registration is completed once you enter this code in the corresponding field. Even though FetLife states that it will not use your directory anywhere and will not contact you via it, people may hesitate to provide their real directory.

Registration on FetLife Step by Step

Probably you will not face any difficulties while registering, but let’s discuss registering with a virtual phone number.

Step 1

Enter your username.

Step 2

Provide your birth date.

Step 3

Choose your gender and people you would like to meet.

Step 4

Choose your sexual orientation and preferences.

Step 5

State your location (country).

Step 6

Choose your role on Fetlife (for example, toy, slave, mistress etc.)

Step 7

Go to your virtual number provider’s page (make sure your balance is replenished).

Step 8

Choose the same country and buy the virtual SIM.

Step 9

Enter the number on FetLife’s corresponding form.

Step 10

Receive the verification message to your virtual directory.

Step 11

Copy it back on FetLife.

Now fill out a questionnaire about your preferences in order to pair and connect you to the corresponding groups.

Hide Your Identity with OnlineSIM Virtual Numbers

OnlineSIM is a reputable virtual number company with more than 10,000 directories in its pool. It cares about your safety and privacy. Its numbers are used for online SMS verification on various platforms including FetLife. The verification message will be delivered quickly. OnlineSIM uses high-end software and hardware, thus, its numbers do not fail.

You can choose any of the 30 countries available. This impressive country list is very convenient if you need several directories from various locations. If you use a virtual directory from OnlineSIM while registering on FetLife your identity will not be possible to find out or monitor. Nobody will be able to find out your name, address etc. You will be able to calmly use the website without any friction.

The prices are quite loyal. You can choose from 2 tariffs: short-term and long-term directories. Besides, you can try an OnlineSIM directory for free if you want to check its quality before paying for it.

The advantages of using OnlineSIM’s virtual directories for FetLife are obvious. With their help no one will be able to track you. Register on OnlineSIM’s website, replenish your balance, choose the desired location and directory and use it for any website: FetLife, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram etc. Dive into the exciting and thrilling world of FetLife phone like Google verification website without worrying about the disclosure of your identity.