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Sep 08 10:36:08, 2021

Fordeal service. Virtual number as an insurance | Onlinesim.io

Each person wants to be insured in privacy while surfing the Web. There are various technologies that gather all the available data about Internet users and it happens that this data may be used by detractors.

Today people take their privacy more seriously than several years ago, especially if they work in the business sphere. This article will tell you how to boost your privacy while using business platforms with Fordeal put in that context. You will find out how virtual directories will go to bat for your privacy online.

A virtual directory works as any regular phone directory but via the Internet. All you need to have is the connection to World Wide Web, a reputable virtual directory provider and refilled email balance.

It is necessary to say that there are free virtual mobile numbers accommodations where you do not even need to create an account. However, if you want to use them for serious purposes, better think twice before going with one. The issue is that free services cannot afford buying top-end hardware and software. In the result you cannot be assured of the speed, quality and your personal data protection. The connection often falls off, the servers do not work properly and your personal email information can be stolen by other parties.

To choose a reputable virtual SIM service, it is crucial to pay attention at:

  • the quantity of directories it has;
  • the availability of locations;
  • the speed of SMS delivery;
  • the protection level.

The more online numbers and location the service can offer the better. Verification email messages should be delivered within several minutes at maximum. Your privacy should be put first.

Running a business page is hard work where lots of nuances should be counted at. Obviously, you do not want to have any significant data from your business page stolen. That is why it is comfortable to register business accounts not via your real email or phone numb, but via a virtual directory service.

To start with, let’s discuss the Fordeal platform and its peculiarities so you could understand better why online directories are crucial while creating an email account there.

Don't want to read? Here is a video for you:

Fordeal. Special Aspects of the Service

Fordeal is a global virtual shopping website. It appeared back in 2017 and has generated a lot of babble in the Middle Eastern market since that time. Fordeal’s main office is located in Guangdong, China.

The site in consideration is a cross border e-commerce platform. Fordeal’s goal is to serve in the Middle Eastern market.

The platform deals with more than 80,000 products. Those are various lifestyle products, electronics and even automotive goods. Some of the goods are available only in the mobile application. Here is the list of some most popular categories you can find on Fordeal:

  • clothing and footwear;
  • baby products;
  • kitchen appliances;
  • decoration;
  • perfume;
  • beauty;
  • toys;
  • watches and accessories;
  • electronics;
  • bags;
  • home etc.

It is useful to know that if the sum of your order is more than $90, then you can get free shipping across the GCC region. Your order will be delivered within 7-12 working days. It is possible to pay for the products on delivery. This option is very popular.

If you are browsing the website on a desktop, it will take you to a blank landing page. You will see links to the mobile applications. They say there are already 30 million users of Fordeal in the Middle East.

Fordeal Android application has been downloaded more than 1 million times already. Meanwhile the site has gained almost 300,000 visitors (30% of them were located in Saudi).

The site works with overseas logistics, customer and after sales services. The sellers using the platform can focus on operating their virtual shops.

Virtual Directory Usage during Registration

Registering a Fordeal account with a virtual number is as easy as it is while using a regular mobile number. Also it takes less time than registering an account via email.

Press the Sign in button and choose the Register option. Skip the email registering option. Choose your region from the drop-down list of the available locations. In the field that asks you to provide your mobile number enter your online mobile directory. It is possible simply to copy it from your virtual numb accommodation account.

Now wait for the verification to come to your virtual numb service account. Hopefully you have not chosen a free SMS website for this purpose as it is possible to wait for an authentication message from a free virtual text application forever. When it is delivered, copy the email code into the corresponding field on Fordeal. This will end the account registration process with the help of a virtual mobile number and without email.

Virtual mobile directories are extremely comfortable when it comes to registering multiple accounts on any platform for various business purposes. You will not be able to conduct many of the useful business activities while using regular mobile numbs.

The Advantages of Using OnlineSIM Numbs

As its name suggests, OnlineSIM is a virtual SIM accommodation. It provides virtual phone directories that can be used for both personal and business purposes. If you want to keep a low profile, get a virtual directory from OnlineSIM so nobody could track you.

If you are running a business, you should take care about your privacy even more thoroughly. Third parties must not receive any transactional, banking or other data under any circumstances as otherwise not only will your business be in trouble, but you will also let your clients down.

The service under consideration cares about privacy. It will not share your data with anybody. OnlineSIM is a trusted reputable company that guarantees your privacy.

Speaking of the other account advantages, it must be mentioned that this accommodation can boast more than 10,000 online SIMs. You will be able to choose from over 30 locations around the globe. Not many virtual SIM services can boast such a great quantity of countries.

OnlineSIM’s directories are dependable. You will not have to wait forever for the account email verification message to be delivered as it sometimes happens with other providers. The situation when the SMS is not delivered at all is usual with almost any free US SMS service, but it is excluded with OnlineSIM. You will forget about registering accounts via email and verification via email with this accommodation.

Obviously, it is possible to register an account via free email without phone number verification. However, this uncomfortable method is a relic of history today. Google new account verification via SMS is quicker and easier now.

Another advantage of OnlineSIM numbers is that you can choose between two tariffs. The first one is SMS receiving from one site. In this case the directory will be active for 40 minutes for account. Note that the rent renewal is not available if you choose this option. The second option is renting an account number for receiving messages from any website.

To start using OnlineSIM service, register an account on their site. You might need to specify your email for this. Replenish your balance to be able to buy a virtual mobile numb. After this choose the desired location and numb. Now you are ready to receive messages from the platforms while passing account verification without further need of specifying your email address there. All these actions are easy to perform in your personal account.

The best thing about OnlineSIM is that you can try its virtual phone numbers  for free. In such a way you will be assured that this online mobile directory service is worth using for Fordeal account creation.