Nov 15, 2021

Gameflip app. Virtual number usage to gain benefits | Onlinesim

Gameflip is a popular marketplace where every user buys or sells games as well as all sorts of game items and more. More than two million listings appear on the site every month! Additionally, on Gameflip, gamers can learn how to perform better in eSports games through various videos.

Gameflip contains gaming hubs such as Rocket League and Fortnite, where you can find interesting videos and items to buy that are related to a particular game.

To become a Gameflip member, all you need to do is create an account, follow what's new, or sell digital and physical items. For example, users on Gameflip have the opportunity to sell movies, accessories, and collectibles while also offering their services. You can use not only the site itself but also mobile applications for iOS or Android.

Gameflip sales service. Site Features

Gameflip allows you to sell various games and related services/items. You can sell anything related to games, except illegal with banned items/services.

Product placement

The user can find the button "Sell" in your account or go to the section "Ads," which has tips on selecting the type of product, category, description, and prices. You need to describe the item perfectly so that the buyer doesn't have unnecessary questions.

Check out what and where you can sell on Gameflip! Сategories in which you can sell:

Digital/Physical Video Games

It can be new or used physical games, new digital content, game keys (Steam, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1), and handhelds.

In-game items

For example, it may be different items from the most popular games (CS:GO, DoTA, Rocket League, and so on).

Gift cards

The site offers the opportunity to buy gift cards that can be used on Steam, PSN, Xbox, iTunes, Google Play, and more.


NFT or unique digital verifiable assets (artwork, music, photos, videos, and other collectibles).

Gaming with the pros

You can turn your gaming experience into real money by practicing with gaming newbies in one-on-one sessions.


Money can be executed by selling your illustrations, designs, videos, audio files, and game materials.

Registration for Gameflip service benefits

At certain times, identity verification is performed by the service in order to prevent fraudulent activity, when changes are made to an account, or to comply with legal regulations. If frequent or large transactions are made or goods in specific categories need to be sold, identity verification may be required.

To summarize, you can do the following things on GameFlip:

  • Buy digital/physical games, game items, movies, accessories, and collectibles.
  • More than two million listings appear on the site every month.
  • Game centers allow you to buy items related to a particular cybersports game or watch videos for gaming self-development.
  • Sell digital/physical items.
  • Some contracts offer or use various services.

By the way, there is no way to get a Google account verification code on this site.

Create an account on Gameflip

However, you must go through a verification process before you can make sales and purchases. You won't be able to sell products on the site unless you have an account, without which you can't accept payments if you're a seller or buyer.

Account registration is fast and free. However, there may be problems with account verification for users from some countries. Then you have to use a verified site, which is engaged in providing a virtual number for SMS verification. About this, we will talk a little later.

Credit card verification

On Gameflip, the user can verify credit and debit cards without much trouble. You can create a verification request on Gameflip by going to your personal wallet and uploading documents and photos.

Instructions for using a virtual number from OnlineSim to verify GameFlip

It is no secret that you can find free and paid virtual number services on the Internet. However, in free services, the user takes the risk because no one can guarantee a high level of data protection. Also, such services have unstable connections because money is not invested in the necessary software and hardware.

Paid services stand out for their stability and reliability. When choosing where to place a virtual catalog, you should pay attention to the list of countries the site has to bypass all regional restrictions. The user will need any phone number for the GameFlip application.

In addition, to choose a reliable and quality company, find out how many directories it owns and with which mobile operators it works, what level of protection it has, as well as prices. Additionally, you can check if the site has short and long-term numbers available. It will also be helpful to find out if the service has free directories for trial use. Reputable services always give customers a free trial period. When you get a free trial directory, pay attention to how quickly the verification code arrives.

Virtual directories from OnlineSim are a great way to take advantage of a tool that helps you bypass various regional restrictions from online platforms, including Gameflip. The virtual directory functions similarly to conventional mobile directories but requires the Internet to do so.

Such online SIMs are an excellent option for registration and verification in a service where regional restrictions apply. At OnlineSim, every user can choose any country in the list, and then the site will perceive the user as proper.

OnlineSIM is a reliable SMS number service with virtual catalogs, of which there are more than 10,000 on the site. The provider has an impressive list of countries and mobile operators to choose from. There are directories from 30 countries at your disposal.

This company cares about customer privacy. Your data will be fully protected. Communication is stable, and verification codes come quickly. Short-term directories and numbers for long-term use are available.

OnlineSIM offers free trials of its services. A free virtual cell phone number will be waiting for the user at any time if they need it.

Step-by-step instructions to bypass regional restrictions for the Gameflip app:

  1. Register with OnlineSIM.
  2. Buy virtual number and select the Gameflip platform.
  3. Download the Gameflip app and install it.
  4. Begin the process of registering for a Gameflip account.
  5. When asked for your phone number, copy the new number from your OnlineSIM cabinet and paste it into the appropriate field on the Gameflip phone number.
  6. After a minute, find your verification Gameflip code in the OnlineSIM Cabinet, copy and paste it into the corresponding field on the Gameflip.
  7. Complete the activation.

OnineSIM is a reputable company offering the best services at great prices. The site's support team is always on call if help is needed. OnlineSIM numbers are used to verify code accounts on every popular platform. Gameflip will not see any suspicious activity in OnlineSIM directories, so users can easily and comfortably perform registration, code verification, buying, selling, and more.