Mar 19, 2021

Being Hidden in Messenger With Virtual Number |

Hardly anyone would deny that Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms. This project has improved significantly over the past few years. Facebook’s platform is used not only for communication and sharing photos, but also for marketing, brand promotion, and direct sales. In each of these cases, people often use a free phone number verification for Facebook verification. This is because it is not always possible to get by with one account. Multiple accounts are most often associated with the following:

  • Active sales through the community page
  • Permanent blocking of Facebook pages due to violation of the rules
  • The need to promote a product or service

Taking into account the constant updating of Facebook's rules, the reason for which is the bans, new accounts will have to be created constantly. Consequently, the services of anonymous SMS reception will be relevant in the next few years. Some people have difficulty at this stage. Our experts tried to figure out how to solve such problems. Let's see what came of it.

Facebook Messenger Benefits

Most people are used to having Messenger as a standalone application. The Facebook team continues to add features to it. We have a new release almost every year. We're talking about functions allowing people to make free video calls like FaceTime, share their location with friends, send money to partners, and much, much more. New users will only be able to access such features after they complete Facebook messenger phone number confirmation. If you activate your account, you can do the following:

  • Use Facebook as a CRM to generate a customer base
  • Bulk messaging
  • Online customer support via Facebook
  • Identifying trends using questionnaires

To register on platforms such as social networks, marketplaces, people will need several phone numbers. Spam, mass following and massliking are still showing some results in marketing. This is an impeccable fact, which is confirmed by the financial statements. But the owners of such platforms pinch users in every possible way. We are talking about people who create fake Facebook accounts with virtual numbers. Business owners often need dozens of accounts to increase conversions. But Facebook owners consider this unacceptable and constantly delete such pages.

Virtual Phone Number & Anonymity of the Facebook Messenger

Anonymity is the main reason for choosing a virtual phone sim. Facebook’s Messenger activation is no exception. People probably shouldn't use their personal number on all websites without exception. Negligence in this regard can cause your payment and personal data to be compromised. Even though Facebook has a good track record in this regard, you shouldn't risk it. If you are using a virtual phone sim for created fake page, you can prevent the following:

  1. Compromising payment data due to hacker attack on Facebook
  2. Constant spam
  3. Gaining access to the page by ill-wishers

There are many internet services that offer fake phone number sms. However, not all of such services are free. Before activating an account using a virtual sim, people must decide which option suits best. Anyone should figure out that the difference between a paid and a free tariff is only in the number of users of a certain virtual number. Only then you can receive the Facebook messenger confirmation code and do not worry that your fake page will be compromised.

What are the Benefits of Stealthy Messenger Activities?

Bulk registration is the most common reason people buy a virtual number. Such service is often of interest to entrepreneurs who sell goods through social networks, including fake Facebook pages. Having 5-7 virtual numbers, people can create additional accounts for various tasks, including the promotion of marketing groups in social networks. Most often entrepreneurs and marketers use fake Facebook messenger generator for the following:

  • API verification and voting in contests. By having multiple accounts, you can increase the likelihood of getting a prize for a specific participant. If you confirm the action through the fake Facebook page, this does not arouse suspicion.
  • Bulk purchase of goods. If you want to buy sneakers, mobile phones or any exclusive product, you can't do without a virtual sim Facebook account. You'd better use a fake phone to create such pages.
  • Sending invitations to meetings and other political activities. Organizers of various events often open additional accounts in order to attract the attention of many people. With a virtual phone number, they will not be limited in this regard.

Often, users do not want to enter their personal phone numbers when they fill data in registration forms or Messenger, and also save on buying numbers for forwarding or bulk SMS reception, using free services available on the Internet. But this is not always the right decision. We recommend giving preference to paid services that guarantee anonymity. Let's see what is the difference between such services.

Facebook Messenger Verification Bypass: Fee vs Free Service

Virtual numbers have long been used on the IT services market, but not everyone understands the specific of such services. Therefore, we will tell you a little about most popular platforms. If you use Facebook a lot, our advice will be helpful. All virtual numbers are tools that you manage over the Internet. The purchase of a SIM card is not available. But this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. People who want to open multiple Facebook accounts are unlikely to be happy with the idea of going shopping. But this is not the only advantage of the service. If people haven't chosen the fee virtual number yet, pay attention the following benefits:

  • With fee service people are not limited by the territory of a certain country and anyone can purchase a foreign number
  • Anyone can buy more than one temporary phone number for Facebook in 2 clicks by paying with bank card or in another way
  • All virtual numbers can be rented once, for a specific service, or redeemed for several hours or even days.


Social media advertising principles are tightening day by day. Recently, Facebook introduced new restrictions, banning promo for health products, cryptocurrencies, microloans, and much more. This made trading more difficult, but did not become a significant barrier for those who want to sell goods through Facebook . This is because people can create several accounts with a new sim for advertising on social networks. Since registration involves the use of a phone number for verification, virtual services for receiving SMS have been and will be popular. This is especially true for people who use Facebook Messenger.