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Jul 23 01:11:40, 2022

Getting access to PunkPanda via virtual number | Onlinesim

Punk Panda is a modern messenger which allows you to earn on its use. The user uses the messenger, and in return, you get PPM coins already worth about 50 cents. The developers' plan is for PPM coins to be worth $1 in the not-too-distant future.

PunkPanda chat looks like an ordinary messenger in which you can send and receive messages. The developers assure that it is safe because all data are encrypted by military technology.

Punk Panda messenger. Features of the service and a list of functions

PunkPanda can be considered a communication eco-service app that is based on blockchain. PunkPanda app combines email, instant messaging, and video conferencing into one environment. With the Punk Panda app, you can gain complete control over every communication process through tamper-free, record-keeping, and patented radar reconnaissance capabilities.

PunkPanda is popular due to its referral program, where there are 12 levels. The more referrals you invite, the more they use the platform, and your rank and payout ratio will be higher. The PPM price at the start of the pre-launch was 10 cents. At the end of the presale should gradually grow to 1 dollar. There will be 275 million coins in 15 years.

Additionally, PunkPanda has announced paid subscriptions to some of its services, such as the ability to send closed messages to the recipient without unblocking with the sender's permission. That is, the user will be sent an SMS, but you can only read it when the sender allows it.

Creating a PunkPanda profile. Ways to register and use your personal number

In the Punk Panda chat messenger, it is impossible to register without a referral, i.e., an invitation from another PunkPanda user. After receiving the appropriate invitation, the user is automatically registered in the PunkPanda chat app.

Next, the user must provide personal information about himself.

  1. Go to the PunkPanda chat app.
  2. Specify your name, your email, and your cell punk phone number. Go to Punk Panda sign in.

In the latter case, it's better to use a virtual phone number to avoid disclosing your actual number and to be more safe.

It should be clarified that giving any site their personal information is fraught with consequences, especially if it concerns a personal phone number. You should use a virtual phone number available in the OnlineSim service to protect yourself.

Verification in PunkPanda chat app using a virtual number

OnlineSim is a safe virtual directory provider that became as popular as mastodons of virtual telephony because of its trustworthiness, quality, and loyal pricing. This accommodation owns more than 10,000 online SIMs. It boasts more than 30 countries its directories are from.

The verification messages are delivered to OnlineSim's numbers at knots. You will not get frustrated waiting. It is a user-friendly service, and the sign up will take several easy steps only.

OnlineSim offers short-term directories and long-term directories. The first type provides receiving SMS from one Voi website or app and costs $0,02 per website or app. The rent time lasts 40 minutes. Please mention that it will not be possible to renew. However, this is possible if you go with the second type. Rentable directories are meant for getting messages from any website or app. The rent time is unlimited and starts from 1 day, and the prices start from $10 per day.

To start using the OnlineSim safe service, sign up for an account on their website.

  1. You may have to give your email address to do so. Top up your balance to be able to buy a virtual number.
  2. After that, select your desired location and numbers.
  3. Now you're ready to receive messages from the platforms when you verify your account without having to enter your email address there.
  4. All these actions are easy to do in your cabinet.

OnlineSim works without crashes. When choosing between applications to identify a second phone number, pay attention to what data the app collects. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions carefully so you don't fall for the bait of dubious account service. These situations are very frustrating, especially if you need to create multiple accounts. Use OnlineSim phone numbers if you do not want to worry about the possible consequences.