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Jul 23 01:02:38, 2022

GlobaliD. How to use and sign up options | Onlinesim

GlobaliD creates a universal solution in the identification process that is extremely simple to bind the user to unique names, avoiding all boundaries with institutions. GlobaliD creates a self-sufficient identity platform that enables users and entire companies to work smoothly in their daily lives.

With GlobaliD, the user can collect privacy-protecting verifications and helps perform various online activities. For example, with GlobaliD, it is possible to apply for jobs, rent a place to live and receive/send money. GlobaliD ID with user verifications is portable for use with many GlobaliD partners.

The Globalid platform. Features of use

Identity is focused on all sorts of actions. Global identification number believes that the identity of the user is their right and responsibility. Its services unlock social and economic potential in the physical and digital worlds.

In the real world, there are many intuitive systems to achieve identity. On the Internet, however, problems can occur. Confirming your identity online is cumbersome, inefficient, and fundamentally insecure.

What is global id? GlobaliD's solution is to provide portability and sovereignty for an identity tied to a unique name. A user can get authorized without having to provide their personal information.

The GlobaliD identification ecosystem is constantly adding new verification providers. Categories where this can be done:

  • Email.
  • Age.
  • Phone number.
  • Address verification.
  • Liveness.
  • State ID card.
  • Social media account.
  • Bank account.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Accredited investor status.
  • Checking against sanctions lists.
  • College degree.
  • Peer-to-peer vouchers.

Registration and verification of your GlobaliD account. Disadvantages of a private number

Registering with GlobaliD identification will not be complicated because the whole process is swift. In a few minutes, a user can provide digital security for life.

New users should register on the GlobaliD website or in the GlobaliD app on their iOS or Android device. GlobaliD is automatically present during the registration process. When registering, the user chooses a GlobaliD name, specifies a password, and is verified via a phone number with an email.

For GlobaliD verification, email and phone number are most commonly used. Link them to your GlobaliD account. The email should receive the appropriate verification code for GlobaliD identification. If you have chosen to verify through a phone number, a text message will be sent to the specified number.

It should be said right away that using an actual phone number is fraught with consequences from fraudsters. The fact is that the disclosure of personal information on the sites, especially the phone number, can lead to fraudsters taking possession of it. To avoid this, we recommend using virtual phone numbers that work similarly to landline numbers. OnlineSim service can help you with this.

Virtual number OnlineSim as a solution in GlobaliD registration

Virtual directories work just like regular directories, but over the Internet. They are helpful for various tasks, including registration. The main thing is to choose a reputable online SIM accommodation directory. Check how many directories it has in its arsenal, how many locations it works with, and whether it offers free trials. When trying a provider for free, pay attention to how quickly the GlobaliD authentication message is delivered. Always choose paid providers, as free companies cannot guarantee the message will be provided. Virtual directories are great for creating multiple accounts.

But things can be much easier if you work with OnlineSim! When registering with the GlobaliD app, the user must provide the required information. One of the lists for registration is the correct cell phone number used by the user. However, if you do not want to disclose your phone Global id number, you can use the virtual number available on the OnlineSim service and have Global iD services change the phone number.

OnlineSim provides virtual numbers that work just like regular numbers, but you don't need to be tied to the phone itself. The service works over the Internet, so you can be anywhere worldwide as long as you're connected to the Internet. The service offers more than 10,000 virtual phone numbers and a choice of more than 30 countries. The service is simple, and registration and login with global identity are intuitive.

Now let's look at what you need to do to verify with Global id group :

  1. Register your account with OnlineSim and go to the payments section. You will see the proposed ways to refill your account, from which you have to choose the most convenient.
  2. Select the virtual number and country on the main page, choosing GlobaliD as the service.
  3. On the GlobaliD website, you must enter the purchased number and send a GlobaliD SMS notification. In your personal OnlineSim account, a notification with the Global verification code will appear. Please copy and paste it into GlobaliD in the corresponding field.

The company offers several free virtual catalogs (free virtual number to receive SMS) for an introductory and comfortable experience before you start. In the paid version, the rates are divided into two types for any user: payment for receiving SMS from one site or rent a number for SMS from any location.