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Apr 13 14:31:34, 2021

GroupMe verification via SMS online | Onlinesim.io

GroupMe is a messaging app by Microsoft. Users create groups and exchange messages with each other. The app is available on any device or platform. You can send groups and direct messages with no limits. People interact with each other, creating events and sending money. Its distinguishing features are emojis and GIFs.

When you open the app in the browser, you can register via an email address, Microsoft, or some social media accounts. To make the app more secure, you can add your phone number to it and then send and receive text messages.

The messaging service developers made it possible to verify users via their phone numbers. You need to copy a text message from your phone to sign up. After that, you'll be able to go to messaging.

This GroupMe app offers a number of ways to send a message; the most popular one is via a Group option. For that matter, you need to login into your account or tap your mobile app. After that, you'll need to tap the message button at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap the Start Group button and select your group name.

After doing so, you'll need to invite group members by their emails or phone numbers if they haven't joined the app yet. There's an option of adding people in bulk.

Once you've added your people to talk to, you can start messaging them. Just tap the Send Message button in the lower part of your screen and enter a message.

Group SMS option

This function allows users to send SMS pin without mobile carriers just through the app itself. However, this feature of GroupMe is only available to users from the USA.


Instead of chatting to the whole group of users, you can send them direct messages. To send a private message on this app:

  1. Tap the button in the form of three lines in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap the Contacts tab and select the person you want to message.
  3. Enter your message and tap the Send button after that. There's also an option of sending a private message to a group member.

Select the icon of the person you'd like to contact. Then, click the DM button, and another screen will pop up.

How to use GroupMe without a phone

Do you need a phone number for GroupMe? Many people ask whether they can use GroupMe online without a phone. In short, the answer is no. For this app, like for many others, you have to have a phone number in place.

However, you don't necessarily need to type your personal number when you've got a virtual one. There is an app to use fake number. Providers of fake disposable sms numbers offer an option to protect your privacy and avoid registering via your own phone number on GroupMe.

Don't expose your personal phone number

Lots of online companies collect user data to sell it afterward to advertising agencies that set targeted ads and flood people with spam messages.

Many online websites and social media apps experienced some data breaches in their history. For example, according to BusinessInsider, in 2019, over 500 million Facebook users' personal data became accessible on some forums for hackers and other cybercriminals. Names, phone numbers, emails, and other personal data of users were available to others.

And this is no longer a question of annoying targeted ads because perpetrators could potentially use this information for impersonation.

The personal data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users from more than 100 countries was available to anyone online. The Facebook system had a vulnerability that allowed hackers to scrap these data massively. Security experts warn that these data could be used to set social-engineering attacks or other sorts of crimes.

There were several other cases when Facebook users' phone numbers had been exposed on various forums. Take, for instance, the well-documented Cambridge Analytica scandal when personal information of more than 80 users was used to run political ads.

But, there's a simple trick to avoid risking your personal data. The aforementioned online SMS providers allow their users to register without their phones. Virtual numbers can be used for registration on almost any given website, be it social media, email service, or an SEO tool. Virtual phone numbers provide direct access to text messages. You don't have to have prior technical knowledge to set up a virtual phone number.


OnlineSIM is a virtual phone service provider that allows private registration on various websites, including GroupMe, without phone number via virtual sms service or individual virtual numbers. You can even set up your second Facebook page via its virtual numbers, as well as register and verification an account on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or messaging apps such as WeChat, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

The pool of available phone numbers includes more than 10,000 from 30 countries. There are options of short and long-term number rent available. Nobody else can access your phone number except yourself.

Groupme verify phone number

For example, suppose you'd like to verify a GroupMe account via a virtual phone number by verification. In that case, you just need to go to your personal account, select a country, and then Facebook from the list of social media available. After that, you'll receive a text message in SMS. You'll need to copy it to your registration page on GroupMe. SMS pin verification is available through a virtual phone number.


Grasshopper is a virtual phone number service that provides an effective solution for small size companies. The dashboard of the app offers a complete view of your business interactions.


MightyCall is a virtual phone solution that offers a history of all the interactions. It allows your business to work after hours. This service makes it possible to call from your PC.


VirtualPBX is one of the most effective phone systems on the market. It allows you to monitor your calls in real-time. An outgoing caller ID might display your business name.


CallHippo is a system that users set up without any issues. There's a lot of integrations with third parties available. The interface is quite intuitive; among its features, there's an ability to set up a customer support hub. It also allows calls from the browser. There's an option of a local phone number among its features.