Sep 13, 2020

How to create WeChat account without phone number? |

WeChat is one of the most popular Chinese social networks. The company has developed a messenger that involves a sign in procedure using a phone. All you need to do is enter the number and confirm the registration with the code. But making a WeChat account requires a real phone.

But what if you can't sign in using your phone? Then you need to use a virtual phone number. This is a great alternative to sign in with WeChat account. This means that you can use any virtual phone to activate the WeChat account.

This is a very handy social network. WeChat has a huge audience. This is why WeChat is suitable for business and communication. You can use WeChat for transactions or other commercial activities.

Is it possible to make WeChat account without phone?

Of course, making a WeChat requires a real phone. But there is a great way to help you sign in and use this social network. A virtual mobile number is a great alternative to SIM cards. Our service includes many virtual phones for making a WeChat. This is an affordable and easy option that will save you time and be able to use your WeChat after the code verification.

We created our service just for such options. This simplifies many aspects of your registration. This is extremely important for most people around the world. The most convenient for use and we want to reduce your waiting time to a minimum. You only need to perform the simple functions that we have prepared for you. It will not take much time but will allow you to use this messenger as efficiently as possible.

WeChat Account sign in instructions – step by step guide

The procedure for making a WeChat account is quite simple. You just need to follow these instructions and you can use WeChat without restrictions. So let's get down to business. We guarantee that the whole process will not take more than 5 minutes. As a rule, you can do it even in a few minutes if you strictly adhere to all the rules. It is worth noting that we guarantee the reliability and simplicity of creating a profile so that you can use this Messenger for commercial and everyday purposes.

Sign in

The first thing you need to do before you activate a WeChat account with code is to register on our website. Make an account and enter your username and password. After that, you can proceed to the next stage.

Top up your account

The next step to create a WeChat account requires a deposit. You should click on the "Balance" button and select the "Refill" option. Next, you should select a payment system and an amount in order to move to a new stage of making a WeChat account with special code.

Select number

Now you should go to the Receive SMS tab. Here you can select a country to choose a phone and WeChat as an account registration service. The site has many countries with the most relevant numbers. For example, you can choose a Canada or China phones.

Choose WeChat to make an account

Now you need to select WeChat from the list of available services. Hover the mouse over the name of this social network and click on the "Buy a number" button. Now you have a phone number to register with WeChat and sign in to your account.

Download the app

WeChat is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. Consider the option with an Android smartphone. Go to the app store and download WeChat. Once the application is loaded you should start the sign in procedure. Enter the phone you received and fill in all the fields in WeChat.

Send verification code

One of the prerequisites for making a WeChat account is a phone. It is needed in order to receive a verification code. Enter the number you received from us for sending SMS. As soon as WeChat sends you a verification code, you will find it on our website. Copy the code and paste it on the WeChat verification page to sign in. This will allow you to complete verification and start using the social network.

Verification code is a very simple option to sign in and use WeChat for your purposes. The sign in itself is only required once. When the system receives all the necessary data, you will no longer need a verification code.

Benefits of using a virtual number for WeChat

Many people value WeChat account as an opportunity to communicate with friends, business partners and share content. A virtual number is an opportunity not to use real data. You can buy a phone from us from any country and verify your account at any time. This will allow you to use your WeChat account at any time.

Our service guarantees that you will receive a virtual phone for sign in procedure, which has not been used before. Only you will have access to the interface and verification code. This will help you complete the sign in procedure and use your account.

Is it safe to use virtual phone to verify WeChat?

You don't have to worry about your WeChat account being compromised if you use a virtual number. All options on our website are strictly anonymous. We do not disseminate information about our clients. Only you can control the selected number. Just enter this to complete the sign in procedure and use your WeChat account anytime you need it.

All our rooms are regularly updated, so you can count on:

  • Anonymity
  • Quick registration
  • Save time and money

Is there a difference between a regular and a virtual WeChat number?

Technically, a virtual number is no different from a regular one. You can start sign in procedure and make a WeChat account. This messenger does not distinguish a virtual SIM card from a regular one. The most important thing in order to sign in to WeChat account is the verification code. If you specify it, you can be verified as a new user.

WeChat doesn't have any tools to identify you. You will be able to maintain anonymity and use WeChat as a communication medium. You just need to buy a number for this and follow the instructions. No one can stop you from making a WeChat account.

Another plus of making a WeChat account using our service is countless activations. You can use hundreds or even thousands of numbers to make WeChat accounts. After that, you can sign in to each account and use it for personal or marketing purposes.

Is WeChat Safe for Foreigners to Use?

Even if you are not a Chinese citizen, you can use WeChat to sign in and chat with other people. WeChat has no regional restrictions. All residents of other countries can sign in and exchange data. After using our service, you can join the large WeChat community and interact with other people.

You can sign in into WeChat anytime and from any device. This makes WeChat one of the most user-friendly messengers. The main aspect is creating a profile using our service. Then the Sign in procedure will be as simple as possible.

Important points to remember

Never let other people read the WeChat message from our site. They can use it to personally log into their WeChat account. This information is for you only. Also, you don't need to forward the secret message to other services. Creating a WeChat profile is your task and no one should get your data.

This app has built-in payments, so our service is perfect for WeChat. We can provide you with complete anonymity and you will create a WeChat profile for transactions and interaction with other people.

Our service will allow you to use this social network as conveniently as possible. We provide a lot of opportunities so that you can reduce the registration procedure to a minimum and not waste time on routine actions. Now you do not need to rearrange SIM cards or perform other manipulations. We have automated all processes for you so that you get maximum comfort.