Dec 11, 2020

How to Get Germany Virtual Number? |

A virtual mobile phone number saves you when it is needed to register multiple accounts on the Web and, correspondingly, to receive verification SMS. This is far not convenient to use a regular SIM-card for such needs because you will need tons of them and tons of smartphones. Neither is an option to change those multiple SIMs every time.

Virtual phone numbers have the call nowadays as they are easy and comfortable in use. It is possible to obtain numbs belonging to various countries and Germany is not an exception. Lots of online numbs services offer opportunities for Germany. Virtual mobile phone numbers will belong only to you (if you choose a safe online sms service, of course).

The most spread need in virtual mobile numbs is to get text messages (SMS). Germany is also included in the countries which have this option.

How to Receive Phone Verification SMS for Germany

Using OnlineSim you will be able to both send and receive a message from Germany. And not only once as this service offers an option of multiple numbs. German mobile numbers will help you interact with your audience in Germany.

Let’s discuss the process of receiving a verification SMS (Germany) on a virtual numb. These simple steps describe the whole process.

Step 1

Go to a virtual phone numb service site, for example, OnlineSim, and register there. This will take several minutes only as OnlineSim works fast and properly on the contrary to many free services, like phone verification SMS for Germany.

Step 2

Replenish your balance. OnlineSim offers free trials too, by the way. However, if you need a constant use of such a service, you will not feel serious money spending. There are different tariffs to meet the needs of every user.

Step 3

Find the Receive SMS section. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, so there will be no problems with this. Choose Germany from the list of all the available countries (by the way, there are more than 20 countries that you can choose phone numb from).

Step 4

Choose the platform you need the verification SMS from and buy the unique German phone numb. OnlineSim has a variety of available services to choose from and different German mobile numbers.​

Step 5

Enter this phone number to the corresponding field on the platform you need.

Step 6

After this you will receive SMS online (Germany).​

Step 7

Copy this SMS (verification code) on the platform you use. Your account is ready for usage!​

As you can see, it is easy to receive SMS (Germany and not only) with our service online. Virtual phone numbs from Germany are available for everyone. Your German mobile phone number will belong to you only. Messages (SMS) will not take too much time to receive them.