Dec 11, 2020

How to Get US Number for SMS Verification |

Your company can be based in any place around the globe, but if your customers are located mostly in the United States, you will definitely need a valid US phone number. Virtual mobile number services allow you to use a directory of most of the countries and all of them offer US phone numbers.

Using an online number is similar to using a regular directory, but you do not need a physical SIM-card. However, you are able to send and receive SMS as well as virtual sms verification messages. Having a US mobile phone number you will experience certain advantages. For example:

  • You will be free from international calling and messaging fees while communicating with your customers based in the US.
  • Americans will pay attention at a US mobile number more eagerly than a strange number calling from outside their country.
  • It is possible even to choose a specific American city if you know that a lot of your potential customers are located there.
  • Having a US number you show off your company as a more legitimate and bigger one.

The process of receiving an online SIM is easy and quick. It will take about several minutes. You need only to have access to the Internet and register. After replenishing your balance, your number is ready for usage.

Today most businesses want to obtain a US phone number for verification. The companies need to do a lot of activities on the Web: marketing, promotions, advertising, analysing, massfollowing, massliking etc. Web-sites and social media often block trials to register and you understand that you need an option that will allow you not to be tied up with a regular SIM-card.

How to Receive Verification SMS for United States

It is crucial to choose a reliable service that provides you with a virtual US phone number. Pay attention to the safety level of such a service, the variety of the countries and mobile operators it has and the prices. It is important that the service guarantees that no one else is able to use your number.

The process itself is not a hard one. Moreover, if you are using a user-friendly phone number service for SMS verification, such as OnlineSim, for example, everything will be intuitively comprehensible. Let’s take a look at this step-by-step instruction on how to get sms online messages for the US region.

Step 1

You need to have access to the Internet. This is an obvious step, as the service you are looking for offers online numbers.

Step 2

Register on the virtual US phone number service. Registering on OnlineSim will take several minutes only. This service offers a high anonymity level.

Step 3

Make sure your personal balance is replenished. Going with a paid service, it is necessary to have money on your balance to buy a phone number.

Step 4

Go to the Receive SMS section and choose the desired US virtual phone number along the Web-site or social media you are going to use it with. Order it by clicking on the price. After you see this, you are ready to move forward to the firth step.​

Step 5

Now it is high time to enter all the needed data for the platform you are registering at. The final touch in this step is entering your phone number. Simply copy it from your OnlineSim page and paste into the corresponding field.

Step 6

The service you have chosen will send you a verification SMS to your US phone number online. Go to your page and find the verification code there. Usually this takes up to several minutes.

Step 7

Complete your registration by copying the verification SMS from your page to the platform’s page like it is shown in the screenshot below.