Aug 12, 2020

How to receive SMS in our service? |

The use of many online sites involves registration using a real mobile phone number. This is due to the need to identify users and in order to receive the SMS verification code. A special text message is the final stage of registration. Also, many services and websites require a number to send informational SMS messages.

But what if you can't use your real phone number to receive such information? This can become a barrier that will not allow you to receive an SMS text code for verification and other options. Also, some sites require registration using a specific country number to receive data. Then you are unlikely to receive a text SMS to your regular number.

Receive SMS online with our website

Thanks to our website you no longer need to look for a mobile phone number to create an account and receive an SMS text code online. It is enough to use the SMS temp service. You will find numbers for a large number of countries and websites to create an account or confirm any action.

The plus is that such SMS telephone messages work as a regular cellular device. For a website, there is no fundamental difference to which number to send a message. You save your time and use our website. This is convenient, especially if you need an online number for a one-time SMS. It would be illogical to buy a SIM card for a single action. You can receive all you need here.

Step by step guide how to receive SMS messages

To select a virtual phone number for sms and the service you are interested in. You need to go to your personal account. You need the "Receive SMS" tab. It contains all numbers, services, and settings in order to receive SMS text and be verified on any website. Let's walk through the instructions step by step. As an example, we will consider the Facebook social network and the process of creating an account using our SMS options.

Before we consider the options for receiving SMS text, you should know about the basic settings. The "Receive SMS" page has two toggle switches:

  • Notifications;
  • Message.

Notifications allow you to enable or disable the sound signal when receiving SMS messages. The second toggle switch is responsible for receiving the code or the entire message. The section includes all available country mobile phone numbers and services that are supported by our company to receive all important info. Let's start the first step.

Step 1: Create an account

Go through the quick registration procedure and fund your account. This will allow you to use paid options and receive SMS text messages without having a real phone. Next, you need to go to your personal account, select a country and site. In our case, this is Facebook. Typically, most sites do not have fundamental differences at this stage.

Step 2: Copy & paste the mobile phone number

Start the registration procedure on the site. As soon as you need to enter a mobile phone number, you can copy it from our website. For example, you wanted to register an account using the UK number.

Click on it and copy it to paste it on the site. Next, the user needs to request a code to confirm registration & receive access.

Step 3: Receive SMS code

After you insert the number into the registration site, Facebook (or any other site) will send you a code. It is available on our website. As mentioned earlier, you can see the entire message or just the code to complete the registration.

Copy it and paste it on the website to complete the account creation. Facebook using facebook sms verification or any other website will automatically accept the code, and you can use all the features of the web resource.

An easy way to receive text online

As you can see, the procedure is the same for any website and mobile phone number. You need to choose what you are interested in. Our website allows you to exclude the process of using a real SIM card to receive text SMS. Users receive a number of benefits:

  • All processes are automated;
  • A huge number of mobile phone numbers;
  • Enough popular websites to receive the code;
  • 24/7 website and numbers availability.

The plus is that all user actions are minimized. This allows you to quickly create an account on any of the available sites without specifying a real number. You can also count on the fact that no one has used a particular number to register on a particular site before you. You also don't need to rearrange SIM cards on smartphones for bulk registration.

All processes are available online and are fully automated. Only a few basic steps are required from you. You can also read the instructions in your personal account in order to exclude possible difficulties with the use of the main functions.

Is it safe to use online phone numbers?

The process is no different from using a regular mobile phone to register. Nobody can use your message. We also change numbers regularly so that you can check in on any of the available websites. We are constantly expanding the list of available websites, so users don't have to worry about limited choices. Here are the most popular internet sites. You can choose all the options you need to create a profile and confirm it through our website. It's fast, reliable, and inexpensive.