Nov 13, 2020

How to Sign Up for QQ with Virtual Number? |

There are lots of situations when you need to register an account for some service, website, or app without using your actual phone. The reasons may vary a lot. For example, you might want to keep your anonymity on the Internet, or need to register a few accounts at once, etc. In this article, you can find everything about registering an account for QQ.

What is QQ?

Tencent QQ, also known as QQ, is one of the most famous Chinese multi-platform apps for instant messages receiving and sending. It was developed by an IT giant company named Tencent. Nowadays, more than 2/3 of the Chinese residents use this messaging app for a wide variety of different tasks. Among the most popular functions:

  • Group messaging
  • Video messages
  • Personal messaging
  • Sharing images, videos, audio files, etc.
  • Voice messaging
  • Creating groups and channels
  • And much more!

As everybody knows, the residents of China can't use traditional messaging apps, like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. That happens due to a specific of the Chinese government programs and laws. So, it is one of the main reasons why Chinese IT companies create many internal use products.

Also, QQ is used as an alternative to different popular nowadays soft and apps for online meetings, like Zoom, Google Meets, etc. It's pretty comfortable, easy to use, and can support up to 50 people, talking simultaneously. All you need to make such a type of conference call is a great internet connection with lots of traffic.

What are the Advantages of QQ Use?

QQ, as you already know, is one of the most popular messengers throughout the whole of China. And it can grant lots of advantages for their users. Among the most important benefits of using the QQ are:

  • High download and sending speed
  • A great capacity of inbuilt cloud-storage
  • A possibility to access one of the biggest messaging networks in China
  • Getting in direct touch with all your Chinese business partners and colleagues
  • And even more!

And one of the most significant advantages is that you could use this virtual phone number while you are situated in different countries. Even if you are a resident of a country where access to the QQ service is restricted - these types of services will help you a lot!

Why do You May Need to Register an Account for QQ via Virtual Phone Number?

As QQ is one of the most popular messengers in China, it is not pretty strange that many people from other countries also would like to use it. At the same time, many people can't do it directly because of a lot of different issues. There are many various reasons you might need to register an account for QQ via free virtual phone numbers. Among those reasons:

  • The user would like to keep anonymity on the Internet.
  • The user needs to register multiple accounts for some reason.
  • The user already got one account, but it was blocked.
  • The user is in the country, which blocks direct access to the QQ.
  • The mobile phone provider or internet provider of the user blocks direct access to the QQ.

You need to understand that those are not the only possible reasons you might need to sign up an account for QQ via a virtual phone number. In some cases, they might be strictly individual and extraordinarily exceptional.

Services for Virtual Phone Number Creation

Nowadays, there are lots of different services and websites are allowing us to get a virtual phone number for sms verification. But, at the same time, many of them provide a service of pretty low quality. These services' main idea is straightforward - you get a phone number, which you need to specify during registration.

Those services also provide different other features and functions, for example, mobile proxies, full VPN services, and many similar ones. You often need to pay to use a full version and get access to all functions of those services. Also, you might need to signup and, in some cases, verify your account on the website before starting using a service.

Unfortunately, you need to know precisely what websites offer the best possible quality service, as there are many different scammers nowadays on the Internet. One of those services is OnlineSim. You can easily use it to signup for almost any social media, app, and website. Also, there are always a few free mobile numbers available for you if you are interested in testing this feature or experiencing a lack of money.

What are The Advantages of Using Services For Account Registration and Verification?

Probably, if you read this article, you have already decided to sign up for QQ with services like OnlineSim. But, are you sure that you understand all the advantages of this process? Speaking about the different benefits of using services to register an account for various apps and websites, we need to underline the following of those:

  • Fully anonymously sign up to any service, including QQ
  • Possibility to recover your account via the same virtual phone number
  • Keeping save your private data, location position, and similar information
  • Opportunity to point any person you want as a responsible for an account register
  • And many other

Those are not the only advantages you got while using different services for anonymous account registration. Most often, the benefits you will get directly depend on your goals. For example, if you need to talk to your Chinese clients, you will get the possibility to do it fully anonymously after you register an account.

A Few Disadvantages of Using Those Services

But, unfortunately, as everybody knows, there is always a fly in the ointment. Creating a QQ account without an actual phone number is possible, but it may have some bad consequences. Among those, for example, are the following:

  • A huge possibility of deleting your account if the administration will detect that you use not your phone number
  • Possible troubles with account renovation
  • Various problems that may occur when somebody decided to call you on the virtual phone
  • And others

The administration of QQ will not directly examine your account in the case you didn't violate the term of service and will keep using it according to the user guide. So, try to avoid attracting too many attention to your actions in the QQ app, and everything will be pretty okay.

How to Register an Account for QQ via OnlineSim?

OnlineSim, as you already know, is one of the best services which allows getting a QQ phone number for registration and verification. That is why we decided to show you a full process of the QQ account register via phone number. Here is how the process goes:

1. Register an account on the official Onlinesim's website.

2. Choose the country you need from the country list (screenshot №1).

Screenshot №1

3. Choose the "Tencent QQ" or "QQ" from the apps, websites, and services list (screenshot №1).

4. Get your virtual phone number (screenshot №2).

Screenshot №2

5. Use your virtual phone number during the registration and verification processes.

6. Get the QQ verification and registration code. You will see the QQ registration code in your personal cabinet (screenshot №3).

Screenshot №3

7. Use the code to end the process of registration and verification.

Also, you may rent your phone number for an extended period of time if you need it. It may help you in case if you need to pass an account renewal process. You might also use this verification process to get even more accounts for different services, websites, and apps.