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Jan 21 13:33:47, 2021

How to Sign up for Twitter without Phone | Onlinesim.io

Signing up for various social media can be very comfortable without using a telephone. You can have as many accounts as you want. There are plenty of accommodations offering such service as fake sim online. This is not a physical card, but a directory that is used online, but for different social media, e-mail services and web-sites it looks like a real phone number.

It is possible to send and receive message online via such an accommodation. For example, if you need to receive a verification code from a social media platform multiple times, such accommodation is a great finding. It will not be necessary to use a smartphone or buy SIM-cards numerous times and switch them for each verification message. People dealing with online marketing, SEO, online management etc. will definitely give recognition to such accommodations.

Don't want to read? Here is a video for you:

Twitter Verification without a Phone Number

If you do not want to use a smartphone and a real SIM for verification online, there is a great solution for you. If you already have a Twitter account, the platform will not allow you to create another page with the same phone number one more time.

It is possible to use an online accommodation for directories. Reputable companies work with all popular social media platforms including Twitter, of course. Having registered and replenished your balance, it will take only several minutes to receive the message and verify your account.

Twitter Account Creation and Verification with the Help of a Virtual Phone Number

Registration on Twitter is quick. To create an account it is enough to go on Twitter, choose the ‘Register’ button and pass the process. The process includes entering such data as your name and phone. It is also possible to create an account via e-mail address, but this usually takes more time and effort.

Account creation on Twitter also requires your birth date. However, Twitter claims that this information will not be open to the public. This data is required even if you are creating an account for a company or for your pet (yes, many pets have their own accounts on Twitter nowadays!).

Twitter will offer you tuning it according to your needs and tastes. After this you confirm that the data you entered for your account is correct and agree with Twitter’s terms and conditions. Having pressed the ‘Register’ button, you will see a new window offering you to verify your phone number.

Twitter verification services will warn you that they will send a verification code to confirm your number and account. It may charge you as a regular text message. Using a virtual directory is much more convenient and comfortable. Fake number for Twitter can be obtained from special accommodations like OnlineSim, for example. After Twitter texts the number of verification to your virtual phone number, enter it in the corresponding field in your account.

Twitter verification code usually consists of five numbers. The next stage is generating a reliable password for your Twitter account. It must consist of eight symbols at least. Then you can:

  • upload your best selfie as an avatar;
  • describe yourself;
  • pick the circle of your interests;
  • receive suggestions from Twitter whom to follow.

All these steps can be skipped and caught up later on. Also Twitter will suggest you turning on notifications, but this is not obligatory.

Twitter Account Creation and Verification Step by Step

Step 1

To create a Twitter account without a phone number, you should choose a reputable virtual numb accommodation.

Step 2

Sign up for a chosen service and replenish your balance.

Step 3

Buy a virtual phone number from the desired country and for the desired platform (it will be Twitter in our case).

Step 4

Go on the Twitter page and start registration. Create the profile.

Step 5

When the platform asks your phone number, enter the temporary phone number for Twitter you have just created and bought.

Step 6

Receive the verification code to this number.

Step 7

Copy and paste the verification code on your Twitter account.

Step 8

Verify Twitter account.

Step 9

Use the service.

The whole process of the account creation will take several minutes. If the virtual directory service you have chosen is a reliable one, the message to verify your phone number account will come in quickly. It is not necessary to use a real phone number for Twitter, but it is very comfortable to use online directories. They can be one-time numbers and numbs for rent to create a profile.

Verify your account without too much red tape involved. Check OnlineSIM as one of the great options.