Mar 23, 2021

How to Verify Microsoft Account? |

How to Verify Microsoft Account?

Authentication while signing up to various platforms is a ‘must do’ nowadays. There is nothing strange in it as platforms want to protect their users. However, people who need multiple account registration can suffer from this as they need many phone directories.

Owning multiple SIM cards and switching them in your smartphone all the time might be not the best idea to go with. Someone has invented virtual phone directories and online businesses breathed a sigh of relief.

Virtual directories work as regular SIMs only online on phones. You simply need to have access to the Internet. It is possible to send and receive messages on such numbers. One-time directories and numbers for rent exist.

It is possible to verify accounts on various resources including passing Microsoft free phone verification. Businesses leading their activities online receive a great benefit from virtual SIMs. All the numbers will be stored in one place online. Moreover, having chosen a reputable company you can be sure that you will be able to use the same number for page restoration in case your account gets blocked for some reason.

To choose a reliable provider, it is crucial to pay attention at:

  • the safety level;
  • the amount of numbers in disposal;
  • the variety of countries;
  • the delivery time;
  • prices;
  • free trials.
  • free virtual number.

Obviously, there are free and paid virtual phone directory services. It is up to you which one to choose, but do not forget that upkeeping the outfit does take time and effort. That is why free providers cannot guarantee fast delivery time and no delivery failures. The same can be stated about your protection. Another moment is that the coverage area may desire to be larger.

Using Virtual Numbers for Microsoft Account

Creating a Microsoft account is not too different from account creation on other platforms. Microsoft, like all the other resources, requires a phone number for account creation. Individuals often do not want to reveal their real directory on the Web. Businesses cannot have that many physical SIMs for each account. This is when online SIM providers come to help.

Even though most platforms have special technologies to reveal bots, this will not be the case with online SIMs. When you register on the virtual directory provider’s website, buy the desired directory and enter it into the corresponding field during Microsoft account creation, Microsoft will not perceive this phone number as a fake one. It will send you a Microsoft account security text message.

Thankfully to such virtual accommodations you can create the desired number of Microsoft accounts using multiple virtual phone directories.

How to Register and Verify Microsoft Account Step by Step

Obviously, you need to be connected to the World Wide Web and to be registered on your online SIM provider’s website to start on your phone.

Step 1

Go to the Microsoft website and press ‘Create a Microsoft account’.

Step 2

Press ‘Use a phone number’.

Step 3

Go to your virtual SIM provider’s page.

Step 4

Make sure your balance is replenished for the needed sum for a virtual phone directory.

Step 5

Choose the country you need, the virtual number phone and the platform you need (Microsoft here).​

Step 6

Receive the online directory and copy it into the corresponding Microsoft field. Press ‘Next’.​

Step 7

Generate a reliable password for your account. Go on.

Step 8

Verify Microsoft account on the phone. A Microsoft verification code will be sent to your online SIM. To verify it, go to your online SIM page and copy the verification code to your Microsoft page.​​

Step 9

Now you can use your account.

Microsoft SMS normally takes several seconds to be delivered. If you are using a reputable online SIM company you will not have to wait long or to repeat the whole process from the very beginning because the message has not been delivered.

In case something goes wrong you must be sure that your funds will be returned. That is why it is best of all to try the chosen service for free before buying it. It is crucial to have a round-the-clock connection with the customer support and possibility of a refund.

Having included all of the aforementioned in this article points before buying you will not be disappointed with your online SIM provider.