Oct 14, 2020

Is SMS Marketing Effective In 2020? |

Mobile devices have become more and more important in the everyday life of the modern customer. You probably did not know, but people check up their mobile phone about 85 - 100 times on an average day. Approximately 81,2% of people check up their mobiles in the first 5 minutes after awakening. Customer send SMS, text, make calls, browse the Internet, send SMS again, and so on and so on. Every day, and sometimes during the night time too.

Probably, if you are reading that text, you are wondering how you could use all this information to grow your business, increase sales, and grow your customer pool. The answer is pretty straightforward - you might use such a good and old fashioned tool as SMS marketing. But, is that still great enough in the era of total digitalization? Let us try to find out together.

What Is SMS Marketing?

The answer to the question "what is SMS marketing" lies behind its name. That is the method of the promotion of your goods, services, and involvement of new customer via messages, sent on customer mobile phones. SMS text messaging marketing is one of the digital oldest marketing methods, which was created in an era when even the Internet was not very popular among a significant number of the world's population.

Mobile messages campaigns can be pretty successful in the 2020 year. It happened as many people are tired of digitalization and slowly began to come back to a traditional form of interactions, use old versions of mobile phones, use text messages instead of various types of messengers and social media, etc. Also, lots of older people, who also may become your potential customer, always preferred to use traditional.

So you probably begin to understand all the great potential of text message marketing campaigns already, but if you read this article carefully further, you will know even more.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Among the most significant benefits of SMS text marketing, which characterizes text messages as one of the most powerful tools in modern marketing, is the potential role of those messages as one of the most excellent tools to reach your customer with more than 100% accuracy. If you use it for marketing purposes, for example, social media, or some app, you will probably notice that not everybody has an account in those or didn't have an app you try to promote.

Customer says, when did you last see a man without a mobile telephone at all? Probably, it was lots of time ago. Modern humans might not have a fully capable smartphone with various types of Internet connection settings and possibilities. But they will definitely have at least one mobile telephone of the old kind, which definitely can receive and send SMS text or free virtual SMS. That leads us to a few main advantages of any SMS marketing campaign:

  • Great coverage of untraditional auditory
  • Various and extremely necessary type of customers might be involved
  • Cheapness and almost 100% guaranteed payback at the end of the campaign
  • Potential possibility to gather some data
  • And lots of other benefits

You need to understand that sometimes you might not reach people, even if he has a modern-like smartphone with various possible ways of getting in touch with them. They might be, for example, somewhere in the place where there is no Internet connection. But the possibility that they can't be reached via text message is almost null-like.

What Are the Disadvantages of the SMS Customer Marketing Campaign?

But there is also a significant minus of any bulk SMS text marketing campaign. It's a fact that you will definitely need a database of many potential customer mobile phone numbers. Also, it's probably better if you not only try to get it somewhere but also will get lots of different additional data during your SMS marketing campaign.

Also, you will need to buy the services of a great programmer who will make a bot, which can send you a bulk of those messages or use an outstanding service. But, as the SMS marketing text campaigns' technology is pretty old, it might be hard to find the proper customer and the following service for a fair price. So, probably those are all of the main disadvantages of this method.

What Are the Main Types of Mobile Text Messaging Marketing?

According to the modern views on the telephone message marketing campaigns, at least a few different types existed. Each type has its own preferences and disadvantages, but we won't discuss them here, as this is not the main topic of that article. So, nowadays, most of all, use the following types of SMS text marketing campaigns by customer:

  • Different kinds of promotional SMSs
  • Various types of different spam messages
  • Special coupons and promo code sending
  • Programs of loyalty
  • So-called flash sales
  • Notifications and alerts SMS text

The following list represents not the whole list of different possible variations of the SMS marketing campaigns. For example, in some instances, you may send various links to your products, with a small offer, discount, or unique propositions in the form of a text message to your potential client. Many other types of the following customer attraction via SMS ways have also existed.

How To Build The SMS Marketing Campaign?

Probably, the best possible way to create the most suitable for your needs campaign is to get an excellent and adequate specialist in marketing, who will gather the following information about the target auditory. After that, he will choose the best possible way of the future SMS marketing customer attraction campaign and create the best possible form of SMS which will potentially lead to a severe increase in sales, customer numbers, and so on.

The next step in creating the SMS marketing campaign is hiring the programmer, who will make you a bot, which will do the bulk sending of the messages to the whole range of the customer. You might also use special web services, or do it with your own hands by sending the whole range of the SMS to the entire customer mass, but that will probably take a lot of time.

After that, you have to wait for customer response about SMS text, and be patient until the whole possible reactions come. In the end, you need to scale the potential growth and understand whether your campaign was successful or not. It's necessary to know if you will keep going with the same ideas and deals in the future, or you need to make any changes in the structure of the campaign.

How To Avoid Spam Filters?

Probably, you understand that if you send lots of messages from one mobile device or IP, you will potentially become a target for various Internet spam filters. That's why it's essential to use multiple types of protections against this potential obstacle in the way of a successful SMS marketing customer attraction campaign. Those types of protection may be realized in one of the following ways:

  • Using various kinds of different web services for automatic SMS marketing campaigns
  • Multiple types of varying mobile proxies, rotating mobile proxy.
  • Different kinds of services for SMS text anonymous sending

Those methods are the most often used for different SMS marketing campaigns, but you need to understand that the whole range of technologies and possible variants are growing each day like mushrooms after the rain. So, probably, there already existed at least a few new different types of technologies that can help you to protect your SMS marketing campaign from spam filters.

The Best Service Which Can Protect Your SMS Campaign

One of the best services, which may help you during your SMS marketing campaign, is Onlinesim. This service allows you to use mobile proxies, which are the fastest, 100% anonymous, and never blocked. This particular service can also be useful not only while performing various types of marketing campaigns but also for the following categories of internet users:

  • Fake lakers
  • Trafic arbitrators
  • Users who want to send SMS anonymously
  • Account registrars
  • Fake followers

The main principle of working of that service is straightforward - when you need to send an SMS or any other type of message for your campaign, your number will probably be blocked after a few tens of similar messages. This service allows you to send as many SMS as you need by using a different proxy to avoid the block. The main advantage of the service is a fair price for excellent and extremely professional services. Three basic plans are made nowadays for the customers:

  • General. It costs about $11 per month.
  • Private. Tarif for $52,5 per month.
  • Multiport. Custom tariff for $10 per month.

Also, the service provides the possibility to make lots of different stuff with SMS messages. For example, you can make a big bot farm for various purposes, start to receive lots of messages from social media to register multiple accounts, and do many other similar things. Also, some services on the platform are entirely and fully free. Go, and check them up right now!

A Little Bit Of Statistic and Facts about SMS Potential

You might didn't know, but about 82% of people prefer to open the received SMS text messages. Usually, most humans more accurately and wisely relate to various types of SMS text than social media and messenger notifications and different messages from the Internet. Also, about 30% of the respondents keep opening each SMS text in the chain until all of them will not be read.

About 70% of the people didn't read any promotional SMS, which is longer than ten words. So, probably you should avoid using your marketing messages to long verbal constructions. Also, about 60% of people prefer to see as the first words of the sentence such words as "get," "free," "gift," etc. That usually stimulates them to read your message to the end, and sometimes even respond to SMS.

Customer prefer to get personalized offers, gifts, and special offers. For example, if your proposal will start from words like "Free offer for YOU, dear *User name*..." you will get the response, sale, or customer attention more likely than if you simply send SMS, which starts like "Get the latest promotions from our brand..." or something similar. Be patient, and choose your words wisely and gently. It's essential and extremely crucial for customer and a lot of people.

Conclusion: Is SMS Marketing Still Good In the 2020 Year?

According to the whole range of statistical facts and general modern human preferences and behavior patterns, an SMS marketing campaign is still a pretty good instrument that can generate a lot of income for your business, create lots of sales, and attract many new customer. It would probably be better to perform a few more campaigns along with it, like moving forward your services or different goods at the social media or Google platforms by SMS.

Also, it would be great if you will use along with a traditional way of SMS marketing as some sort of statistical analysis method. That will help you get as much information about your clients' preferences, quality of your products, and gain valuable feedback from customer, but also allows improving the quality of your future SMS or any other marketing campaigns.

So, speaking shortly, SMS marketing campaigns definitely remain an excellent instrument for increasing and scaling up your business in the 2020 year. If you are thinking about starting any form of SMS campaigns but can not make the right decision - have no doubts. Just hire a great marketer who will create a plan and look at what will happen. In any case, SMS marketing nowadays is one of the cheapest types of campaigns, so you will definitely not lose too much if your campaign will not be successful.

Good luck to you with your SMS campaign!