Oct 14, 2020

Let's Use Telegram Without a Phone Number |

Telegram's popularity is skyrocketing, with millions of active accounts on the platform around the globe. As of March 24, 2020, the instant messaging service hit 400m monthly active accounts and 100 more millions since last October. This service, founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, is said to amass 1.5m users daily and is regarded as the most popular messenger in several countries.

So, many of you are getting interested if that's possible to use it without a real phone number. The answer is straightforward - yes! Now, let's find out how you can potentially make this dream come true.

Telegram Is Conquering the World

All the fuss about Telegram is probably due to its unique messaging features. The company owners tout the privacy and anonymity of their users as their prime concern. After you make a Telegram account, you have the option to hide your phone number, whether real or fake, from other users and create a username. Also, you, maybe, need sms receive virtual number for the Telegram account.

There's, however, one catch in terms of privacy and security. Like Viber, WhatsApp, Line, and other instant messaging services, Telegram's registration mechanism bases on its users' phone numbers. It is an indispensable requirement since registering your account and start using the service, and you have to receive a Telegram verification code over the phone. This thing protects the platform from bots and fake accounts, but on top of that, it causes inconvenience to the audience who might be reluctant to register their phone numbers.

Can a Telegram Account be Registered Without Using a Phone Number, and if so, How Exactly?

Is that possible to register a Telegram account without a real phone number? You cannot do without a phone number to get going to Telegram. You might know that Skype provides its users with the feature of calling a landline or mobile phone in any given country.

But you probably haven't heard about the segment called "Subscribe to the number," which allows Skype users to connect their Telegram account, and after that, receive all the SMS messages over Skype. To activate this feature, users have to shell out €15 for three months, and 50 euros if they will use it for a year. It is not a free pleasure. Well, that's the way it is: people have to pay for their privacy and anonymity.

Another method of Telegram sign up without a phone number is via a landline phone number. The verification process will be making over the voice call. In some cases, this method works perfectly, but it is not a silver bullet. In Australia, some users, when they were trying to use their landline phone, see the "mobile number" was not correct. So, there's a guess that Telegram is limiting previously available methods of verification.

How to Register in Telegram With a Virtual Phone Number and Start Using the Service? And Why Would You Need it Anyway?

But, instead of relying on the expensive Skype tool or some dubious verification methods, you can fall back on a tried and free tested one – virtual sim number. What is it? It is a free virtual number for Telegram provided by an online service that enables receiving phone messages. Either a physical SIM-card or a mobile phone is no longer needed. The online service provider has all the gears and hardware. You only get your fake phone number for remote usage.

There are types of such numbers:

  • One-off.
  • And permanent ones.

The latter are often paid and subscription-based, but they are more appropriate for SMS activation purposes since they are always at your hand.

For instance, website is a ready-to-use alternative to physical SIM-cards with their phone numbers. You won't even have to confirm your registration over email since it is plug-and-play based. Just choose your username, password, and email. That's it! The service is ready to go. You may already use it without opening a confirmation email, like on most websites that sell fake phone numbers.

How it Works

  • In your account, choose how you would like to receive an SMS, then select the country and buy the number.
  • Register the phone number in your chosen service. And use it.

It is as simple as that. is a service that allows you to receive SMS over virtual phone numbers. There are one-off free and private numbers of a variety of countries, which enable online services confirmation.

There are two options available – Receive SMS (via a temporary phone number) and Numbers rental (a permanent phone number).

The registration in Telegram using a virtual phone number is similar to roll through a regular SIM-card. The only difference is that you receive your confirmation number via your service provider's website, not over the phone.

You have to download the Telegram app from Google Play or App Store, whether you're using an Android phone or iPhone, respectively.

After downloading the app you should perform the following steps:

  • Chose the county of residence for your future virtual phone number and chose the exact service you need to register on the list from the (screenshot 1). You will receive a virtual phone number after your payment will be confirmed.

Screenshot № 1. The list of countries and available services.

  • Check the personal cabinet on the website to see your virtual phone number (screenshot 2) and copy-paste it to the Telegram form during a registration.

Screenshot № 2. A general look of a personal virtual phone number.

  • Enter during the Telegram account registration a received virtual phone number (screenshot 3), and wait for an SMS message response on the personal website cabinet.

Screenshot № 3. Telegram shows notification, after entering a virtual phone number for verification.

  • After you will receive an SMS with a code for ending the verification (screenshot 4), enter the following code at the Telegram verification form.

Screenshot № 4. The receiving of the verification code on a virtual phone number.

At the end of the registration process, you might also need to use the following number to reverified your account, or for example, to restore the account after severe violations of the Telegram terms of service or password loss. As a result, you will need to use the following virtual phone number once again. So, it would be better to buy it permanently.

Why is Onlinesim the Best Way for Telegram?

For over six years, the company behind has been developing an excellent SMS activation service based on online phone numbers. It is one of the leading activation services in terms of the number of countries and the temporary number base.

Our users receive SMS online without using a physical SIM-card, both via one-off free numbers and paid individual numbers. You can get your number for 10 minutes and an unlimited period of use, depending on the country and the chosen type of SMS receiving.

You can use these virtual numbers to receive SMS that confirms registration on social media (like Facebook or Twitter) on messaging apps (Telegram, Whats App), in the email, or other online services (Gmail, or Tinder).


Once the verification is complete, you will be able to create a username and chat with others, instead of registering via your own/friend's/family member's phone number and making Telegram SMS. So, after the registration, you will hide your fake phone number and go by your username.

There's one more thing - don't forget to enable two-factor authentication on Telegram as soon as possible, in case you're using a dummy number because, without it, perpetrators could access your Telegram account on several websites that publish phone numbers.