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Sep 10 17:09:04, 2021

Mamba service. Registration and virtual number | Onlinesim.io

Mamba is a free online dating service that its founders tout as better than an average dating app you might be using now. All you have to do to use this application is register on the Mamba website, and the users won't have to pay for this.

Mamba is a Russian-based dating platform that has dramatically grown in popularity for the last two decades. After signing up, you'll be able to meet new people on the dating platform.

It is a dating social network that includes about 25,000 independent dating websites and dating blocks on third-party websites such as Yahoo, MSN, or ICQ.

It must be said that the primary focus of Mamba is images compared to some other dating applications or websites. The user account allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos. Among other capabilities and unique features are a photo rating system, instant messages, and blogging. Some distinguishing features of the dating service are as follows.

With the Mamba dating platform, you can:

  • Access your account for free.
  • Make friends, have fun and meet your partner.
  • Choose which way to go, whether a serious relationship or just a one-night stay; your status is set accordingly.
  • Contact your friends abroad or within your country.
  • The number of Mamba users exceeds 23 million in more than 15 countries, which means you can meet foreigners on this dating service.

The Mamba dating application doesn't show your directions on the map when you are trying to find other users, and you can still create a draw being at one location on the map if you know how far your contacts are away from you.

When you move to some other place, you automatically add the info about hits on the map. If a stalker wanted to find your location, he would see where the circles on the map overlap. Unlike other services such as Tinder, OkCupid, Badoo, Bumble, Pure, Feeld, Happn, or Her, the Mamba security system blocks any attempt to obtain other users' location data.

What's more, Mamba is the only dating application that allows you to blur the profile picture for free. If you use this feature, only the users you've previously approved may see the original Mamba photos without blurring.

Other dating applications don't offer this option for free; people have to buy accounts to use it.

Tinder-like apps are here to stay

It seems like people will be finding dating apps at hand forever. Some studies have found that online dating is the most popular way for people to meet each other in a lot of countries.

While the pandemic results in the popularity of online dating when such apps continue to amass the users, something is being done to increase such platforms' security. And their backend in particular. They increasingly use more advanced data transfer protocols blocking third-party efforts to gain access to the user's data.

For instance, several pieces of research have shown that the Pure dating application is the only one that allows its users to sign up even without uploading any profile picture. Among its security features is the one that prohibits screenshotting messages. Unlike this app, most other mobile apps for dating don't allow users to save screenshots of pictures and texting. That's an actual breach in the security system since it could be used to blackmail or dox both public or private figures.

Much was done to increase security for traffic interception prevention. Dating websites apps have improved their safety in terms of preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. So, they are much better protected compared with that of the previous years. Now, most dating applications don't exchange information with servers in cases when fake certificates are found. In such cases, the Mamba security platform warns its users by showing specific messages about it.

Mamba registration process, its features, and virtual phone numbers for registration

The service was developed in 2002. First, it was only available for Russian users. But later namely, two years later, the website's audience reached up to one million, and its owners made it available in such countries as Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The time went by and to the list of available countries added Germany, and later the USA. A couple of years later, the dating websites developed new features like blogs and digital gifts. At that time, the overall number of Mamba users hit the record-breaking 9-million mark.

Then, the company policy was changed with all registrations now had to confirm registration via phone numbers. In this way, the management of the platform intended to keep the spam amount to a minimum. In 2012 the dating service of Mamba was officially rebranded to Wamba because when its marketing department had tried to tap into new markets, they found out that other companies took this domain name. So, to avoid controversy, they added the letter 'W' to their official name. However, in Russia, the Mamba name remained.

The dating Mamba website is more image-based compared to its competitors. It's basically a social dating website.

The premium accounts have the feature of auto-renews. You can buy it via card or Paypal. It must be said that the refunds are not available on this Mamba website. So, you need to be careful and avoid unwanted payments.

Now, the user database of the service is big enough, namely more than 20 million users from over 50 countries, that's why chances are you'll be able to build a relationship with a partner you love, be it mere friendship or real love. Mind that many users come from Russia, it's the service's target audience that has grown in numbers for two decades since it was established.

The percentage of men prevails, although the rate of women is high enough as well.

  • In order to sign in to Mamba, you need to type your email.
  • User's name, country, and date of birth are required fields to fill in.
  • Then you'll need to choose who you are interested in, whether it is a boy or girl.
  • After that, click the Sign Up to complete the Mamba registration.
  • Then, you'll see a confirmation email in your email Mamba account. Verify yourself.
  • After you are done with the Mamba registration on the dating service, you'll be able to access your account quickly and contact other people whatsoever.

The most popular dating applications of today are as follow:

  • Tinder is a dating platform everyone knows about, with over 100 million installs from Google Play alone.
  • OkCupid has been installed over 10 million times from the mentioned mobile application website store.
  • Badoo is a dating platform that is becoming increasingly popular these days. It has a similar number of installs.
  • With over 10 million installs, Mamba website had over 40 million active monthly users as of the second part of 2020.

OnlineSIM virtual phone provider

How do mobile apps treat our data? Because of the lockdown, dating services are growing in the number of users. According to the stats, the whole number of swipes on Tinder grew by 11% in a year. As of last year, the daily number of swipes started to exceed 3 billion.

It came as no surprise. People use various services to meet their partners. Nevertheless, dating apps are not entirely safe since there are some risks involved. The most popular are the following ones:

  • Identity theft. Perpetrators can access personal data that users publish through their accounts, including their names, addresses, and information about employment. Then, this data might be used in various cyber attacks like extortion attempts.
  • Login data theft. These are the most widespread types of scams. Frequently, conmen ask their victims to transfer money. For doing so, they use different kinds of reasons like blackmailing. For not sending money, they threaten to show the user's friends and colleagues their personal photos. Many cons have taken to phishing, sending their potential victims links to malicious sites.

If you don't want to be fooled, use reliable security measures. The developers of the Mamba website dating service thought through this issue with them using cutting-edge technologies to protect the app users.

Nevertheless, the more dating services you use, the more vulnerable you become. The research data had previously shown that six apps allowed users to find a user's whereabouts. Four apps allowed users to figure out their real name and find their socials or some other personal data.

The whole host of dating apps ask users to provide their personal phone numbers to register. As a rule, the registration process includes verification over SMS website messages.

When people provide confirmation codes, they receive them in SMS. And by the way, you can also use receive service that would offer your free SMS.

Accounts created through phone free virtual phone numbers provided by the most online services of fake phone numbers for receiving SMS get quickly banned. So, this security policy of dating services makes life a little difficult for people who like to create fake profiles.

Most dating services allow signing up via social media websites without using their phone numbers; however, using social profiles dating apps might gather personal data. Those data could be sold to third-party advertising agencies, which can set targeted ads and bombard the users afterward.

The advantages of using virtual phone numbers from the database. And how it all works

However, you can use the virtual phone number of the OnlineSIM website service to register without compromising your privacy. In this way, you won't have to register via your personal phone number because you can get one or several virtual ones. You can also download free phone applications.

The OnlineSIM virtual sim service allows you to register on any given website without your phone number. It is SMS registration. If you need to create a profile on the Mamba app, just sign in to your account on the OnlineSIM website and select the service required. In this case, it is Mamba. Copy the phone number that has popped up to the registration page on the app. After that, you'll see a verification code in your OnlineSIM account. Copy it to your Mamba app. And that's it; you've created a free account on this dating Mamba platform.

OnlineSIM makes it possible to register profiles on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, and the like. You can even register emails on such services as Gmail, Yahoo, or Yandex. Moreover, use it to protect your privacy when texting with other people over instant messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Discord, and so forth.