Oct 04, 2021

Naver's regional restrictions for some countries | Onlinesim

How to bypass regional restrictions and get the most out of your search service? The answer is here.

Naver is a search engine that accounts for 20% of Korean search traffic. The distinctive feature of Naver is thematic blocks and sorting by search results. The user receives the news, movie posters, advertisements, blogs, pictures, etc.

Naver Features

The Korean search engine Naver is an excellent source of news from various media. It has a mail server, which is used by most of the population of the country. Also, the company is constantly introducing new technologies, such as its cloud storage.

The search engine has its developed portal and many services, such as Naver Pay, Naver Music, and Naver Office.

How can you use Naver in a regional lockdown environment?

Users can do many things if they manage to create Naver account. However, verification of the account opens up access to new search engine features.

To get full access to Naver's services, the user needs to confirm their identity. The easiest way to do this is from Korea, but it is possible to operate in other countries of the world.

To verify Naver from Korea, you need a local phone number. Doing the same operation from abroad requires more effort because you also need to scan the document, which proves your identity (passport or driver's license). Verification is done both from a PC and a smartphone.

Create a Naver account from Korea

For Korean residents, you need to have a valid Korean mobile number and an Alien Registration Card.

  1. Open the platform and log in
  2. Now go to your account information section, where you need to click on Edit.
  3. Next, click Verify.
  4. Choose the Phone to verify by phone number section, where you put a checkmark in the consent box. Then click on Confirm.
  5. Fill in the form that appears in the pop-up window. The user must check each point of the Terms & Conditions and the Agreement by filling in the blank fields, then select Foreigner. After that, choose your service provider, enter your cell phone number and click on Certification to request a verification code (text message). As soon as the SMS is received, you should enter the verification code in the Certification Number and click Confirm.

Create a Naver account from Overseas

The Naver account is validated with a foreign passport or driver's license.

  1. Open the platform and log in
  2. Now go to your account information section, where you need to click on Edit.
  3. Next, click on Verify.
  4. Scroll down the page to click on If you need help, where you need to click on Help.
  5. A new page will appear with a Foreigners item at the bottom - here, the user needs to fill out the form as instructed. After filling the form, click on Submit. Verification of the account takes 24 hours.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to create and confirm a Naver account because many encounter a regional lockdown environment.

Ways to bypass blocking

A user can use a virtual number to register on the platform. Here's the company that can help you bypass blocking to the Naver website.


The provider has global coverage where Korea is at its disposal. The company performs fast texting and phone number delivery actions.


The provider features more than 20 communication tools that are suitable for bypassing Naver blocking.


Services from the company allow you to send bulk messages from a dozen Korean numbers available to choose from. The company provides several free SMS after a user registers.


JookSMS is notable for its user-friendly interface and free trial SMS option from Korean numbers.


OnlineSIM has new technologies that allow private registration on any website/phone application. There are more than 10,000 mobile numbers and almost all countries in the world to choose from. SMS verification service free is also available for you to check out.

Registering the Naver account using a virtual number with OnlineSIM

First, the user has to create an account on OnlineSIM. The verification of the account is done without confirming the e-mail address, which is very convenient. You have to write an email to which you have access.

Once your OnlineSIM account is ready, go to it and choose the service you want. Next, copy the phone mobile number shown to the Naver site. The user will then receive a text message, which should also be copied and pasted into Naver for confirmation. Everything is now official, and you are verified!

The OnlineSIM website sms free uses proprietary software with the necessary hardware to operate SMS cards to receive text messages from phone mobile operators, of which there are more than 30 on the site.

OnlineSIM's virtual phone number sms allows you to register with popular social networks and other web services, including Naver. The site will enable you to request another verification code if the first Naver verification code does not work.


Now you have learned how to bypass Naver blocking in different ways and enjoy the popular Korean search engine without any problems. Using the OnlineSIM service to use disposable numbers for quick registration in Naver and pass the verification is recommended.

It is worth mentioning that OnlineSIM has a sidebar with numbers that can be used for free and long-term numbers for unlimited text messages. You will be able to save money because there is no need to buy another SIM card and pay the tariff plan of the phone mobile operator.