Oct 11, 2021

Networking service Bumble. How to use virtual numbers | Onlinesim

The Bumble dating platform has about 65 million registered users worldwide. People use Bumble to find their soulmate. However, you need to have an account to use the app, be it a Facebook account or by phone number.

Service breaks stereotypes because the initiative of dating will come only from the girl. If a man likes the opposite sex, the communication between users will be mutual. Here dating is associated with love relationships and friendly (Bumble BFF function) and professional contacts (Bumble Bizz function).

The phone verification system works in such a way that a one-time password is sent to the specified phone number by SMS, and the user has to enter this code into Bumble. The verification code is the only way to enjoy communicating and getting to know each other on Bumble.

About Bumble Networking

In the app, you have to make a profile to specify personal information, add photos, and start dating. Swiping to the proper means that the user likes the other profile, while swiping to the left means that the user does not like the profile.

When two users like each other, it is possible to start a correspondence. The critical point is that the girl makes the first step, and the first text to her is allowed to send within 24 hours.

How to create a Bumble account

Bumble is available on the Google Play Store, App Store, and on Bumble Web.

You can create a profile using your Facebook account or by verifying your actual Bumble phone number.

Signing up with an accurate Facebook profile will be very quick and hassle-free because Bumble will get all of the user's information, name, photo, school, age, and so on. A person selects up to 6 pictures and enters information about himself into Bumble.

We should add that the user can connect an Instagram account to Bumble to synchronize photos.

  • First, you need to go to the Bumble website.
  • Choose the Register field.
  • The next step is switching to the new page, type your personal phone number to create an account. Here you'll need a code.
  • Now, you need to copy the confirmation code you've received on your personal phone number. After that, you'll have to type the nickname you want to use on this service, set your gender, as well as the date of birth.

Verifying Bumble with and without an actual phone number

Using an actual phone number to register with Bumble, the user is declassifying their data. If a person is worried about their privacy, using their real phone number is not reliable.

Those who are worried about online privacy should get a free virtual phone number USA as an option. When a one-time confirmation is needed, you should use a number that is not tied to the user's phone. The service OnlineSIM can help in this situation, which we will talk about.

Using the SMS service is the best option to get verified by Bumble. Having received the long-expected message to the virtual number with the verification code, a user can become a member of Bumble.

OnlineSIM is a proven site that helps users get virtual numbers that receive verification codes without using their real phone numbers.

Virtual number from OnlineSIM as an alternative to existing variants

OnlineSIM offers to buy virtual phone number USA and other countries from all over the world. These numbers are real numbers of mobile operators. You can choose from a list of 30 countries. The total number of virtual phone numbers on OnlineSIM is more than 10 thousand.

Suppose the user needs to go through Bumble verify and to do this, he first needs to create an account in the application and get the verification code himself. The first thing to do is go to your account in OnlineSIM (registration on the website is fast, and only the code is the verification). It is not necessary to confirm your e-mail.

How to use OnlineSIM to verify Bumble correctly

  • On your account page, choose the service you want to register with.
  • Buy one of the virtual numbers.
  • Now copy the code of the phone number on the registration page.
  • Then enter the confirmation number you received in your OnlineSIM account.

You have now registered your Bumble verify account, thanks to the virtual code! Do you want another code? Follow these steps again to create an alternative number. OnlineSIM offers free numbers to try out the service as well as paid numbers that can be used for a more extended period.

It is essential to add that it is impossible to use the same phone number for more than one Bumble verified account.

The user can erase the old profile to replace it with another, register it on Bumble and start dating again if the previous options don't work.

Also, the phone number will not appear on the Bumble profile as it is only necessary to register.

Bottom line

With OnlineSIM, you can be confidential and register on Bumble and any other social networking platform without showing your actual number to the service! OnlineSIM virtual phone confirmation service allows you to register on Twitter, Steam, Uber, Microsoft, Tinder, etc., by using SMS verification codes.