Sep 13, 2020

Possible to receive SMS to virtual China number? |

Millions of people around the world use their phones to register on social networks and instant messengers. All this requires the purchase of a physical SIM card to complete the procedure. The fact is that China is particularly sensitive about registration issues. That is why you need to have a virtual phone number as it is a good alternative to a standard SIM card.

The ability to get the virtual mobile number to receive SMS

There are many nuances when users need to have a Chinese number. Unfortunately, not everyone can buy a starter package for such purposes. That is why virtual phone numbers are used. This option is much easier than buying for SIM cards because it offers an online format for every user. You just need to do a few simple steps:

  • Complete registration
  • Refill your account
  • Proceed with choosing a virtual mobile phone number

Using the virtual world is an excellent option for all those who want to register an additional account in the Chinese social network or solve technical problems.

How does it work?

The working principle of a virtual mobile phone number is similar to your smartphone. The only caveat is that all physical SIM cards are installed with special network equipment. This is a kind of intermediary between the subscriber and certain web sites for registration. The user chooses any Chinese social network or website where it is necessary to use a special virtual number.

It's a simple registration procedure, indicating the phone number that you received in the online service. After you enter your virtual mobile phone number, you will get an SMS message on the site. Copy the code and verify your account by number.

Reasons to use china SMS receives

The use of the company's services with virtual phone numbers is very important, especially in the context of the difficulty of obtaining China starter packs. Far from every European or American user can afford to purchase starter packs. Also, many services require additional information and the ability to verify phone numbers as quickly as possible.

Thanks to virtual phone numbers, you are free of any difficulties. First of all, it is very accessible. Just let's look at a basic example. For example, you want to register with Chinese social networks or some website. For this, you need a virtual phone number. You pay a minimum of money and will be able to confirm the profile for further use.

After that, you no longer need this number or starter pack. It is much easier, faster, and more economical than physical mobile SIM cards. You are also not constrained in the territorial aspect. Similar virtual phone numbers can be bought anywhere in the world to resolve all the necessary issues.

How to create a Google account with a virtual number?

Many users need a Google account, as this gives access to various services. The problem is that modern versions of Android for smartphones require a phone number to create an account. The same moment is relevant for identity verification. Do not worry. Our service will help you. Here are a few steps to sign up for a Google account.

Fill an inline form

The standard form includes login, password and other data. At this stage, you should indicate all the information that is relevant to you.

Choose a phone on our website

Next, you need to go to our website and select a number in the "Receive SMS" section. Right below the list of numbers, you will find available services. Select Google from the list and click on the purchase button. You must have enough money in your account.

Continue registration

Enter your phone number in Google form and wait for the verification code. Since the phone is virtual, you can read the message in your personal account. Copy the code and paste it into the registration form. You now have a Google account registered with a virtual number.

Easy China SMS number verification procedure

Virtual phone numbers provide you with anonymity and security. This is an absolutely legal way to register on any website. After all, you are using a real phone number, the virtual format of these process only speeds up the registration and number confirmation using a code. Virtual services like ours use the most secure registration algorithm.

Nobody can copy your cat to use it for their own purposes. By receiving an anonymous account with virtual mobile phone numbers, the user can solve all their questions and get many dividends. Such virtual numbers are as easy to use as possible and do not differ from a regular smartphone. The only point is that you only need to wait for a little while the cat with the verification me numbers is in your personal account.