Nov 15, 2021

Receive SMS for Gopuff using the virtual phone number | Onlinesim

GoPuff is rightly considered a modern business associated with the delivery of consumer goods with food. The company started its operations in the United States in 2013.

The GoPuff company is called one of the most successful businesses in the online delivery environment, operating for ten years in the United States. The main focus of the firm can be called an on-demand delivery service.

In 2020, GoPuff company managed to achieve great success, providing their services in more than 500 cities in America, and they have more than three thousand employees.

The difference between GoPuff and other firms can be seen in their work, which is related to the courier service, where there is a more organized method of operation.

GoPuff delivery: Features of the service

If a customer orders an item on GoPuff company, they pay the standard shipping fee, $1.95. The company emphasizes that it will not raise prices - the firm deals, for example, with deliveries of alcoholic beverages to many cities across the country. GoPuff company has more than three thousand items, such as pet supplies, personal care products, household goods, accessories, sweets, snacks, alcohol, frozen foods, etc. Each order that contains alcohol is charged extra on delivery ($2).

Each order must have a final value of $10.95 or more to keep the flat delivery fee. GoPuff does not charge for shipping on orders of $49 or more.

A unique feature of GoPuff company is a pet food warehouse that is rented out to customers to store their products.

Membership Program

GoPuff company has a particular GoPuff Fam membership program under which consumers receive many benefits, such as free shipping on every order. To activate this offer, customers pay $5.95 monthly.


GoPuff company sells product placements from various brands that advertise products on the platform. The company also sells anonymous information about customers of advertised products.


GoPuff is fundamentally different from other delivery firms because it buys, stores, and sells its products from inventory. The difference between the sale price and additional costs makes a profit, which is very attractive to most investors.

GoPuff completes each order much faster because the assigned employees are dedicated to selecting the best delivery drivers. The company helps save time for the driver, who will not search for products in different locations, but pick them all up from one place.

GoPuff workflow

Customers place orders with GoPuff company through the mobile app, which is available on Android and iOS smartphones. Orders can also be placed on the company's Web site.

After specifying a delivery location, customers are redirected to the inventory to access GoPuff's warehouse selection. Customers add items and make an online payment. It's important to remember that before ordering through the app, you need to make sure GoPuff has a warehouse in the desired state/metropolitan area (Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Washington DC, Phoenix, Orlando, and so on).

By placing an order on GoPuff company, warehouse employees are notified, and drivers pick up already packed orders from the warehouse. The driver will deliver the order to a specific location.

Users will be notified regarding each stage of delivery by individual text message, and drivers will call the customer once they arrive at their destination. Typically, delivery of orders to customers takes 30 minutes once the request has been processed.

How to get a job at GoPuff

Those users who want to start working as a courier at goPuff need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age 21 or older;
  • A driver's license that is valid and issued in the United States;
  • Auto insurance/registration;
  • Cell phone;
  • Complete a pre-paid training course.

To become a goPuff driver, you need to visit the application page on the application form and fill it out. The company will ask the user if they understand their main requirements.

After completing the application, the user will receive a welcome email and information about the interview, which, if successful, will inform the user of the shift schedule and the start of the job.

Once the user has applied and been accepted, they can prepare to start shipping. First, he needs to schedule a work shift seven days in advance properly. Drivers at GoPuff company only need to pick up orders and deliver them to their destination.

Registration and verification process in the GoPuff app

Maximum user convenience is prepared in the company's application, available in the App Store and Google Play.

Set up your account:

  1. Click "Get" or "Install" in the app.
  2. Create an account by entering information about yourself.
  3. Once registered, GoPuff will allow the user to manage the account and see every available product in the user's region. The app will tell you precisely what is available for each user at any given time.

Another method of logging into a personal account is by visiting

  1. Press "Login," which is located in the top corner of the screen.
  2. Enter your phone number (you will receive an SMS on your smartphone to confirm your identity) or connect to Facebook.

Still, registration in the application can be done through Facebook or by cell phone number (we will come back to the phone numbers later to explain how to receive SMS verification in the service OnlineSim).

On the site/application GoPuff, the user will confirm the personal address and then browse the category of products.

How to use a virtual number for Gopuff verification?

An actual Gopuff phone number used to register with the service is not always advantageous because the user's data is compromised. Those who want to be private on the Internet should use an SMS service free virtual number. For a one-time confirmation, you can use a number not tied to the user's phone. OnlineSIM service was created for such a situation.

Perhaps the user needs a free phone number verification? Choose free phone numbers for Gopuff account verification at OnlineSIM. New temporary phone numbers appear daily on this resource. Make phone number verification easy and fast. You can receive any online SMS receiver with free disposable numbers for service verification and paid numbers with no limits and all sorts of restrictions.

The GoPuff verification process:

  1. On your account page, select the service for which the user needs to register.
  2. Buy a free virtual number or buy phone number USA.
  3. Go to the GoPuff website or app, where during the registration process, you need to confirm the mobile number to which you should receive an SMS. Enter the number you bought at OnlineSim.
  4. Now copy the confirmation code that will come to the phone number from OnlineSim and enter it on the registration page.

OnlineSim service: the best virtual mobile phone numbers

Use SMS-service is recommended for verification in GoPuff. After receiving a message to the virtual number where the verification code is located, the user becomes a member of GoPuff company.

OnlineSIM is a verified site that helps users get virtual numbers that receive verification Gopuff codes without using their actual phone numbers.

Privacy of personal data today is a critical component of Internet activity. Every user should keep personal information classified so that it does not become known to the public. The problem, however, is that many users are unaware that they are inadvertently sharing their data. On every website, non VoIP phone number app, or social networking platform, you need to specify an actual phone number during registration, which is precious information. That's why there is an OnlineSim service.

The SMS company provides virtual directories to get acquainted with for further action in the whole operation. The site database has more than 10,000 virtual phone numbers from more than 30 countries. The service is straightforward to use, and all information on the site is intuitive. The paid version of using OnlineSim services has tariffs, which are divided into two types:

  • Payment for receiving SMS to one place;
  • Number rental for SMS.

Many sites are no longer allowed to their without verification, removing at the same time the possibility to register via Email. Verification of the GoPuff account is a must for the user, so do not miss the opportunity to join this company.