Mar 23, 2021

Receive SMS Online from Amazon Prime |

Receive SMS Online from Amazon Prime

Free virtual numbers have occupied their niche on the market. Usual SIMs cannot not be their rivals in terms of comfort while using different platforms and web-sites online.There is no need of buying multiple SIM cards and then endlessly changing them for multiple accounts registration. Having chosen one reputable virtual service for SMS receiving you will be able to use as many virtual numbers as needed.

With the help of such a service you can create and verify as many accounts on various platforms as you need. Amazon verification is also possible. Amazon is a large virtual trading platform with mass-market products. The main Amazon’s idea is paid membership (as, it can be, for example, in a club). Amazon Prime offers various advantages like free 2-day delivery of the products that sells Amazon itself and certain other sellers on Amazon.

Beside the free 2-day delivery, with Amazon Prime you can use:

  • Kindle
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon Mom and Student discounts

Moreover, it is possible to use it free for a month repeatedly after 13 months will pass. This article will show you how to receive as many verification SMS from Amazon Prime to online phone directories as needed in order to use all the advantages of this service and not to get blocked.

Amazon Prime Account Creation and Verifying It with a Virtual Numb

Amazon Prime offers a 30-day usage period free of charge. Normally the subscription costs $99. In such a way users can register and experience all the excellence of free 2-day delivery and other options for free.

Subscribing to Amazon Prime will not take much time or effort. However, if you are using a virtual number service, you will be able to subscribe as many times from different accounts as you need. All the Amazon Prime’s advantages will be constantly available for you.

Reputable virtual SMS companies offer one-time online numbers and reusable numbers (directories for rent). Thus, if you buy a number for rent, you will be able to use your Amazon Prime account for free in 13 months again. And with the multiple numbers you will be able to use Amazon Prime for free all the time!

You will be able to receive as many verification SMS to your virtual numbers as needed. If you choose a reputable provider, Amazon verification code text message will come in very quickly. A situation when Amazon’s not sending verification code happens rarely too.

You will definitely receive pleasure from using Amazon Prime as free 2-day delivery is really fast and convenient for an online market.

Amazon Prime Account Creation and Verification Step by Step

This short instruction will show you how easy Amazon Prime account creation and verification is with the help of a virtual phone number.

Step 1

Register on OnlineSIM virtual phone number company’s website. This process will take several minutes.

Step 2

Replenish your balance to be able to buy numbers. Check out Amazon SMS pricing to determine the needed sum.

Step 3

Choose the country and the corresponding number.

Step 4

Specify that it is meant for Amazon (simply choose this service among the other available platforms).​

Step 5

Go to Amazon Prime and start usual registration there online. Enter the needed data.

Step 6

When Amazon asks your phone directory, enter the number you have bought. Your verification SMS will be delivered online to your OnlineSIM number.

Step 7

Receive Amazon SMS online in your OnlineSIM cabinet. Now you are ready for verification.​

Step 8

Enter Amazon security code text to the corresponding field and press the verification button.

Step 9


The process will not take you long if you choose rent phone number for sms verification  from provider, such as OnlineSIM. Verification SMS is received in several minutes maximum. OnlineSIM works with multiple countries around the globe and has a great map of covering. Receive SMS to your online number and use all the advantages of Amazon Prime for free. It is easy and comfortable to use virtual numbs for verification.

Get acquainted with OnlineSIM’s tariffs closer. You can pay for 1-time numbers and rent numbers. Best of all is that you can also try this service for free if you want to make up your mind about it before paying.