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Aug 31 16:41:28, 2022

Register a SofaScore account with a virtual number | Onlinesim

SofaScore is a sports app that has attracted more than a million users. Bet on sports, win, and have a great time.

The SofaScore app allows the user to follow major events in soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, handball, motorsports, cricket, baseball, and much more.

SofaScore benefits

SofaScore offers more than a choice in sports statistics:

  • Quick and accurate notifications on the results of each match.
  • Online soccer match broadcasts.
  • Detailed statistics on players and other sporting events.
  • Learn about each transfer and get a complete overview of the players in the current season.

The unique features of live Sofa Score live score can be considered these indicators:

  • Statistical Rankings. More than 300 statistics show information in numbers.
  • Attribute Overview. Graphical indicators of the attributes of the main characteristics of the players.
  • Attack Momentum. Unique graph with the dynamics of the match and the intensity of team pressure.
  • Heatmap. The visual representation of players' movements on the field in every match and throughout the season.
  • Basketball Score Graph. This graph shows which team has been placed on the leaderboard with a measure of activity.
  • Shot Map. Here you can instantly see the positions basketball players are shooting during the game.
  • Average Player Positions. The application shows the positions of players based on their actions.

Account registration and verification. Using a visual number from OnlineSim

Using your personal phone number is fraught with privacy implications. Don't want to use your contact number, so you don't risk losing personal information? Then use virtual numbers, which can easily do the job and help you stay safe. You can use a virtual cell phone number from the OnlineSim service to create an account with SofaScore.

OnlineSim allows users to SofaScore sign up without using their phone numbers and giving them to other people. You can use it to register privately on any website or mobile app.

  1. Go to the SofaScore app or the SofaScore website - fill in your information in the "Register" form. You must enter your name, email, phone number, and other information.
  2. Come up with a password.
  3. Enter your city of residence.
  4. All done!

Alternative registration for Sofascore

A virtual phone number is a mediator between you and the needed online service. OnlineSim virtual phone numbers allow you to forget about using personal numbers and keep your privacy. OnlineSim offers real phone numbers from real mobile operators from all over the world.

  1. If you want to confirm your SofaScore account, go to the OnlineSim website and choose from the available services.
  2. Then copy the phone number that will appear on the registration page of SofaScore mobile.
  3. Then a verification code will appear in your OnlineSim account.
  4. This is your verification. Use this SofaScore code to sign up for the service.

Users can also sign in to SofaScore update through their existing Facebook and Google accounts. In this case, you need to link your social network account to SofaScore.