Aug 12, 2020

Registration on Instagram without a phone number |

Instagram is one of the leaders in social media. Many people use it for communication, content publishing, and even business processes. But some people need more than one account. The key aspect is that not everyone wants to use their personal phone number to verify their Instagram account. There are several reasons for this:

  • Various business accounts;
  • Commercial mailing;
  • Profiles for sale;
  • Creating additional Instagram profile.

Buying an additional mobile phone number for Instagram is not a good idea. But there is an alternative. You can use our service.

How to create Instagram without a phone number?

Thanks to our website, you can choose a virtual number to receive sms and verify your new Instagram account. The procedure itself is quite simple and does not require complex actions. We will describe all the steps so that you can use a virtual phone number for Instagram.

Step 1: Create an account

Go through a quick registration on our website and fund your account. This will help you take advantage of the paid options. We do not require email verification, so the process will be quick. Go through this link -

Step 2: Choose the virtual phone number for Instagram

Our site has over 25 countries to choose from. This is especially important if you need to register from a European or American phone number to verify the new profile. A detailed list of numbers is available in your personal profile.

Step 3: Order virtual phone number and select the Instagram to verify it

Now you need to order a number and click on the Instagram icon. Select this social network from the list.

Now you need to copy the number by clicking on it, paste it into the Instagram form and send the registration verification code.

In rare cases, Instagram may give an error, for example, that the number was previously used or blocked. Thus, you need to order a new phone number to verify the new account.

It is worth noting that in this case you will not be charged again. We will prepare a new issue for you.

Step 4: Complete the Instagram registration

Fill in all the fields in the registration form and enter your phone number to verify Instagram. A message with a confirmation code will come on our website. Copy the code and paste it into the Instagram registration form. Voila! You don't need to use a real phone number.

Is it safe to use virtual phone number to verify Instagram?

Yes. You can create an Instagram page using any of our phone numbers to contact your followers. Basically, you are creating a regular account. You just don't need a physical phone number to verify your account. The social network does not see the difference between your SIM card and our virtual phone number.

You are also completely safe because you can verify your profile absolutely anonymously. Nobody can find out your code. Each phone number is issued once. Except you, no one will be able to verify the profile using the issued phone number.

We guarantee that all verification phone numbers are updated regularly. You can also contact the technical support if you cannot register for the service or receive a verification code.

You can verify the new page around the clock. Just select a phone number from the list. Our site has phone numbers for UK, USA, Canada and other countries, which are very popular when creating profiles.

All phone numbers are real and you can easily use this service. You can now save your phone for more important activities. Just select any receive a sms online and complete the registration. You can create any number of accounts on this social network. We have enough phones for this.