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Oct 03 17:46:48, 2022

Сlubhouse registration process with a virtual number | Onlinesim

Clubhouse is an American app that appeared in 2020. Clubhouse app is a voice-only social network.

To get into Clubhouse, you need an Invite - an invitation from another user. It would help if you also had a good Android or iOS phone. If you get into the Clubhouse app, you may be confused initially, but it gets easier if you link your social networks to your account to find people you know quickly.

Let's find out what the Clubhouse app is and how to sign up with a virtual phone number

In your Clubhouse feed, you'll see a list of rooms and clubs where people you've subscribed to talk. Users can create their theme room or enter someone else's room as a listener. If you want to join a conversation, you have to "raise your hand" - there is a unique icon for this.

In conversations, you can appoint moderators - users who allow listeners to speak and control the tone and topic of the discussion.

The Clubhouse app has three kinds of "rooms" for socializing:

  • "Open" rooms, which anyone can join at any time.
  • "Social" rooms are only for people you've made friends with on the social Clubhouse network.
  • "Closed" spaces, where only people you choose can join. No more than five thousand people can be in the room at one time.

Notifications that you've launched a new stream will be sent to all your subscribers. And if they start listening to it, their subscribers will already know about it. You can grow the number of listeners very quickly as a result.

There are no recordings of Clubhouse conversations. Putting the conversation on pause is also impossible. And it isn't easy to broadcast a pre-prepared and edited recording.

Experts note that the interest in the Clubhouse app is very unusual - people massively express their dislike for voice messages in messengers. Still, the audience of the new service is constantly growing. Most of all, Clubhouse reminds us of podcasts as a mobile communication medium, but in real-time.

Events can be scheduled in advance and added to the calendar. A lot of content is produced at one time, and you can only choose one thing at a time. Even though the Clubhouse app is voice-oriented, some musicians have settled in and regularly host live concerts.

Clubhouse account registration and verification

There are two ways to sign up for the Clubhouse app - without an invitation or with an invitation. The last option is preferable, but because of the difficulty of obtaining "invitations," many people have to create an account, enter personal data and wait for a chance.

How to create Clubhouse account? For those who have been online since the beginning, the easiest way is to sign up for a social network using an invite:

  1. Open an invitation from another user.
  2. Download and install the program on your phone.
  3. Launch the app and enter the phone number in the international format (here, it should be clarified that for verification in Clubhouse, it is better to use a virtual phone number, which performs the same functions as the standard phone number. OnlineSim service will help you to choose the best virtual phone numbers for sms).
  4. Enter the code that came to the specified phone and make Clubhouse login.
  5. Specify your full name.
  6. Enter the username.
  7. Add a photo and other information about yourself.
  8. Indicate your personal interests.
  9. Sign up for the users you're interested in.

This completes your online registration with the Clubhouse app, and you should expect an invitation or use one of the ways to get one.

OnlineSim provider. Database of numbers and instructions for purchase

There are various companies on the market today that provide virtual directories. Some of them are free, and others are paid. The free ones are not worth your attention because they never promise you a satisfactory level of security. The hardware and software of such companies are low quality or outdated because the free companies can't afford to invest much money in their technology. This will be the reason why your Clubhouse verification code text will not be delivered.

You can register and activate Clubhouse services through a visual number. OnlineSim has 10,000+ online SIM cards and 30+ countries. You won't have to wait forever for verification, which is the case with many providers. SMS are often not delivered, but that is not the case with OnlineSim. How to get verified on Clubhouse app?

  1. Open OnlineSim and do a simple registration in the Clubhouse app;
  2. Top up your fake account generator in OnlineSim;
  3. Go to the main page, wherein the search engine search for "Clubhouse";
  4. Next to one of the virtual numbers, click "Get" (your new number will appear in the cabinet);
  5. Then enter a unique Clubhouse phone number when registering at Clubhouse. After that, you will receive an SMS verification of Clubhouse on the virtual phone numbers in your personal OnlineSim cabinet.

The placement in the virtual directory helps to go through the verification procedure without providing an actual cell phone number. The virtual SIM works like a standard SIM but over the Internet. You can choose a location and sometimes even a carrier.

Meanwhile, placement tools that you pay money for work are much better. They're perfect for account verification in various apps, including Clubhouse. All you have to do is register on the company's Web site, top up your balance, and buy a virtual SIM card or several SIM cards, depending on your needs. You can choose what country your virtual directory will be from.

As you can see, the process is simple and doesn't take much longer than signing up for a real phone book. However, you do get a higher degree of protection for your data. A self-respecting provider of paid virtual SIM cards offers free trials so that you can test their quality without paying money for them. A decent company will have plenty of numbers and an impressive list of locations at its disposal. It will ensure a high level of security for your data. The reliable OnlineSim service has various payment plans to best suit your needs.