Oct 11, 2021

Social network ICQ. Registration process info | Onlinesim

ICQ messenger has been around for over 20 years, having experienced tremendous popularity and decline. Now ICQ has a new youth: the messenger has added new features with exciting possibilities, such as hundreds of free emoticons with stickers.

We will also add that the developers are spending more time on security. Now in ICQ, every new action is confirmed by SMS message. People are once again starting to register in ICQ.

ICQ registration is an easy way to get in the messenger, but registration is not available in the program. The developers have decided to make a particular registration page, which can be found on the company's official site.

The ICQ main functions

The unique features of this messenger make it self-sufficient and in demand.

Voice Messaging

ICQ added voice recognition in 40 different languages. No audio? Don't worry, and you can convert your message to text.

Photo/Video Editor

The app allows you to work with photos and videos right inside. The new version of ICQ added a mobile photo editor that makes your photos and videos more informative, colorful, and funny.

Encrypted video and voice calls

ICQ now lets you make a phone call! Users can switch to a front or back camera, switch to speakerphone, or mute the microphone when talking.

Live chats

The new ICQ has launched so-called Live Chats - these are vast chats of different topics for each user. Live talks can hold more than 10,000 people.

How does the user ICQ sign up?

To register in the messenger, you need to have a phone number, not in ICQ, and access to the Internet (any browser) to sign. After the registration user can start ICQ without problems, entering only his registered number.

When registering to ICQ, you need the minimum amount of information, without date of birth, place of residence, etc., making the sign process fast.

Perform the following steps:

Install the ICQ client by downloading the installation file from the developer's site. After installation, the user needs to run the installer so that a dialog box will appear, where the virtual buttons: UIN \\\\E. - email, phone, register, and social network icons. Each of these solutions provides its version of the registration process.

More options for signing in and registering with ICQ

Several other methods are available for registration in the messenger without being tied to an SMS sign.

Authorization window

Clicking on the Registration field, you will see a dialog window and a list of areas to be filled in. Select the password carefully because it is only entered in Latin letters or numbers. Next, you must enter your email address, to which you will receive a confirmation email.

Signing in via cell phone

The ICQ client authorization window contains two buttons close to each other (UIN / E-Mail and Phone). Select Phone and click on it. The user will see the cell phone number entry function. If you want to use your number, enter it and click Next.

However, users who don't want to show their phone number should consider a rented number from the OnlineSIM service. About this option, we will talk a little later.

Then an SMS message will come to the specified user number, which contains the necessary activation code. The received code should be entered in the corresponding field. Now press the Next button, and the program will automatically enter the messenger.

Authorization via social networks

At one time, ICQ was a means of sending instant messages online for millions of users. However, many users now do not even know what ICQ is, but the messenger still exists and gathers millions of people again. By the way, ICQ now also allows you to register through social networks, such as Facebook.

Users need to click on the icon of one of the presented social networks, where the user has a registered account. Then, in a new window, you must enter your username and password for the social network that the user uses.

Virtual number with OnlineSIM as a method of preserving the privacy

Want to use ICQ without a phone number and keep your privacy intact? There's no need to compromise yourself and give up your personal information to third parties. OnlineSIM offers numbers for ICQ!

The user can use such a number to register successfully without worrying about problems. Mobile numbers from OnlineSIM work like an ordinary SIM card on a temporary basis.

Create ICQ account without using your phone number

  1. Go to the official ICQ website to download and install the official application on your device.
  2. Now start the program. ICQ will ask you for your phone number.
  3. Now you need to go to the OnlineSIM site to create your account or register if you already used the service and buy a number.
  4. Then you choose a free virtual number and convenient payment method in order to reserve it and buy. For convenience, the site has a search line.
  5. Now copy the temporary number from OnlineSIM to the Request History page.
  6. Paste the temporary virtual number in the appropriate form of ICQ.
  7. Then the system should send the user an activation ICQ code in the form of SMS.
  8. Get the activation code from OnlineSIM in your personal cabinet, if you buy a virtual number.
  9. Paste the code received through SMS in the ICQ window, follow the site requirements and click Next.

Now your ICQ messenger account is ready to go. The site system will send the user a form with basic information for completing registration.

Bottom line

You can easily register in ICQ messenger without using your actual number and buy virtual sms number at the OnlineSIM site.

Using the site's SMS-activation service is a breeze. The user can also register ICQ without phone number and on any other site and any popular social network, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.