Jul 21, 2021

Spotify Phone Verification, Using a Virtual Number |

Spotify is an old-timer of streaming music services. This Swedish platform was launched in 2006 in Stockholm, and today its offices are founded in many countries around the world. By comparison, Google Play Music, which was replaced by YouTube Music in 2015, was launched in 2011, Apple Music was also founded in 2015, and only French Deezer with Spotify was launched in 2007.

To date, it is Spotify that boasts the largest music catalog of all similar services. This is the main reason for the popularity of this platform. Interestingly, roughly 20% of the music on Spotify has never been listened to. Let's find out how to open and verify a Spotify account, what possibilities this project offers. Some facts about this platform will be of interest to both artists and music lovers.

Spotify Music Streaming Service — Features and Benefits

Spotify is without a doubt the giant in the music streaming world. It is the best platform for musicians and people involved in show business. Spotify is just one of many big online music projects. But this is a very promising project! Many music lovers and other users who have completed the Spotify verification procedure praise this company very much in their reviews. Developed by Swedish programmers, this website differs in the following:

  1. This platform analyzes important data that is shown in each artist profile. People who verify an account can see this in the Statistics and Activity section. Such a feature helps artists assess how the releases are progressing.
  2. The playlists that the services offer based on the selected artists are perfectly composed. This is because the company has perfected its music track cataloging algorithm for decades. As a result, the Swedish project has become popular all over the world.
  3. People can use and verify this service on different devices: PCs and laptops, smartphones (iOS, Android), TVs, and even game consoles. The only thing they need is to find a good SMS phone verification service. This is because experts do not advise using the same numbers (those with which a bank card or social network page is activated) to register multiple pages at different sites on the Internet.

This Swedish company is constantly improving its platform. Nowadays, all artists who make money from Spotify can link Instagram to their pages on Spotify. But this is not the only improvement. Most show business stars add social pages they verify to make it easier to find information on the Internet. Let's figure out what opportunities music lovers and artists will have after opening an account and how to verify and complete registration. Perhaps these are the most important questions for people who are not yet using this platform.

How to Open and Verify an Account on this Website

The platform interface is extremely simple. Users can verify and add songs, playlists, and more in 1 click. The same goes for artists. All they have to do is publish new songs. If people verify pages the analytics will start showing in the account immediately. As an IT company, Spotify is evolving to improve the quality of its services. In order to open an account on this site and verify it, you should follow the algorithm:

  1. Click on the Sign-Up button on the Spotify homepage and enter the address of the email box. Follow the link sent in the letter and thus verify the new user, enter the password for your account.
  2. This platform may ask people to fill in other data about the user such as gender, date of birth, and display name to verify the page. Anyone can complete this step with the API verification. Just link your FB page and click verify.
  3. Allow Spotify to access your FB, Linkedin, and other pages. Artists need this so that fans can find the most important news in one click. The same goes for music lovers who will not miss any important events.

With Spotify, people can use the service for free, but with a number of restrictions, or activate a premium tariff. Don't want to close annoying inserts every time? Are you annoyed by the opportunity to listen to a limited number of tracks per hour? If so, you should definitely verify and activate the Premium tariff. Lower music quality and scatter playback are the main disadvantages of a free tariff, but you can improve it. If you complete the verification and activate additional features for a fee, any problems are excluded.

How to Bypass Verification Restrictions?

With Premium tariffs, people do not have restrictions. To add as many Spotify users to your team as you want, simply register or log in to Spotify as Artists and just click the arrow. This element is next to your name on Spotify. Select "Team Management" from the drop-down menu and a page will open. You should enter the valid email addresses of the lucky ones who will be granted access. But what about personal data protection? Many users today are worried about the verification procedure and the fact that in the questionnaire they need to indicate additional data, including contact information.

Spotify's security leaves something to be desired. The use of the platform does not involve two-factor authentication. Other platforms require the buyer to enter a code sent to a mobile phone to verify. The same goes for the email. When creating a new page on the website, you enter such data, but you will not use it in the future. Although this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage since with such a privacy policy, registration is quite possible with virtual numbers. This means that the phone number that you can use to verify the page can be temporary or virtual.

OnlineSim Virtual Number as a Tool to Verify and Bypass Blocking

Some Spotify customers who verify their pages have been complaining that strangers are hacking into their family accounts. This happened years after the time when the issue was first reported. Perhaps such failures are associated with incomplete verification procedures. Therefore, everyone who uses this platform should complete the procedure. It's not hard. You just get a website SMS verification code and enter it in the special field. Do it today and you will protect your pages from constant hacking. For anyone who wants to verify a page with OnlineSim with Spotify, the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Open the verification page on the Spotify website.
  2. Activate the OnlineSim service. This can be done through an online platform or app.
  3. Get a one-time code from Spotify to your purchased virtual number.
  4. Verify Spotify.

Keep anonymity when registering with Spotify. With OnlineSim, it is possible. To check for third-party users for your Spotify Premium Family, visit the Spotify website, log in with your details, click verify Profile, then select Premium Family on the left. All members will be listed on the screen. If a problem is identified, it is worth registering another page using OnlineSim. This service will never let you down in terms of the safety of personal data.


Spotify verification is an important procedure and hardly anyone would deny it. Users must protect their pages as much as possible. Also, users should pay attention to the privacy policy for this platform. Spotify is not set up to provide users with notifications when a new family member has been added. This means that hackers who want to use the resource for free often go unnoticed. But this is not the only problem that you can fix with a virtual number. With OnlineSim, people can deactivate the tariff, open and verify a new Spotify page.