Jul 30, 2020

Temporary number phone Getsmscode |

Getsmscode is an online service that allows you to purchase a temporary number for SMS verification. It was created in 2009 by Zuliang Electronic Commerce Limited. The company provides phone temp numbers for those who do not want to use their own SIM cards. The website allows you to solve the problem of verification of various online services.

For such a long time, the company has not lost its customers. A large number of users around the world order any temporary number here for text verification. Users can write text messages by e-mail to contact managers and solve any difficulties. As a rule, the answer to the letter comes in the range from 12 to 24 aces.

The main Getsmscode Features

The website is interesting for those who want to purchase a temporary number for verification. Here are some available countries for text verification (by a mobile number):

  • The USA;
  • United Kingdom;
  • China;
  • Cambodia;
  • Hong Kong;
  • South Africa.

We checked this site in terms of temporary SMS verification. You can register accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and other services in just 1-3 minutes with temp sms. To gain access to the basic functions, users need to go through the registration procedure. Users can read the news on the site so as not to miss the beneficial discounts.

You must provide an e-mail address and a password. Next, users need to open an e-mail and complete the verification. To receive a temporary number for text, users must replenish their accounts. We checked this option. Users can use bank cards, Stripe, Bitcoin, and some other payment options.

After you replenish your account, you can choose the country, service, and get phone number. It is worth noting that text verification on various sites differs in price. Next, you should register for the necessary service and insert the provided phone number. Wait until the text notification appears on the site. It took no more than three minutes during our test.

The sms receive service is perfect for phone text verification. You just need to select the desired phone number and website. Each temporary number is completely safe to use. The user remains anonymous and does not have to provide a real number. We used the Chinese temporary number and more than six options for the test. As a result, we were able to register accounts on sites without problems and locks.

Each temporary number fulfilled its option of 100%. The website contains information on how to use a previously purchased phone again. In general, a set of information data is sufficient for the rapid development of all telephone number options.

The advantages of this service

We want to note a large set of numbers for more than 20 countries. Each temporary phone number for text is updated daily. This means that you can register on one of the available websites without any problems. No one has used this number before you.

The second advantage is the rather low price for temporary text verification. There are no toll-free numbers, but paid options are not expensive. Another plus is the anonymity of temporary text verification. Since the site requires verification, all messages come to your account. No one sees the text from the phone number except you.

The temporary phone interface itself is very simple. A separate FAQ section helps you get answers to you most frequently asked questions. The creators of the site have recorded several video instructions to quickly buy temporary numbers for text verification.

We also checked the affiliate program of this temporary number verification service. Users can receive number of bonuses and cash rewards for attracting customers and friends to the service. Attracted users should purchase temporary text verification services so that you can receive a reward for this.

According to the data on the main page, you can get a personal discount for buying a phone —contact managers for details. You should not count on a very big discount, but you can save and get a number. Two-factor authentication is available to users. This will protect the account and the selected number from possible hacking.