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May 13 15:22:01, 2021

TextFree Virtual Number – Superior Solution? | Onlinesim.io

Even with the global use of apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat, Textfree’s messaging is still relevant. In our daily life, we can hardly do without social pages and one-time text codes. But this is not the only option why people activate a free number to receive text messages on Textfree. Most of us buy and sell goods via the Internet. In this case, we have to open dozens of accounts, while disseminating personal data. This is a serious problem for business owners, whose billing number could be compromised. The same goes for sending spam on a mobile app and in all possible ways.

In order to be safe in such cases, you can install the Textfree app. This product is indispensable for United States residents. The confirmation of the Textfree’s popularity is the number of downloads for this app. Everyone who has activated the app can use a virtual US phone number SMS. This is a good alternative to messenger promotions. Therefore, the Textfree text service is so popular among entrepreneurs.

What is Textfree Text App?

Textfree is a free app. If people want to send a next text batch or one spam message, make calls over the Internet, such a product is very useful. Textfree’s app runs on any OS. After creating an account, users will be provided with a real phone number. This is a good opportunity to send the next text message anonymously. The same goes for receiving one-time codes to activate accounts. People who use Textfree applications can rest assured of the following benefits:

  • You can chat with partners, even if people do not install this app
  • Any phone number that is offered to people who use Textfree app online alternative is not permanently changed
  • This company provides 60 minutes to each user
  • With Textfree, people can use free Wi-Fi hotspots to connect with partners
  • Through this text app US residents can call and send free message to 35 countries around the world
  • People can use Textfree from a PC as a web platform is available

Textfree hits the top texting app for more than 11 years. This brand has allowed millions of users to communicate. Thousands of them confirm reliability and ease of use in their reviews. Many of them are very satisfied with the rates and the fact that for Textfree login online is possible in 1 click. This is something that other app developers don't always offer.

Textfree App as a Better Case for Customer Service

TextFree is a platform for messaging with partners. With this product, anyone can create groups, add members, and let friends join the conversation. People can also protect their privacy when TextFree is their second number. This applies to trade, the use of online dating sites and other resources. In either case, the message can be anonymous. Of course, this is a really useful feature for store owners who constantly have to send out text with a promo.

You don't need a 2-nd phone number to chat on dating sites, order a taxi in a mobile app or sell goods? With TextFree, you have no problem in this regard. This product runs on any device. With TextFree, teachers, managers, students and others can send a text instantly. The same goes for phone calls. You can visit the Textfree website or download the app in 1 click. It's as easy as paying for goods at the supermarket with NFC.

Functionality & Use of a Basic Virtual Number in Textfree Free Text Application

Textfree offers you an additional phone number. This means US residents can call all local services. Contact partners and stuff, even if they are not using Textfree and even a smartphone. But this is not the only advantage of this product. If you have not yet decided is it worth downloading this app to your device, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Integrated number selector. Textfree offers to choose a virtual number individually. This is one of the main differences of the application. This feature is not always available for products from other developers.
  2. Group chatting. Each Textfree user can send mass messages. All people have to do is create a chat, add members and start chatting. The invited users and a person who created the chat on Textfree have the same access rights.
  3. Free tariff. All calls to Textfree are free. Although for outgoing calls, package minutes are provided, which can be bought inexpensively. But this is not a problem, since the prices for Textfree’s application are affordable.
  4. Responsiveness of the support staff. If people have a case when with Textfree not receiving texts, the operator will willingly help solve such a problem. The same goes for delayed payments and so on.

Unlimited number of texts and MMS is the main advantage of this product. With Textfree people can send SMS free and unlimited by number of characters. This is something that other mobile app developers do not always offer. Textfree is the first application that allows US residents to send a real MMS and text via virtual numbers.

Get Complete Freedom of Communication With New Textfree App!

Call and send instant text messages with this well-known free app. According to Google Play, this product developed by Pinger, Inc has been chosen by over 36 million users. TextFree is currently the second most popular free SMS and phone application in the US. With features such as free SMS and voicemail, you are unlikely to be disappointed. The efficiency of Textfree has been confirmed by thousands of users in their reviews. People post screenshots for this mobile app and many other useful pictures. TextFree developers always offer much more to those who prefer their text app. The availability of a real second line means you can call friends landline or order sushi.