Mar 19, 2021

Uber Registration Process Via Virtual Number |

In big cities with heavy traffic on roads, Uber taxi service has become indispensable. Thousands of people are looking for a driver for themselves through this application. But there is one caveat: any customer will need to have a phone number to complete a new verification procedure and start using the app. Such a condition is provided for new customers who have not yet activated their phone with a code.

If you already have a profile with completed verification and it’s blocked for some reason, opening a new account one way or the other is associated with the purchase of a SIM. But can people do without it? Our experts tried to find out how it’s possible to go over Uber login without phone numbers. Let's see what came of it.

Features of Uber and Specific of the Verification With One-time Phone Code

The Uber platform is very well-known from the USA and Europe. With this service and phone, people call the taxi in just 2-3 clicks. To do it, they used an application that can track the location on a map. With such a simple but very useful functionality, anyone will get the car as quickly as possible. Nowadays, taxi call apps have long replaced the usual phone calls. This is because ordering a car through such an application is much more convenient and fast. Uber has a widespread popularity among both passengers and drivers due to a number of advantages:

  • Automatic payment from the card with one-time phone code
  • Calculating the exact cost of travel before confirming the order
  • Regular promotions after registration

Many apps, including Uber, require verification with one-time code. While two-factor authentication is considered a great way to ensure that no one else can login, you can't always have your data's confidentiality. This is the reason for looking for alternative verification methods for Uber customers. We're talking about using a fake phone to get a one-time code.

Registration and verification with Uber allows drivers to find stable jobs with good earnings. This platform takes only a commission from each order of 20%, and the rest of the amount goes to the taxi driver. In order to register a new account with Uber, people need a phone number. It can be a real or virtual sim card. Let's see which Uber account verification number you need.

Registration on the Uber Platform — Which Number Should People Use?

Given the frequent reports of serious data breaches on online platforms, it's no surprise that over 80% of users are concerned about their privacy. They do not want to use a billing number when activating an account with various applications and services. This also applies to the Uber platform. Even this reputable company cannot 100% protect its customers from hacker attacks. If people are interested in Uber temporary registration, they should definitely choose a virtual phone number. In this case, the likelihood of the following is reduced:

  • Compromising personal data
  • Blocking multiple registration of the same user
  • Automatic debiting of money from bank cards by ill-wishers

Very often users are offered to buy an activated Uber account with completed verification. We do not recommend making such questionable purchases. Uber regularly monitors the clarity of its service, so suspicious profiles are banned. People can buy an Uber account, and in a day they won't be able to use it on your phone.

New original Uber verify phone number will be required every time you open an account. This is a prerequisite. Plus, you won't be able to use the same SIM card multiple times. But this is not a reason to get upset, because anyone can open several accounts with some phone. The best option is to register with Uber as a driver without involving an intermediary. But how do you do it without a phone? It's very simple, you just need to use a free virtual number. Let's see what the procedure will be in this case.

Verification Uber With an One-Time Code: Step by Step

The main advantage of a virtual phone number is the low cost of the service and flexibility. With such service, people do not have to constantly change the SIM cards. In cases when you need a phone number for SMS confirmation, including verification of an Uber phone code, (one-time number for SMS activations) will greatly simplify the process. Verification with phone code consists of the following steps:

  1. Application download on your phone. This file is available in the Google Play Store. This also applies to the Apple App Store. You must visit the appropriate site and select the version for your OS. You can use your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open the "Manage Number" tab and click "SMS Assistant with Verification Code". Select your country/region.
  3. Visit the website provided by virtual number services. After selecting the country, you will be given a number to receive Uber verification code text. The program will automatically select the option for sending the code.
  4. Enter a new one-time verification code in the app and this task for Uber is done! If you didn't get it, click “Try another opinion” and repeat this process.

Thousands of people prefer to receive verification code for an alternate number without giving their real phone number. For someone who is very careful about their personal data, the use of such strategies is very useful. Of course, this is a really indispensable tool. Any registration and sms verification online with a virtual number will be safe. This is because you can change the number to receive the code whenever you need it.


Today's privacy concerns have led to the emergence of additional authorization. This is a process that involves using the original number with one-time code. The activated Uber account case will be no exception. If you would like to use new phone code in order to use this renowned platform, our advice will come in handy. With our guides and tips, people are unlikely to have problems with registration, no matter what number they use for verification.

Any virtual number provides the ability to receive code for different platforms without using a smartphone. This is one of the main advantages that many people focus on. Such services are available in most countries of the world where there is access to the Internet. This means that people will not have problems when they want to verify Uber account number even if they do not want to buy a new SIM card for one-time code. Most of the companies providing such services claim to automatically receive messages 24/7, provide an individual number for an additional fee.