Jun 21, 2021

Using DoorDash Via Virtual Phone Number |

DoorDash is a popular service that helps deliver restaurant food directly to its customers’ tables. On average, order processing time does not take more than 15 minutes. This platform uses Twilio SMS and voice technologies to optimize communications between dispatchers, drivers, and customers. But many users are concerned about the security of their personal data. This is because most orders can’t be completed without providing a phone number, which can also be specified by verification of a bank card. So what to do in this case? Is it worth buying a new SIM card? Maybe people have other alternative ways to use DoorDash? Let's figure out what to do for people who need food delivery to their homes and want it to be safe.

DoorDash Service – Verification Specification and Free SMS Delivery

If the driver cannot find your address or contact you by phone and SMS, they activate the "Use not available" in the delivery application. The owners of the online platform DoorDash are very meticulous with each of their partners, but they are also demanding about people who order food at home. This means that if you have placed an order but are not available at the agreed time, your account may be temporarily suspended. Platform usage problems are not always due to blocking. Such incidents often happen because when registering, not everyone indicates valid phone numbers. People do not want to share their personal data. As a result, access to the application cannot be restored.

If you do not want to divulge your contact details, you shouldn't be disappointed. All people who have a DoorDash account can use the free online text service. With such platforms, everyone who orders food at home will be able to prevent the situation when the delivery man could not get through.

Doordash Activation Guide – Step by step

DoorDash is concerned about the privacy of its customers and hides your number. The same goes for the driver's number. All conditions are approved through the app. To open an account, follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Upload a valid government ID
  2. Take a selfie to match the picture on the ID
  3. Enter the virtual phone number that was generated through a special platform and confirm the sending of the code
  4. Copy the message and paste it into the appropriate field on the website

When customers want to track their orders or talk to customer support, they can quickly access customer support by using virtual phone numbers. It is also an alternative for those who often change SIM cards and cannot remember the password for their account. Therefore, using virtual numbers people will be able to avoid cancellation of the order. Use our Вoordash tutorial and you can simplify the delivery procedure.

Get Your DoorDash Account Verified With Onlinesim

Buy a US phone number now! Onlinesim offers to activate its services for a period of 1 day or more with the ability to extend the relevance of the service. With this online platform, people can verify as many accounts as they need and send SMS 24/7 without any restrictions. You will no longer have to publicize your valid phone number.