Aug 12, 2020

Virtual number for Facebook account. Verification |

Many people need to create a Facebook account for personal or business purposes. This service is absolutely free to register. You can get virtual mobile number for sms verification free. The only condition is to indicate a real phone number. For many, this is a problem, because they do not want to use their SIM cards for Facebook profile awareness.

Our company offers a compromise solution, namely virtual numbers. This option has several advantages:

  • Absolute safety;
  • Anonymity of personal data (your phone);
  • The ability to quickly and cheaply create a Facebook account.

One of the main advantages is that no one can access your personal data. Facebook or advertisers will not send spam in SMS message. Another plus is the simplicity of the process. Registration takes just a couple of minutes and you can use your Facebook account at any time.

Step-by-step guide to create & verify Facebook account with virtual number

Let's walk through the process of creating a Facebook account step by step. This will help you quickly select a virtual number and use this social network for activities. Now we will look at the whole process in detail. You won't need to use your real phone. Use a virtual analogue.

Step 1: Fast registration

To use our service, you need to register and top up your account balance. After that, you can use all the options.

Step 2: Select phone number & Facebook service

You can choose from a large number of different numbers for UK, Germany, USA and other countries.

Next, you need to click on the Facebook icon in the list of available sites for registration. Our phone numbers are updated every day, so all users can count on fast Facebook account registration.

After clicking, you order a number that is ready to send an verify SMS message.

Step 3: Register the Facebook account

This stage involves the standard registration procedure. Enter your personal information and the phone number that you received on our website.

After requesting a verification code, you will receive it on our website.

Step 4: Account confirmation

Enter the received text from our website in the registration field. That's all. Now you have a full-fledged Facebook account that can be used completely legally without using the real phone.

Complete user safety

We guarantee security and anonymity to each user. All numbers are disposable, that is, they cannot be used to re-register on Facebook or another website. We also do not collect your data. This means you are safe. Also, you do not need to disclose personal information to Facebook.

An SMS message is sent electronically to our website. You can choose to display only the code or all the text. This is only available to you. Others will not be able to use your data. A huge plus is that you can use any country number from the list if it is important to you. We add new features regularly so that you can get more benefits.

Secure registration

We make sure that our numbers are not reused for Facebook or any other sites. Only you can use your phone number for confirmation. If you still have any questions, you can always ask their technical support. It is worth noting that the Facebook account phone confirmation procedure is 99.9% successful, so you will not experience difficulties in the process. We also guarantee that all phone numbers for creating a Facebook account are legal and you can use them without fear.

Now your personal phone can be used for other purposes, because we have a full-fledged virtual analogue for SMS and registration on sites.