Jun 15, 2021

Venmo registration process via virtual phone number |

Venmo is a mobile payment app created by PayPal, which is its parent company. The users can send money to each other over the phone. However, to use this service, you need to be a U.S. resident.

Registration and features of Venmo

As of the first months of 2018, it had transactions amounting to nearly $160 billion. Primarily, Venmo was developed to allow friends to split their bills, for example, those who go for movies, dinner parties, or rent something together. However, observers point out some privacy flaws in Venmo. For example, one of the app's features is to publish transactions, and it is said to reveal some personal details about users.

In 2018, its parent company worked out some of the app's drawbacks; despite that, the criticism of overexposing personal data continued further on.

Big Tech and privacy

The researchers have confirmed that consumers tend not to trust big companies as far as information security goes. It's a matter that services like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Venmo gather user information and use a tiny detail of personal data to create targeted ads.

So, you don't need to register via your personal number and expose your information to others. Options like virtual phone numbers or burner phones might be of some help to you.

You can bypass the verification process via a temporary phone number that allows you to pass the verification process at Venmo or when you need to register at any other web service or mobile app.

There's a couple of steps to follow to get access to various online services quickly, and in return, avoid sharing your personal phone number sign with big tech companies.

Virtual phone numbers and their distinguishing features for registration

Do you need a phone number for Venmo? Well, yes and no. Then, how to use Venmo without a phone number? When you use a temporary phone number for verification sign on Venmo, you can create an account without using your details.

You can order a phone number for a limited period. This will allow you to register and Venmo verify phone your account via a confirmation code in the SMS you receive online. You can use Venmo for PC as well as for mobile sign.

You can use temporary phone numbers several times or for an unlimited period.

Being a mobile payment service, Venmo asks its users to connect a phone number to the accounts in order to verify them. However, if you'd like to create another one, you don't have to buy an additional SIM card and pay for a pricey cell phone plan. Who needs it when you've got virtual phones? They work as those based on physical SIM cards, use them for signing up for Venmo apps.

There's no point in buying an expensive burner phone or renting your friend's or family member's number to register on the Venmo mobile app.

The OnlineSIM company allows you to keep it simple and sign up for almost any service on the web or mobile app which asks to provide a phone number for verification purposes.

The OnlineSIM virtual phone numbers

You can sign up for a Venmo account and keep your privacy unscathed at the same time. Use a temporary phone number. Any company asks to verify an account before starting to use it.

The OnlineSIM website offers free and paid virtual phone numbers. So, with a bit of help from OnlineSIM, you can sign up for Venmo without phone number.

If you need an account on any online service just go to OnlineSIM and register there. After doing so, you'll be able to select the required phone number for a particular service like Venmo.

Any online company's policy regarding signing up is to provide a personal phone number for verification. That's why it's reasonable to use an SMS verification service.