Mar 19, 2021

Verification on KakaoTalk using virtual phone number |

KakaoTalk is a messaging app that was developed by the Korean app developer Kakao Corp 11 years ago. This is the most popular messaging service in South Korea, which becomes increasingly popular abroad, and in Asian countries. Almost every person who lives in South Korea uses the app.

According to Statista research, as of 2020, the messaging app had more than 52 million active users worldwide in more than 130 countries, mainly in Asia and Southeast Asia.

KakaoTalk is the most popular messaging app in Asia

Users from Japan were quick to become early adopters of KaTalk. When in Spring 2011, Japan had a massive earthquake, people took to their messengers to inform their family members that they were alive and well. Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among the countries which KaTalk specifically targets, with Indonesia becoming its largest international market. As of 2013, it had 13 million active users.

Kim Beom-Su, the founder of KakaoTalk, became one of the top billionaires among those who own social media.

Besides its essential functions calls, text messages, and voice messages the KakaoTalk platform allows its users to share multimedia content, including photos and videos. The app offers many other options and features, like games that people can download and play with their friends.

The messaging app leans on users' contact lists to synchronize data and suggest friends who already registered on the KakaoTalk app. To find a person on the KakaoTalk app, you don't have to know their phone number.

There's no chat back up

The messenger doesn't store chats for a long time; after switching to a new device, users lose their chat history. The platform's admins promised to address this issue and create cloud storage to back up users' data.

According to Statista research, as of 2020, almost 93% of the Korean population had KakaoTalk installed on their mobile devices. Its monthly active audience is 52 million users from all over the world, but among these people, 45 million are based in Korea. KakaoTalk CEO sees the platform as a social media rather than a mobile messaging tool since there is much more to KakaoTalk than text and voice messages. For example, users can book hotels, reserve restaurant seats, and pay within the KakaoTalk app.

The messaging service has a dedicated feature for brands and celebrities, allowing them to create their own public pages on the platform. Brands and celebrities can update their pages and share coupons, information about their product lines, or upcoming events in KakaoTalk.

The service launched KakaoStory, an integrated tool of KakaoTalk, that allows users to share and comment on photos of other people with many reactions available.

KakaoTalk registration and its features

First, you need to KakaoTalk create account. To sign up, navigate to the KakaoTalk site, click the appropriate button on the screen, or download the KaTalk app. Enter your email address or phone number into account. Agree to the KakaoTalk rules and policies.

After doing so, you'll have to pass KakaoTalk phone number verification. Enter the confirmation code that was sent to you in the text message. Then, you'll need to create a strong password, a nickname, and upload a photo to KakaoTalk. After that, you'll be able to use the service. But unfortunately, to use your KakaoTalk for PC, you have to get an emulator.

Using a virtual phone number for verification a step-by-step guide.

How to use KakaoTalk without phone number? You don't necessarily have to register on KakaoTalk via your personal phone number because virtual sms numbers are available on the internet. Such companies as OnlineSIM use their proprietary hardware and software to emulate the work of real SIM-cards.

KakaoTalk SMS verification:

  1. Just register on the OnlineSIM website, enter your email address and password, and that's it. You won't have to confirm your account registration via a confirmation email, which is pretty convenient.
  2. Navigate to your account on OnlineSIM, select the appropriate messenger or social media.
  3. Then, copy a phone number from your account to the KakaoTalk registration page. After that, you'll receive a text message in your account on OnlineSIM. Copy it to your KaTalk.
  4. Then launch the app and enjoy your kakao account.

OnlineSIM is a way to privately register on any given online service or social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Yahoo, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat. Create use a temp mobile phone number almost from any mobile carrier on the planet from 30+ countries. So, if you need a KakaoTalk account without phone number, go to the OnlineSIM website.

OnlineSIM service was developed for users who would like to avoid using physical SIM-cards. That's why you can use the service without it; the phone number you've bought is displayed in your account. There you can see all the text messages with activation codes.

When you choose a free phone number, you receive it for a limited time from 10 minutes to an hour the exact time depends on the location you are in.

The so-called short-time rent allows you to get an unlimited number of SMS messages during a given time and only from one website or app. But when you choose the service plan called long-term number rent, you can use it for an unlimited time, starting from one day. This option allows you to get a total number of text messages for an entire period and from any app or online website.

Suppose, for whatever reason, and you haven't received a text message. In that case, there could be various reasons for that, like delays of the SMS sender, or a phone number doesn't work appropriately you will always be able to replace the number with the other one. You won't lose any money.