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Sep 08 10:27:38, 2021

Virtual number and JustDating app. How benefitial? | Onlinesim.io

The popular dating site JustDating is an Asian resource with its app. The company helps many people find each other to be friends, communicate, and have serious romantic relationships.

JustDating is very popular in all Asian countries, and it is an excellent tool for those who are having some difficulty while dating in real life.

JustDating provides the user with thousands of profiles with photos. The site's multi-functional search engine makes it easy to find a soulmate based on many criteria. It is possible to keep track of users who are close to you or dating all over the world.

The JustDating app features

Signing up for the app is free, but it's only available in Asia and the U.S. The site has honest user reviews, non-fictional love stories, disappointments, positive and negative experiences, and only up-to-date information. Based on many critical criteria, it will become easier to find friends because of formed objective impressions.

If you want to access the application but don't have a desired mobile operator (for example, US country phone number), try registering to JustDating using a SMS virtual number or SMS from OnlineSim.

The app has quite a few useful features, among them:

  • An advanced search engine features and filters to help you find new and exciting people.
  • It is possible to instantly make SMS contact with single people from different parts of the world.
  • People can also use JustDating to find long-term relationships. According to statistics, most long-term relationships start with short-term intrigues, after which there is every chance for them to turn into a serious relationship.
  • Meet people nearby or new friends from all over the world.
  • Like this profile? Click on it with your heart. If you don't like the person - then click "x."
  • Forward notes to people you like a lot.
  • There is an opportunity to see the SMS tasks that the other people have published to become participants.
  • Publish your active activities to get other people interested.
  • There is an opportunity to make group acquaintances.
  • The easy community atmosphere will be able to attract beautiful and extraordinary people by SMS.

Start browsing through thousands of profiles and photos right now without any problems. The advanced search will help you find who you're looking for. Once you find someone you'd like to get to know better, all you have to do is send them a message to introduce yourself. Or send a greeting to several people automatically.

It is that easy. And the best part is, not only can you send SMS to as many potential contacts as you want, but you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Technically, JustDating also stands out from the rest:

  • The support team is available 24/7, answering all of its users' questions.
  • The app works like a party, and it's straightforward to become a member without sending formal requests.
  • Group relationships are a feature of the app that will bring great fun!

JustDating registration

Signing up for the JustDate app is easy for users on any device.

For iOS:

  1. Download the JustDate service in the Apple Store;
  2. Click on the "Create account" button;
  3. Enter your personal phone number and be sure to confirm it;
  4. Now enter the email address;
  5. Set up a user profile;
  6. Allow the application to interact with you (grant the necessary access);
  7. That's all, enjoy new acquaintances!

For Android:

  1. Download the JustDate service from the Google Store;
  2. Select the method of logging into your account;
  3. Enter a personal phone number and be sure to confirm it;
  4. Set up a user profile;
  5. Allow the application to interact with you (grant the necessary access);
  6. That's all, enjoy new acquaintances!

For Web:

  1. Login to the site;
  2. Click on "JustDating Sign Up";
  3. Fill in your data (your phone number, a secure password, your first and last name, and you need to confirm your email address);
  4. Provide your date of birth, as well as your place of residence, country, address, and state;
  5. Now agree to the terms and conditions of JustDating;
  6. The last step is to click on Sign Up Match. This action (sign up for free phone online) will help you access your account whenever you want.

From JustDating Login to JustDating Sign In

Visit Justdating.com - click "JustDating Login" - enter your email, mobile number/home address, password - click OK.

Get a virtual number to JustDating from OnlineSim

The JustDating application is not easy because you have first to find and then buy a virtual phone number. An excellent solution in this challenging situation would be to buy a virtual number service from the OnlineSim company.

Besides JustDating, at OnlineSim, the user has the possibility to buy virtual SMS-activation numbers for a lot of popular but not easily accessible dating sites, such as Tinder or Hily.

The main advantage of the OnlineSim service is the test period for the service and the consistently low price. Refills can be made via many payment systems.

OnlineSIM is a virtual SIM card placement. The company provides users with virtual phone directories for any purpose, guaranteeing reliability and confidentiality.

We should also add that OnlineSIM has more than 10,000 online SIM cards and more than 30 countries to choose from. You won't have to wait forever for verification, which is the case with many providers. The situation when SMS is not delivered is common practice, but in OnlineSIM, it is excluded.

Another advantage of OnlineSIM numbers is that you can choose between two tariffs. The first is to receive free SMS service online from a single site. The second option is to rent a number to receive messages from any place.

Buy virtual number for JustDating:

  1. Open OnlineSim and pass an easy and straightforward registration to buy it;
  2. Top up your fake account generator;
  3. Go to the main page, wherein the search engine we find the application "JustDating";
  4. Next to one of the virtual numbers, we press "Get" (your new number will appear in your personal cabinet);
  5. Then enter the new number during the registration in JustDating. After that, OnlineSim will receive SMS sent to the virtual number in the personal cabinet (you need to click "Get SMS").


JustDating is precisely the kind of dating app ideal for single people who want to start new relationships. The software calculates common themes through a community-based approach to dating between unique virtual users, which helps some users join others in identical interests.

Buy a virtual phone number at OnlineSim to quickly join JustDating and find new acquaintances, friends, and possibly love!