Apr 13, 2021

Virtual Number Fees Variety in 2021 |

Virtual technologies have firmly integrated in every-day life of people of all ages around the globe. Who can imagine today a person without a smart phone with access to the Internet? The Internet have become a cheap and comfortable way to communicate with friends, research data, entertain, study, leading business and many other things.

However, there are many activities online that require your real phone number. For example, platforms require your real number when you are registering. It is required to pass authentication. A platform sends you a message with a special text code to the phone number you have specified. It is available (active) only for a certain short period of time.

Having received it, you must copy this verification code back on the platform into a corresponding field in order to pass authentication. Only after this process you can use your account on the platform.

In general, the authentication process is quick and easy, however there are pitfalls. For example, you cannot register more than one account from the same phone number. You may ask: why would someone need more than one account? The reasons are different.

If an individual wants to have several accounts, probably he wants to stay anonymous. Also, it may be not convenient to use a real personal phone number for example, for entertainment platforms since the notifications from the platform will come to this number.

The situation is different with businesses offering their goods and services on virtual platforms. They need multiple accounts in order to promote, monitor, analyze and watch the market.

Usage Peculiarities of Virtual Number

Virtual SIMs work like regular SIM-cards. However, you do not need a smartphone to insert them in. Agree, it would be quite inconvenient if each time when you need to register an account, you would have to change a SIM-card in your phone.

With free virtual number all you need are access to the Internet and a reputable virtual numb provider with a receive SMS service.

  • First of all you need to register on the chosen company’s website.
  • Then it is necessary to replenish your balance (if the provider is not a free one).
  • After this you need to choose the country code for your number.
  • Next, start registration on the desired platform.
  • When it asks about your phone, buy virtual number. Receive SMS on it.
  • Then copy the code to the corresponding field on the platform, pass the authentication and complete the registration process.

Virtual directory providers can be used not only as an Internet SMS service.You can also use virtual phone numbers to call. This is a very convenient option for businesses as it makes communication with clients comfortable and easy.

You can buy as many numbs as you need from any country you want. The main thing is to choose a reputable accommodation. If you have no idea how to discern a reputable accommodation for messages and calls from a low-quality one, here are the points you need to check before choosing one.

  • The company must provide high security and anonymity level.
  • There should be a large choice of countries and available numbers.
  • The delivery time should be fast.
  • It should offer free trials.
  • There should be several tariffs.
  • Their customer support should be available 24/7.

There are many reputable companies out there, but sometimes their prices go up too high. Let’s discuss tariffs that are pertinent today.

2021 Tariffs of the Immediate Interest

Being assured of the virtual phone numb company’s security, choice of countries and virtual directories, it is necessary to consider tariff options available on the virtual phone numb market.

There are free and paid accommodations. Advantage of the first ones is obvious: they are free. However, its advantage fades in front of the disadvantages.

Firstly, free services cannot provide you with a necessary level of security.

Secondly, they usually have poor choice of countries and small quantity of available virtual phone numbs.

Thirdly, the delivery time can be long or the messages can be not delivered at all.

Fourthly, not all free providers have the call option.

Fifthly, usually, free virtual phone numb accommodations do not have an opportunity to rent a number. Their numbers are mostly for one-time usage. This is comfortable for signing up, but if, for example, your account gets blocked for some reason, you will not be able to restore it with the help of your number.

If you want to avoid the unnecessary friction, free online SIM services is not an option for you.

Paid accommodations have gained more trust. The tariffs differ from company to company, let’s have a look at the mainstream tariffs.


This company offers virtual message services and virtual calls. Their prices start at $26 per month. There are free trials numbers.


CallHippo is suitable for online messages and calls. The cheapest plan costs $15 for user / month.


This virtual phone number provider sells its services for calls and SMS starting from $19.99 per month. You also receive a two-week trial period.


Both virtual messages and calls are available by numbers. The lowest price they have is $14.99 for user per month. They also offer a 15-day money-back guarantee.


This virtual accommodation has more than 10 000 virtual phone numbers in its pool. You can try this service for free. There are two tariffs for short-time directories (they are available up to 40 minutes and cost from $0.02 per website) and long-term directories for rent (unlimited, starting from one day and cost $10 per day).

Besides convenient tariffs, OnlineSIM offers high security level. It works with more than 30 countries around the globe. The delivery time is short. If any questions arise, you can always turn to customer support which works around the clock.